The all-out battle against the novel coronavirus has resulted in many people delaying needed vaccinations for their children. Allen Martin reports. (5-28-20)

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Delayed Vaccinations An Unintended Consequence of COVID-19 FightThe all-out battle against the novel coronavirus has resulted in many people delaying needed vaccinations for their children. Allen Martin reports. (5-28-20)
Bay Area Baby Shows Possible Link Between COVID-19 and Rare ConditionKawasaki disease causes inflammation in blood vessels throughout a child's body. An infant treated at Stanford suffered from both Kawsaki and COVID-19, indicating a possible link. Elizabeth Cook reports. (5-8-20)
Child Diagnosed With Rare Blood Cancer Saved by UCSF 'Miracle' TreatmentJuliette Goodrich has the story of some Bay Area physicians who never gave up on a boy named Quincy who suffered from a rare and deadly cancer. (9-26-19)
SF Startup Promotes Unique Baby Formula to Health-Conscious MomsBreast milk may be best for babies but new mothers have a healthy alternative in "Bobbie," a formula created with grass-fed dairy, no artificial ingredients, GMOs, corn syrup or soy. Betty Yu reports. (5-10-19)
Whooping Cough Outbreak Sweeps Marin CountyMarin County is getting hit with a whooping cough outbreak; hundreds of cases have already been reported. Emily Turner reports. (12-26-2018)
Kaiser Patients Complain of Insufficient EpiPen PrescriptionsPatients say Kaiser is refusing to give them their full two-dose prescription for the version of the EpiPen that Kaiser covers and patients say they're terrified their kids will pay the price. (8-17-18)
SF Boy's Cancer Diagnosis Leads Family, Friends to Help Other PatientsA San Francisco family stricken with the news of their son's cancer diagnosis have turned the outpouring of support for their child into help for other young cancer survivors. Joe Vazquez reports. (5-31-18)
UCSF Transplants Mother's Stem Cells Into Unborn BabyA tiny patient at UCSF received a series of five stem cell transplants from her mom's cells beginning four months before she was born. Katie Nielsen reports. (5-29-18)
Doctors at Oakland Children's Hospital Say UCSF Benioff Diverts ResourcesPhysicians at Oakland Children's Hospital say UCSF Benioff is treating the Oakland facility like second-class citizens and diverting resources from the East Bay to UCSF's Mission Bay facility. Da Lin reports. (5-10-18)
Stay Healthy, Exercise Through The Holidays With Fit KidsAshley Hunter from the Fit Kids Foundation talks to Bay Sunday host Kenny Choi about the importance of children staying fit and healthy through the holiday season.
Pediatricians Weigh In On Tattoos, Recommend Teens To Think Before They InkThe American Academy of Pediatrics is weighing in on tattoos and piercing, urging teens to make sure immunizations are current and to choose a sterile salon. Chris Martinez reports. (9/18/17)
Anti-Vaxxer Parents Use Medical Exemptions To Avoid Kids' VaccinationsCalifornia got rid of the personal belief excuse for school vaccinations but parents may have found another way. Emily Turner reports. (9-7-17)
ConsumerWatch: Cord Blood StorageMillions of parents store their babies' umbilical cord blood but a local family wonders if the benefits are worth the rising cost. Julie Watts reports. (5-18-17)
Foundation Provides Music Therapy For Hospitalized ChildrenJefferson Award Winner Created Peterson Family Foundation
Kids & Art Foundation Inspires Young Cancer PatientsJefferson Award Winner Created Kids & Art Foundation
Formerly Conjoined Twins Recovering From Delicate SurgeryFormerly conjoined twins Eva and Erika Sandoval continued their recovery Thursday after becoming two separate toddlers during a 17-hour marathon surgery at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford. Devin Fehely reports. (12-8-16)
Stanford Surgeons Prepare for Marathon Operation to Separate Conjoined TwinsThe delicate, complex surgery to separate Eva and Erika Sandoval is being carefully orchestrated at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. Andria Borba reports. (12-2-16)
'Baby Box' Provides Safe, Economical Alternative To Expensive CribsJulie Watts reports on company bringing "Baby Box" to U.S. to help reduce infant mortality (11-2-2016)
Kids Sent Home On First Day Of School Due To New CA Vaccine RequirementScores of California students may be sent home on their first day of school. Maria Medina says it's because of a new vaccine law that took effect this year.
Child Sex Trafficking: How To Fight It, How To Stop ItThousands of victims across the U.S. are lured into sex trafficking. Many of them children. Christin Ayers looks at the tactics pimps use to take them away, and what's being done to stop them.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Announces Wife Is Pregnant And Reveals Previous MiscarriagesThe co-founder of the world’s largest social network used a Facebook post Friday to announce that his wife Priscilla Chan is pregnant with a healthy baby daughter. Betty Yu reports. (7-31-15)

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