Feds Target Cannabis Chemical CBD Despite Proven Medical BenefitThe DEA asserts all cannabis extracts - including CBD - are controlled substances and illicit. Parents of children who benefit from the drug, like Zachary hope a lawsuit filed in an SF court, will change that.
CA Considers Ban On Minors Playing Tackle FootballCalifornia lawmakers are considering a bill to ban minors from playing tackle football before high school.
Woman Snaps Pics Of Raw Meat Delivery In Unsanitary Carts At 99 Ranch MarketA Bay Area mom's photos of nasty conditions at a San Jose meat market are going viral. As Devin Fehely reports, now the store is doing 'damage control.'
Acute Stroke Therapy Trial Proves Successful In Palo AltoStanford doctors tried out a new medical technique and the surgery changed the life of a stroke patient. Devin Fehely reports. (1/24/18)
Massive Sewage Spill Shuts Down Monterey Bay Beaches.Nearly 5 million gallons of sewage spilled into the Monterey Bay forcing several popular beaches to close. Maria Medina reports the massive spill could feel a football field.
Deadly Flu Epidemic Hits California HardMore than half the country is seeing a spike in flu cases. John Blackstone reports, the situation in California is deadly.
Stanford Medical Center Proposes Blood Delivery Via DroneStanford Blood Center is hoping to get blood delivered to hospitals via drone. Devin Fehely reports. (12-29-17)
Excessive Video Gaming May Officially Become A Mental Health DisorderThe World Health Organization is poised to classify “gaming disorder” as a mental health problem, similar to a drug or alcohol addiction. Sharon Chin reports. (12/26/17)
Stay Healthy, Exercise Through The Holidays With Fit KidsAshley Hunter from the Fit Kids Foundation talks to Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi about the importance of children staying fit and healthy through the holiday season.
Fitness Tips You Use At HomeGYMGUYZ trainer Kat Salsman and owner Nigel Brown talk about at-home exercise and fitness with Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi.
Dr. Roger Crystal Talks About Life-Saving Drug That Prevents Opioid OverdosesDr. Roger Crystal talks to Bay Sunday's Kenny Choi about Opiant, a life-saving nasal spray that can prevent opioid overdoses.
Covered California Wants Everyone To Know Open Enrollment Has BegunUnlike the federal government, California wants you to know that Covered California open enrollment has begun and rates remain affordable. Allen Martin reports. (11/1/17)
All Santa Rosa Public Schools Sustained Fire-Related DamageIn the wake of the wildfires, every public school in Santa Rosa requires decontamination and repairs. Emily Turner reports. (10/23/17)
Am. Academy Of Pediatrics Releases Guidelines For Teens Who Want TattoosFor the first time the American Academy Of Pediatrics released recommendations for teens who want to get tattoos. Chris Martinez reports.
Growing Up With Smart Phones May Take Toll On Teens' Mental HealthSome psychology experts say communicating through machines is making teens lonelier, more depressed and even more suicidal. John Ramos reports. (8/9/17)
Trump Effect Could Raise Covered California RatesCovered California rates could soar in 2018, with average premiums increasing by 12.5 percent. Maria Medina reports. (8/1/17)
California Moves Closer To Creating Safe Illegal Drug Injection SitesA new bill that has cleared the state assembly would allow California drug users to shoot up in supervised settings. Maria Medina reports. (7/31/17)
Enhanced Security Planned for 40th San Francisco MarathonOn Sunday, 27,000 runners will take their marks for the S.F. Marathon, with even more people watching -- giving city officials plenty to prepare for. Emily Turner reports. (7-21-17)
Life-Saving Heliport Coming Back To A Peninsula HospitalHelicopters will once again airlift patients to Mills-Peninsula Medical Center to be treated for conditions like strokes or heart attacks. Devin Fehely reports. (6/7/17)
Tips For Staying Healthy This Spring With Dr. Nicole Van GroningenDr. Nicole Van Groningen helps Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi separate fact from fiction when it comes to getting healthy and staying healthy this spring.
SF Startup Scours Your Medical Bills For Costly ErrorsEven when you have insurance, a surprise medical bill can really hurt. ConsumerWatch reporter Julie Watts tells us about a SF-based startup that will scan your bills for errors.
Talking Politics: Single-Payer Insurance / Trump's Jared ProblemPolitics insiders Phil Matier, Melissa Caen and Willie Brown discuss California's proposal to create a state single-payer health insurance plan and the mounting pressure on Pres. Trump's son-in-law/adviser. (5-28-17)
Boosting The Male Biological ClockBay Sunday welcomes fertility expert Stephen Bollinger who shares his “guy’s guide to boosting the male biological clock” for men grappling with infertility.
Online STD Testing Service Fills Need In Age Of Dating AppsA California firm is offering a testing service for sexually-transmitted diseases that can be ordered online and done in the privacy of one's home. Betty Yu reports. (5-18-17)

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