Searching for a new job can be tough going, especially for a new graduate or someone reentering the workforce. The San Francisco Bay Area is a challenging job market, with the East Bay being a vital part the region. Like everyone else, East Bay residents could use all the help they can get. Here are five localized employment search resources to help direct you to the best job possible.

HomeTown Careers

East Bay Careers.com Neighborhood Job Opportunities is a local site in the HomeTown Careers network. EastBayCareers.com is a network comprised of local East Bay employment websites to connect job seekers directly to employers in their area. Job seekers can use the on-site Employer Finder to display a list of local companies just right for them, and then go directly to any employer’s jobs page to seek current job openings and submit a resume online.

1212 Broadway, Suite 300
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 768-4450

EASTBAY Works is a powerful online tool for job seekers and workforce service providers seeking benefits and services. The site is a “joint venture of public entities; non-profit agencies and private organizations helping businesses and job seekers meet their employment needs.” The site offers quick access to a complete set of employment tools that are both convenient and useful. Here is a tool for job seekers and students: use a professional format to create and send cover letters and resumes to employers, assess job skills and set goals, review available jobs and apply online, set up a Virtual Recruiter search agent to notify candidates of jobs that match their skills, track job search efforts, research regional labor market information, use the email/message center to contact employers, plus additional features to find employment. Visit the website for specific Alameda and Contra Costa County listings.

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Alameda County Network of Care

Stop by this site for extensive information, including employment assistance, for East Bay service veterans and their families. Choose your location, Alameda or City of Berkeley, for area-specific employment guidance from the Network of Care, a public service one-stop-shop for virtually all services, information and advocacy to support and advise all components of the veterans’ community. This community includes veterans and their family members, active duty personnel, National Guard members, reservists and service providers. The Alameda listing covers services for all cities within the county. Visit the site for further city-specific veteran services.

Center For Independent Living
3075 Adeline St., Suite 100
Berkeley, CA 94703
(510) 841-4776

The Center for Independent Living, founded in 1972, provides service, support and advocacy for people with disabilities. Independent Living is a civil rights truth, and advocacy to civil rights is the goal of the Center for all people living with disabilities. The Center provides a variety of tools to live independently, including employment assistance. The CIL Employment Services Program is “designed to help persons with disability through the journey to gaining employment.” Be aware that the CIL process to assist people seeking employment takes time, so check the website Employment Services page for further information on what is available at this valuable resource center.

Women’s Business Networking Meetups, near Berkeley

A Meetup group is a localized community of people who share interests, goals or needs, and meet with like-focused souls to increase knowledge and skills or to network for future work. Membership in Meetup is free and grants access to the extensive group listings for information and locations. Check this Meetup site for groups geared toward businesswomen and networking opportunities in several East Bay communities.

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