In celebration of National Hot Dog Day (July 23rd), we did PLENTY of research AND asked YOU to tell us who has the best dog in the Bay. So this list is based on places we visited, coupled with feedback directly from YOU. Did we miss your favorite spot? By all means, let us know!

10. Show Dogs– San FranciscoCome for breakfast, lunch and deliciousness. They even offer corn dogs, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here. Super gourmet and PERFECT if you are hitting a show at the Warfield!

9. Happy Hound– Los Gatos

Happy Hound offers outdoor seating, delicious fries, old-fashioned milk-shakes and yep, yummy hot dogs. And to top it off, they get compliments of their customer service. Can’t go wrong with that.

8. Ben Franks – Redwood City

First, there’s a drive-thru so be lazy and stay in the car! Chili Dog’s are a must when rolling through.

7. Flamin’ Dogs Deli– Redwood CityFlamin’ Dogs Deli offers hot dogs and sausages if you feel like changing it up. They also have a hot dog-cart with toasted buns, and they cater. So no excuse you can’t go try some!

6. Roy’s Chicago Doggery– Petaluma

Try some Pesto Blue Cheese fries with your hot dog. Yes, you read that correctly. Pesto Blue Cheese Fries. Hot Dogs are loaded with tons of delicious extras and you can normally score a good daily lunch deal.

5. Kasper’s- Pleasanton

A great place to bring your kids, you can get yourself a quality hot dog from a business that is still family owned!

4. Mark’s Hot Dogs – San Jose

You’ll find the classic hot dog at Mark’s. Check out the old school car hops!. While they keep it simple with the hot dogs and steamed buns, you really can’t complain with simple yet delicious toppings.

3. Squeeze Inn– NapaSqueeze Inn was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives for their burgers, but we think they should have shown the 8 inch deep-fried Hot Dog instead! Can you say yum?

2. Doggy Style– Alameda

With an Asian-fusion style on some of their hot dogs, you should be instantly curious as to what they have in store for you. Along with Asian inspired, Doggy-style offers many varieties of hot dogs. The Doggyzilla is a must.

1. Sac’s – Vallejo

As requested by everyone on our Facebook page, (more like demanded), Sac’s in Vallejo offers the best chili dog around. Get there early as it normally has a line of people waiting for their share of the awesomeness that is Sacs.

Thanks for the feedback and ENJOY!

– Amber Ortiz, Alice@97.3 Staff Writer

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