State Agency Tasked With Protecting San Francisco Bay Accused Of Causing Harm
Susie Steimle reports on environmental audit showing San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission is hurting the Bay with its inefficiency (5-14-2019)

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Amazon Offers Gift Cards to Subjects Who Agree to Full-Body 3-D ScansAmazon is offering a gift card to anyone who signs up for a 3-D body scan but there's speculation about how the company could use the results of those scans. Nicole Comstock reports. (5-23-19)
Police Make Arrests in San Francisco Dismembered Body Homicide CasePolice in San Francisco on Thursday confirmed they have made arrests in a homicide case that was opened after a dismembered body was found at a home during a welfare check earlier this week. Andrea Nakano reports. (5-23-19)
San Jose State Engineering Students Build Self-Driving Vehicle on Shoestring BudgetA group of San Jose State University students just made history on their campus: building the college's first autonomous vehicle. Maria Medina reports. (5-23-19)
Vallejo Residents Sound Off on Search for New Police ChiefThe city of Vallejo needs to hire a new chief of police and residents Thursday weighed in on the qualifications and characteristics they want in their top cop. Juliette Goodrich reports. (5-23-19)
Uber Launches Submarine Tours of Great Barrier ReefFrom May 27 through June 18, exploring the world's largest coral reef system will be easier than ever thanks to mini-submarine tours by Uber. Anne Makovec reports. (5-23-19)
Planned South Bay Islamic Center Up for Planning Commission VoteA Santa Clara County Islamic group's long fight to build a mosque and cemetery in San Martin might be finally coming to an end. Len Ramirez reports. (5-23-19)
Coastside Homeowners Fear Losing Property to Policies to Address Sea Level RiseCities up and down the California coast are grappling with a looming crisis:  How to deal with rising sea levels. Susie Steimle reports. (5-23-19)
Car Burglars Hack Key Fobs in Gilroy NeighborhoodMore than a half dozen cars were broken into overnight in a Gilroy subdivision but it's how the thieves got inside the vehicles that's stumped homeowners and has security analysts sounding the alarm. Devin Fehely reports. (5-23-19)
San Francisco Police Make Arrest In Dismembered Body Homicide CaseElizabeth Cook reports on arrest in San Francisco dismembered body homicide (5-23-2019)
BART Board Looks at Several Plans to Thwart Gate-JumpersBART is evaluating a plan to to guard its gates from fare evaders. Melissa Caen reports. (5-23-19)
Dublin Officials Decline to Fly Rainbow Pride Flag at City HallDublin city leaders voted down a plan to raise the rainbow flag at city hall during Pride month. John Ramos reports. (5-23-19)
Elephant Seals Take Over Beach at Point ReyesDrakes Beach at Point Reyes is temporally closed thanks to a group of elephant seals that has taken up residency following recent storms. Don Ford reports. (5-23-19)
2nd East Bay Dick's Sporting Goods Store RobbedA brazen heist in Pleasant Hill was strikingly similar to another in Fairfield where a trio of women barreled right past a store ecurity guard and sped off. Kiet Do reports. (5-23-19)

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