Fishermen Give Thumbs-Up to First Catch as Commercial Crab Harvest BeginsJust in time for Thanksgiving, commercial Dungeness crab season began Thursday and San Francisco fishermen are pleased with what they've seen so far. Don Ford reports. (11-15-18)
Threat of Import Tariffs Prompts Push for Home ImprovementsMany homeowners are moving up their project dates to buy Chinese-made products now and store owners items such as cabinets and flooring products could cost, on average, hundreds of dollars more come the first of the year. Da Lin reports. (11-2-18)
Spenger’s Fish Grotto in Berkeley ClosesCustomers who visited the restaurant Wednesday were surprised to discover a note on the door saying the seafood restaurant had permanently closed. Don Ford reports. (10-25-18)
SF Shoe Startup Struggles to Meet Demand After Megan Markle Seen Wearing Their WaresMegan Markle and Prince Harry are on their first royal tour and eco-friendly shoes (made by a San Francisco company) worn by the duchess have sparked a fashion frenzy. Julie Watts reports. (10-19-18)
Security Guard Tackles Uber Driver Outside Company HeadquartersAn Uber driver trying to deliver a petition to the company Friday ended up getting tackled. (10-12-18)
Richmond Retailers Call for Better Policing to Bring Back ShoppersBusiness owners in Richmond say crime is cutting into their bottom line. They're pushing police to step up patrols along the busy 23rd Street corridor so their customers will come back. Christin Ayers reports. (10-11-18)
Walnut Creek Whole Foods Gives Mom 'n' Pop Eateries the BootAngry customers say the new Whole Foods in Walnut Creek is about to cost them some of their favorite foods by blocking lease extensions for several family-run restaurants. Da Lin reports. (10-11-18)
Half of Lake County Wine Grapes Possibly Tainted by Wildfire SmokePerhaps 50 percent of grapes in Lake County could be left to rot on the vine because they're tainted with smoke from this summer's wildfires. Emily Turner reports. (10-5-18)
Van Ness Avenue Construction Delays Plague Business OwnersIt's more than just a traffic headache -- San Francisco business owners along Van Ness Avenue say all the construction in the area is driving away their customers. Joe Vazquez reports. (10-3-18)
Wine Country Growers Wary as Season's First Rain ApproachesNorth Bay vineyards are in the middle of their fall harvest and as growers pick their grapes they are also keeping an eye on a forecast for potential rain. Don Ford reports. (9-28-18)
Developer's Housing Plan Puts Popular Fremont Bowling Alley at RiskThe Cloverleaf Family Bowl in Fremont is at risk of being knocked down to make room for more housing. As Maria Medina reports fans of the family-run business are now calling on the city to spare it. (9-21-18)
S.F.'s Former Chief Building Inspector Accused of Defrauding CityRodrigo Santos was once the president of the San Francisco Building Inspection Commission. Now he's in some hot water. His firm has been accused of submitting bogus documents and plans for work on three homes. Julie Watts reports. (9-20-19)
Gilroy Garlic Producer Supports Trump Tariffs on ChinaGilroy's Christopher Ranch is one of the largest garlic companies in the country and their owner says he fully supports the imposition of a tariff on imported Chinese garlic. Len Ramirez reports. (9-19-18)
Cab Drivers Demand Relief from High-Price S.F. Taxi MedallionsCab drivers in San Francisco are struggling to compete with Lyft and Uber while the city requires them to have medallions, which cost up to a quarter million dollars. Now, the city is trying to sell drivers on possible medallion reforms. Wilson Walker reports. (9-13-18)
Berkeley’s Pacific Steel Casting, Founded in 1934, Closes ShopOne of Berkeley's last remaining industrial businesses is closing its doors. Pacific Steel Casting is shutting down after more than eight decades in business. Don Ford reports. (9-7-18)
Growers Face Worker Shortage as Wine Harvest BeginsNorthern California wineries are gearing up for the harvest. The grapes are there but, in many cases, the workers aren't. John Ramos reports. (9-3-18)
Eatery, Cannabis Dispensary Sharing Same Name Confound CustomersThe owner of Fume Bistro & Bar in Napa is fuming. He says a cannabis dispensary with a similar name "Napa Valley Fume" just started selling and delivering marijuana products to Napa county and he wants to clear up customers' confusion. Mary Lee reports. (9-3-18)
Businesses Band Together to Lure Locals to Fisherman's WharfNot many people in San Francisco make it a priority to visit Fisherman's Wharf but, as KPIX 5's Susie Steimle reports, luring locals is part of the new business plan. (8-31-18)
Electric Scooters Set to Roll Back Onto S.F. StreetsOn Thursday San Francisco awarded its first official permits for electric scooters but, as KPIX 5's Andrea Nakano reports, some of the biggest players in the game -- are being shut out. (8-30-18)
Bay Area Company Builds Prototype of Next-Gen Autonomous AutoA Bay Area startup called Zoox is putting a new spin on self-driving cars. Instead of building the technology around the car, they're doing it the other way around. Betty Yu reports. (8-17-18)
Redwood City Residents Oppose Coffee Stand's Bikini-Clad BaristasA Peninsula neighborhood is trying to shut down plans to open a new drive-through coffee operation where customers are served by scantily-clad baristas. Opponents say they’re not anti-business but argue the baristas wearing bikinis at Pink Pantherz Espresso are too hot to handle. Maria Medina reports. (8-17-18)
SF Small Business Calls Out City's Needle Exchange PolicyS.F. mayor London Breed is sending a message that more needs to be done to help small businesses. But one business is firing back, suggesting the drug problem is out of control. Susie Steimle reports. (8-15-18)
At Issue: Techs and The CityKPIX 5's Phil Matier talks with San Francisco supervisor Aaron Peskin about the impact of insular technology companies and their workforce on the city's culture and economy. (7-29-18)
Salesforce Faces Backlash Over Contract with Federal Immigration AgencySalesforce has a contract with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and now, as KPIX 5's Joe Vazquez learned, one local company has decided to turn its back on the tech giant and its business. (7-26-18)

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