“We’re both really cute.”

The Ride
The Driver: Steph
Vehicle in Question: 2009 Ford Focus
Spotted at: The Presido, San Francisco, CA 94129
Odometer: 35,432
Car’s Nickname: Lil Black Bean


Q: Hi Steph. I love the Ford Focus. What can you tell us about yours? What’s your main use for it?

A: It used to be to commute to work, but just recently it turned into more of an adventure-mobile. I work in the city now, so it’s more for getting away. And groceries!

Q: What’s your favorite adventure trip?

A: Going to the Alameda Point Antique Faire. It’s the first Sunday of the month. It’s this huge three mile antique fair.

Q: What is the best thing you have ever bought there?

A: A mid-century modern teak couch.

Q: Did you bring it home with your car?

A: No, but I do have delusions about what I can fit in it. I’ve done pretty miraculous things in that regard.

Q: What made you choose the Ford Focus in the first place?

A: I’d just sold my 1999 Ford Contour. I sold it because I moved to San Francisco. I wanted a new car, rather than used–something small and affordable with good gas mileage. Also something where I wouldn’t worry about it getting banged up in the city. Or, if it did, I wouldn’t be devastated. The Focus was actually perfect–affordable, great gas mileage, super sporty.

Q: Did you have a positive purchasing experience?

A: I did. I had a young salesman. You could tell he was new at it, so he worked really hard, which made me feel more comfortable pushing for a good deal.

Q: Excellent. And is there anything else you’d like to share with us today about your car?

A: My boyfriend came home with me to Detroit and was like, oh my gosh, every single car is American. I haven’t seen a foreign car in four days. I’m very proud of the American piece. That was the driving factor for buying a Ford.

Photos and interview by Daisy Barringer

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