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It doesn’t seem to matter how much the world is turned upside down, fashion will always be, well, in fashion. And fashionable style is not just for women anymore; men too are catching up and staying current with the latest trends and the best fashion deals around. Fashion blogs are hot because they are shortcuts to what’s new and where to find it. Grab a style you like and no doubt a blogger likes it too. Here are five Bay Area fashion blogs to keep an eye on.


Erin Perez Hagstrom is definitely an Internet-bred fashionista. In her own words, Calivintage is “… a collection of personal style, fashion inspiration and street style photography written by a California girl with a love for everything vintage.” Calivintage covers a wide scope of fashion-related areas, from chatty facts and photos of Erin herself in her zillions of outfits, to travel, designer interviews, local fashion news, shopping spots, street style and lots more. Calivintage even has some cool promotional giveaways from trendy online shops that work with Calivintage to make this blog something pretty special.

Bare Magazine

BARE Magazine’s online blog is mighty cool looking, and an offshoot of BARE Magazine, published quarterly. According to BARE, the blog “is UC Berkeley’s premiere online fashion, lifestyle and art publication.” Begun in 2007, this all-color fashion magazine has gotten “diverse prominence on campus as well as national coverage in publications like The New York Times.” That is no small feat for a campus, do-it-yourself magazine made on the cheap. The hip and popular blog reflects the magazine’s attracting power with categories like Fashion, Street Style, Music and Restaurants and Food as definite attention grabbers. The blog is so popular that it receives over 19,000 readers a month, according to blog info, and was nominated for the Best Blogger award of 2009 San Francisco Fashion Awards. With an objective to show the best of the huge pool of talent on the university’s campus, the publication and its sister blog have certainly met that goal. Check it out.

San Francisco’s Men’s Fashion Blog

Here is a local blog devoted to “documenting the ongoing saga of men’s clothing and style.” Who knew there was an ongoing saga in men’s fashion? The aim of SFMFB is pure and simple, “to showcase the multitude of stylish clothing available to men today.” SFMFB hopes to inspire and inform the fashion-conscious guys around town who just want to look good when they leave the house, without blindly following every trend out there. This neat and simple informative blog helps guys keep up with the latest trends, yet not look as if they work too hard at it. Divided into categories such as editorial, leisure, shoes and suiting, plus tags for further details, it’s an easy search for men’s fashion updates. Hold on as this blog expands, but for now it’s a good start.

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Street Fashion Style

A fashion-focused blog with powerful street-style visuals, Street Fashion Style is the photo op site of photographer Dyanna Dawson, a 2006 UC Berkeley graduate, professional photographer and author of “Street Fashion Photography: Taking Stylish Pictures On The Concrete Runway.” The blog has a good eye for glimpsing what’s what in San Francisco’s eclectic street fashion, and with a pretty touch. It includes shoes, dresses, coats, scarves, bags, watches, jewelry and more, including men’s style in a casual chic range on style-conscious relatively young people walking around town, in shots that make the city streets look pretty inviting. There are several pages that hint at fashion and what fashionable folks might look for.

Buffalo Exchange Fashion Blog
San Francisco Style

You don’t need to be a customer of these popular used clothing shops to benefit from all of the info this extensive blog shares. The San Francisco page showcases the varied cool looks that shopper models have pieced together from the always changing clothing choices here. Readers can get fashion-forward ideas to recreate styles from their own closets, or step into Buffalo Exchange to see what’s on tap that day. Buffalo Exchange is known for buying clothes from the public for either cash or credit to use in the store, and credit prices are somewhat higher than the cash amount. The blog gives great selling tips to get the best Buffalo Exchange deals and lists the styles stores look for. Check out this blog for a seemingly endless amount of fashion reader information, with pictures and comments that really do tell a story.
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