Breast milk may be best for babies but new mothers have a healthy alternative in "Bobbie," a formula created with grass-fed dairy, no artificial ingredients, GMOs, corn syrup or soy. Betty Yu reports. (5-10-19)

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SF Startup Promotes Unique Baby Formula to Health-Conscious MomsBreast milk may be best for babies but new mothers have a healthy alternative in "Bobbie," a formula created with grass-fed dairy, no artificial ingredients, GMOs, corn syrup or soy. Betty Yu reports. (5-10-19)
Charcoal Food Craze Getting Dim View from Health DepartmentIt’s a “dark” trend you might have seen on social media -- black-colored food, from ice cream to beverages. But the charcoal craze may may be short-lived. Sharon Chin reports. (3-7-19)
Gov. Brown Signs Bill Requiring Vegan Options at Hospitals, Prisons, Nursing Homes StatewideOn Tuesday, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that requires a vegan option on the menu at hospitals, health facilities such as nursing homes, and state prisons. Susie Steimle reports. (9-27-18)
Author, Celebrity Chef Katrina Carter Shares Nutrition TipsAuthor and celebrity chef Katrina Carter tells BR host Christin Ayers how she has helped NBA stars like Kevon Looney with their nutrition game, off the court.
California Lawmakers Pass Ban on Local Soda TaxesCalifornia lawmakers passed a bill to ban local taxes on soda for the next 12 years Thursday and sent it to Gov. Jerry Brown. As Melissa Caen reports, Bay Area legislators say it was a brazen power play by the industry. (6-28-18)
Dr. Dina Rose, Author Of 'It's Not About The Broccoli'Dr. Dina Rose, author of 'It's Not About the Broccoli, Three Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating,' talks to BAF's Michelle Griego about helping picky eaters become food explorers.
Get Your Personalized Food Plan With 'Habit'Habit's CEO and founder Neil Grimmer talks to Michelle Griego about the benefits of a personalized food plan that takes into account every body's unique nutritional needs.
Peninsula 'Food Pharmacy' Fights DiabetesIn Redwood City, a doctor writes a prescription for healthy food and the patient walks across the hall to fill it at a "Food Pharmacy" stocked with several days' worth of fresh produce and other nutritious groceries. Sharon Chin reports. (11-23-17)
SF Passes Ordinance to Require Stores to Label Meats Raised with AntibioticsOfficials in San Francisco are preparing to enforce a new ordinance that will require city stores that sell raw meat and poultry to label and list any antibiotics used to raise the livestock. Don Ford reports. (10-24-17)
ConsumerWatch: Mac 'n' Cheese DangerA new report raises questions about chemicals found in cheese powder. Consumer reporter Julie Watts explains. (7-14-17)
Seniors Thrive on Gourmet Finger Foods at Bay Area Retirement CommunityOlder adults are at a high risk for malnutrition. KPIX 5's Sharon Chin reports on a retirement community in the Bay Area where residents are taking matters into their own hands. (7-4-17)
At Issue: Antibiotics in MeatA proposal before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors would require some retailers to report details of the antibiotics used on animals. Melissa Caen talks with the sponsor of the proposal, supervisor Jeff Sheehy. (7-2-17)
Tips For Staying Healthy This Spring With Dr. Nicole Van GroningenDr. Nicole Van Groningen helps Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi separate fact from fiction when it comes to getting healthy and staying healthy this spring.
Oakland A’s Open Peanut-Free Seating SectionThe team has decided to accommodate those fans who are allergic to peanuts with their own seating section -- and the seats are good ones, too. Don Ford reports. (5-5-17)
ConsumerWatch: USDA Allows Heart Meat in Ground BeefA post on the USDA website states "beef heart meat can be used in unlimited quantities and declared as 'beef' on the label." Julie Watts reports. (2-2-17)
North Bay Clinic Touts Benefit Of Water-Only FastIt's the new year and a lot of people are vowing to lose weight and get healthier. As KPIX 5's Cate Cauguiran reports, the solution may be as simple as drinking water. A so-called water fast may benefit your body and your brain. (1-1-17)
3 Dead, 5 Sickened After Thanksgiving Meal At Antioch American Legion HallThree people died and five others were sickened after eating a Thanksgiving meal prepared at Antioch’s American Legion Hall by a local church. Joe Vazquez reports. (11/28/16)
One Pill To Rule Them All - Startup Uses 3-D Printing For Custom Vitamin SupplementsTaking a fistful of vitamin pills every day can be daunting. Juliette Goodrich gets a look inside a Bay Area startup that wants to create a single capsule tailored to each individual. (11-6-16)
Major Beer Brewers Agree To Show Calorie CountsThe Beer Institute says it’s pushing members to reveal more details about what ingredients go into the beer you drink. Betty Yu reports. (7-13-16)
8-Year-Old Santa Rosa Chef Wins Trip To Kids' State Dinner With First LadyA special state dinner at the White House will honor a group of young chefs. Joe Vasquez introduces us to a Santa Rosa boy who won a coveted invitation thanks to one of his recipes.
Bay Area Family Kicked Off Plane For Child's Peanut AllergyA Bay Area family was escorted off a flight from Utah after revealing that their son has a peanut allergy. There's no set policy yet -- it's up to each airline to decide what to do. But an allergy advocate says there's a push for some uniform rules. Betty Yu reports. (5-6-16)
Owners Of Vegan Restaurants Receive Threats For Eating MeatThe owners of popular vegan restaurants Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre are getting threats after revealing new eating habits. Joe Vazquez reports. (4-28-16)
Orinda Ban On Sugary Treats In School Upsets ParentsThe relationship between some Orinda parents and the school district has soured over a debate on sweets in the classroom. Cate Cauguiran explains why parents are so upset. (9-18-15)

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