Franco Finn w/ Steve of HoodiVision (credit: R. Del Rosario/CBS Local)

It can sometimes get a little confusing walking around Macworld/iWorld. They literally have a universe of products showcased inside the Expo Hall. Hundreds of developers and exhibitors with hardware, software, apps and accessories for the Apple Mac, iPod, iPad and iPhone. So many to choose from, it can be dizzying.

Well, local personality, Franco Finn of can help you navigate through the aisles of the Expo Hall. Let him show you some of the really cool tech toys that matter. From wearable tech to the latest in practical apps, see what Franco has in store for you.

LUMO Body Tech, Inc.
Booth: 332

Description: Lumo BodyTech, is a technology company on a mission to give the body a voice. Lumo BodyTech, incorporates the most sensitive single­sensor biomechanical model which can track activity and critical movement metrics on the body. Lumo Back, our first product, is a wearable sensor and smartphone app for lower back posture and activity, which impacts back pain, fitness, confidence, and appearance. Our newest product, Lumo Lift, is an appearance booster and activity tracker that provides real­time feedback on your body position. It’s a small piece of jewelry that comes in an assortment of styles and can even be worn invisibly, clasped on an undershirt, collar or bra strap. Lumo Lift tracks your body positions and movements, and when you slouch or close off your body, the sensor provides a gentle vibration to remind you to keep your shoulders back and head lifted.

Prong PocketPlug
Booth: 1036

Description: Founded in 2011, Prong is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing innovative accessories for electronic devices. Prong’s flagship product – the PocketPlug – is the first mobile phone case featuring an integrated charger. The sleek phone case + charger features two flat folding charging plugs built directly into the case itself, eliminating the need to carry cumbersome cords or extra battery packs. With the PocketPlug, your phone IS the charger! Simply deploy the retractable plugs and plug the PocketPlug directly into any two-prong electrical outlet for immediate charging results. When not in use, the plugs fold flat inside for a streamlined look. This proprietary technology makes the PocketPlug today’s most portable charging solution.

Booth: 935

Description: Founded in 2000, SCOTTEVEST engineers TEC – Technology Enabled Clothing® with hidden, travel-friendly pockets. Over 13 years of product innovation later, their clothing line has grown to include over 40 stylish, top-quality and functional items for men and women. SCOTTEVEST was the first clothing company to make a pocket designed to carry the iPad, and continues to revolutionize the industry with RFID-blocking pockets, clear touch pockets for touchscreen devices, and the patented Personal Area Network (PAN) from TEC®. SCOTTEVEST is a privately held company headquartered in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho.

Booth: 1226

Description: HoodiVision manufactures and sells shades for the iPad, providing shade privacy and protection for the iPad and iPad mini.

PhotoPro by Optrix, Inc.
Booth: 323

Description: Optrix is an industry leader in iPhone photography and videography gear.

The Ring by Logbar Inc.
Booth: 325

Description: The Ring is a wearable input device which you can type a text in mid-air. The Ring allows you to control almost anything by gesturing your index finger.

Location: Appalooza

Description: Petcube is a home gadget that lets you watch, talk and play laser games with your pet through mobile application anytime, anywhere. Inside a 4-inch aluminum and glass cube there are wide-angle video camera capable of streaming HD-video, microphone, speakers and low-intensity laser on a movable platform. As soon as you connect Petcube to your home Wi-Fi network, you get an opportunity to see your pet on your smartphone, talk to her and play laser games controlling the red dot and letting your pet chase after it. You can share access to the gadget with friends, family or anyone on Petcube network. Petcube app also lets you keep in touch with other pet owners, play with public animals and share pictures and videos of your pet. Your friends can also install the app and play with your pet even if they don’t have a gadget.