How should you change your personal finances as the market madness continues? Should you? John Ramos asked a financial adviser his opinion. (3-12-20)

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Money Maven Gives Advice to Nerve-Wracked InvestorsHow should you change your personal finances as the market madness continues? Should you? John Ramos asked a financial adviser his opinion. (3-12-20)
Charles Schwab Financial Planner Weighs In On Stock MarketThere is no shortage of uncertainty in the market with the coronavirus fears and sharp decline in oil prices. Richard Zak, financial planner with Charles Schwab offers advice for the investor. (3/10/20)
Coronavirus Uncertainty Sparks Worse Week On Wall Street In A DecadeThe stock market had it's worst week in more than a decade, plunging more than 3,500 points, due to fears of the financial impact of the coronavirus. Devin Fehely has more on the economic outlook amid this evolving health crisis.
Chase X Essence Presents Currency Converstions To Raise Financial LiteracyJP Morgan Chase's La Sandra Hunt and Kimberly Nash talk to Black Renaissance about the next in a series of Currency Conversations to help woman raise their financial literacy. The series is presented by Chase Bank and Essence Magazine. For more information or to RSVP go to
Man Accidentally Trashes Shoebox Containing His Life SavingsAn Oregon man who accidentally trashed his life savings will soon be reunited with his cash, thanks a worker at a Northern California recycling center.
Facebook Plans To Launch Digital Currency 'Libra' Roils FedsFacebook is courting controversy on Capitol Hill with its plans to launch a digital currency. As Allen Martin tells us, some in Washington are even calling 'Libra' a potential threat to national security.
Housing Calculator Shows Many Bay Area Residents Couldn't Afford Their Own HomesA new tool puts the Bay Area's high housing prices into perspective. Andria Borba tells us it shows most people couldn't afford to buy or rent their own homes if they had to pay at today's prices.
Making Waves College & Alumni Program Teaches Families How To Finance Higher EducationIvette Chavez, Director of Financial Services for Making Waves College and Alumni Program, talks to Bay Area Focus about the challenges of college financing and how CAP is helping educate students and families.
SF Real Estate Tougher To Navigate With Talk Of IPOs Amid Market SlowdownSan Francisco's real estate market is about to get even tougher to navigate. Wilson Walker breaks down the mixed signals buyers and sellers are facing these days.
San Jose Explores Creating Its Own Community BankSome San Jose city councilmembers say the city's current bank, Wells Fargo, and its prospective new bank, Chase, both have ethical and wage violation problems. The city is now exploring creating its own community bank. Len Ramirez reports. (3-19-2019)
Many Couples Say Hiding Money Is Like Infidelity - Or WorseHave you ever lied to your partner about money? A new survey finds millions of Americans do it and such "financial infidelity" can be toxic. Betty Yu reports. (2-14-19)
Menlo Park Luxury Jeweler Is First In World To Accept CryptocurrencyStephen Silver inside the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel is known for selling rare, ultra-high end jewelry and watches. Betty Yu says it's also the first jewelry store in the world to accept digital money.
Prices Going Up As Unemployment Hits Historic Lows In CaliforniaCalifornia's jobless rate is at it's lowest level in 40 years. The numbers are even better in the Bay Area. But as Devin Fehely reports, not everyone is benefiting form the boon.
IRS Extends Tax Deadline After E-File System CrashesLast-minute tax filers got an eleventh-hour reprieve Tuesday after the IRS web site crashed. Kiet Do reports. (4/17/18)
Facebook's Failure To Protect Users Leads To Stock DropLegislators speak out and Facebook stock drops amid Cambridge Analytica debacle and user data concerns. Kiet Do reports. (3/19/18)
SJSU Professor Says High-Frequency Trading Contributed To Market MeltdownWells Fargo Bank is among the largest losers in the February market meltdown. Mark Sayers reports. (2/5/18)
Legacy Shield App Helps You Plan Your EstateCEO Michael Babikian talks to Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi about a new cloud-based app called Legacy Shield, that helps you plan your estate.
Tech Investor Ellen Pao's New Book Takes On Silicon Valley Sexism'Reset' is about not only her famous lawsuit but about racism and gender discrimination in the workplace. Kiet Do reports. (9/19/17)
ConsumerWatch: Cash or Credit?SF-based Visa is encouraging retailers to get rid of cash, a trend which can be good and bad for consumers. Julie Watts reports. (7-13-17)
Experts Offer Tax Tips With April 15th ApproachingJulie Watts reports on experts providing advice about income taxes with fast approach of April 15th (3-6-2017)
A 'Biblically-Responsible Investing' Company Avoids Companies Advocating For LGBTQ RightsA new investment company won't buy shares of companies actively advocating for LGBTQ rights. John Ramos reports. (3/1/17)
Being Unable To Pay Back Student Loans Back Has Become The New NormalThe number of students who are unable to pay back their college loans is skyrocketing. Veronica De La Cruz reports. (1/19/17)
Michael Dermer, Author Of The Lonely EntrepreneurBay Sunday host Kenny Choi talks to author Michael Dermer about his book, The Lonely Entrepreneur.
Some Ex-Employees Sue Wells Fargo, Others Invited To Return To WorkSome former Wells Fargo employees are suing, while others may be offered their jobs back. Julie Watts reports. (11/3/16)

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