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San Francisco is a destination city–not only for tourists, but also for people looking to relocate either temporarily or permanently. For these transplants, shared living spaces are often necessary in this pricey city. A bathroom is a small space that should accommodate personal routines without the dirt and mess that can result. Attention and courtesy are key factors to managing through pooled efforts.

Clean up after yourself.
Be responsible for the mess you create. Clean up any spills, soiled mirrors, dripping wet sink areas, clogged shower drains and stickiness before leaving the room. No one wants to walk into a bathroom that looks like someone just left.

Use a shower caddy.
Kudos to the inventor of this handy relationship-saving gadget. Depending on the number of folks sharing a bathroom, a shower caddy can accommodate several bodies. Being able to access your own personal products not only eliminates clutter, but also makes the tub or shower area easier to manage and clean.

Replenish stock you use up.
Be considerate and take five seconds to replace any communal items yourself, including toilet paper, shower products and medicine cabinet items. If you share aspirin or other general meds, gels or lotions, at least mention that they need replacing if you share the cost. Have a plan on who buys what. If it’s your turn to buy, do it immediately so bathroom life continues smoothly.

Share a cleaning schedule.
Cleaning a toilet is never anyone’s dream job, so don’t complain when it’s your turn. Create a bathroom cleaning schedule that satisfies everyone and then divvy up costs so they’re fairly agreed upon. No one likes financial surprises from an ongoing tab three months later.

Leave time for others.
Do not monopolize the bathroom. Most people are pressed for time in the mornings when the shower and sink are in high demand. Excessive primping can make family members or roommates late for work or school. Create a spot in your bedroom where you can become even more attractive. A mirror on the wall and caddy with products on a small table near an outlet to connect a hair dryer is an ideal way to free up the bathroom for others who need the shower.

Here are a couple of local business that may be able to help you get started:

Cole Hardware
956 Cole St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 753-2653

Have cleaning supplies handy so there are no excuses for a grimy bathroom. Cole Hardware is a San Francisco favorite that has everything you need to do the job right, including earth-friendly cleaning supplies. Their informative website has expert advice and DIY tips, plus a Hardware Hotline newsletter to view online.

Klotz Watches & Clocks
2166 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 701-8463

If you have an important event to prepare for, let your roommates know in advance so you can reserve extra bathroom time. Everyone understands that special events occur and with them, the need for additional bathroom time. Placing a clock on the wall will help everybody get ready on time. Klotz Watches & Clocks has been serving San Francisco since 1988. Owner Rolf Klotz has extensive knowledge and is a master watchmaker who does quality work.

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