Panasonic’s HD-10 Wired Headphones (credit: David Becker/Getty Images)

Headphones are essential equipment for all manner of things from listening to music while jogging to professional DJ events. With the rise of internet shopping, brick-and-mortar electronics stores are fewer and far between. However, many still believe that finding the perfect fit in a pair of headphones is essential for listening pleasure. Luckily, the North Bay is still home to a handful of stores devoted to the audio experience. Here are five of the best spots for buying headphones in the North Bay.

World Of Stereo
159 Petaluma Blvd. North
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 769-1951

Petaluma-based World of Stereo is home to everything audio related, be it recording equipment, speakers or DJ equipment. The store carries a vast selection of high-end earbuds and headphones. Customers will find stereo and monitor headphones, high-def DJ headphones, conference call headphones, and more. Products are available in a wide range of prices to accommodate everyone from the casual music listener to the professional. Pricing is competitive and the staff is experienced and knowledgeable.

Lavish HiFi
1044 4th St.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 595-2020

Passionate about audio equipment, Lavish HiFi operator Craig Allison has been running area high-end audio businesses for over thirty years. With over 10,000 square feet, Lavish’s downtown Santa Rosa location houses a massive selection of high definition home audio equipment. Customers can browse through a large number of headphone options. While several brands are stocked, featured are headphones made by Grado, one of the country’s oldest headphone companies and an industry stalwart.

Audio Video Integration
647 Francisco Blvd. E.
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 526-0070

San Rafael’s Audio Video Integration specializes in the design and installation of home theaters and sound systems. In addition to audio-visual equipment components and furniture, the business stocks a large selection of accessories in its 6,000-square-foot storefront. High-end headphone selections abound, with everything from affordable options appropriate for portable device listening to top-of-the-line brands. Regularly stocked high-end brands include Odyssey and Paradigm.

The Accessory Stop And Phone Repair
211 Peabody Road, Ste. C
Vacaville, CA 95687
(707) 474-5849

Located in Vacaville, The Accessory Stop provides an approachable, affordable option for those in the market for headphones. The shop is a combination mobile phone repair and electronics store. Several varieties of headphones are available. Customers can browse through a number of different earbud styles, as well as several over-the-ear aviator models.

Superior Sound Technology
Fairfield, CA
(707) 863-7431

Based out of Fairfield, and without a brick-and-mortar storefront, Superior Sound Technology provides service to an audio niche market. The company designs custom-made earmolds for both noise protection and audio listening. Several products are offered, including earmolds designed for everything from listening to music to studio recording and professional grade audio monitors. Pricing is comparable with a custom-tailored fit and top-of-the-line equipment.

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