With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, many wonder why abandoned buildings aren’t being used to house people. The city of Richmond is now doing just that. Susie Steimle reports. (10-1-20)

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Richmond Creates Affordable Homes From Abandoned HousesWith the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, many wonder why abandoned buildings aren’t being used to house people. The city of Richmond is now doing just that. Susie Steimle reports. (10-1-20)
San Francisco Company Offers Rent Guarantee to Small LandlordsSay you're a landlord and you could guarantee that, if your tenant doesn’t pay rent, you don’t lose money? Zumper, an online rental platform, is launching a first-of-its-kind rent guarantee program aimed at doing just that.Susie Steimle reports. (9-24-20)
State Housing Mandate Doubles What Bay Area Needs to BuildThe Bay Area has a new assignment from the state: build nearly 450,000 homes in the next eight years or risk losing control over where they go. Susie Steimle reports. (9-10-20)
New State Bill Would Extend Evictions Moratorium 5 MonthsA newly-proposed bill would temporarily protect people from COVID-related evictions until February of 2021. Gov. Newsom considers it a compromise bill to help tenants while balancing the impact on landlords. Betty Yu reports. (8-28-20)
Bay Area Rent Prices Deflate as Pandemic RagesThe economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has caused the Bay Area's once skyrocketing rental housing market to come back to earth. Devin Fehely reports. (8-3-20)
Local Startup Helps Bay Area Teachers Buy HomesWhile lack of affordable housing is the number one reason many educators leave the Bay Area, one local startup is hoping to help with that problem. Susie Steimle reports. (7-23-20)
Residents, Developers Spar Over West Side San Francisco Housing ProjectsThe Sunset and Richmond districts on the west side of San Francisco have become the new frontier for housing developers. Susie Steimle reports. (7-16-20)
Homeowner's DIY Project Turns Into Major Remodel During Shelter In PlaceA lot of people have been looking for ways to occupy their time during the shelter in place. A homeowner in Santa Rosa told John Ramos what started out as a small painting project became so much more.
COVID-19 Has Allergy Sufferers More Anxious Than Ever Over Common SymptomsSince the COVID-19 pandemic, allergy sufferers are hyper-aware of every sniff and sneeze. Devin Fehely tells us which ones are just common seasonal symptoms.
David Viggiano Shows Off New Products From The International Housewares ShowWith so many new housewares on the market, lifestyle expert David Viggiano shows us some of the coolest international products for the home.
Spruce Up Your Yard With Online Landscaping & Design Service YardzenCo-founders Allison and Adam Mesner talk about their new online landscaping and design service, Yardzen.
Experts Predict Cooling Bay Area Housing Market in 2020Despite somewhat dire predictions by Zillow about the future of the Bay Area housing market in 2020, several realtors say they see a slight slowdown rather than a crash in the coming year. Devin Fehely reports. (1-3-20)
Repeated Power Shutoffs Spur Homeowners to Install Backup BatteriesIn the wake of the recent PG&E outages more people are looking for ways to keep their homes running when the power is shut off. Kiet Do reports. (10-31-19)
$30 Million S.F. Home Designed for Wellness, Sustainability and Killer Views646 Union Street is one of San Francisco’s glitziest homes to hit the market. But, despite appearances, it's no ordinary ultra-luxury home. Its health and wellness features make it one-of-a-kind. Betty Yu reports. (10-18-19)
Bay Area Real Estate Market Cools DownHome prices are down 2.4% in a year for the nine-county Bay Area, dropping the median price by about $20,000. Emily Turner reports. (9-27-19)
Bay Area Home Sales Slip to 9-Year LowHome sales in the Bay Area have discovered a new direction -- down. Joe Vazquez reports. (9-26-19)
Homeowners Can Eliminate Red Tape With Prefab Backyard 'Granny Units'A start-up company on the Peninsula is offering homeowners a chance to place a 'granny unit' in their backyard quickly, and as John Ramos tells us, without having to deal with the bureaucracy of city hall.
Tiny-Home Developments in San Jose Offer Alternative to HomelessnessSan Jose mayor Sam Liccardo joined members of the city council and the community to assemble 8-foot by 10-foot homeless shelters that will be part of the city's first-ever tiny home community. Devin Fehely reports. (8-17-19)
Buyers of S.F. House Shrug Off Previous Owner's DecapitationIf you don't mind the gruesome murder that happened there, the $1.5 million asking price for a rundown house on lots in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood could be considered a steal. Da Lin reports. (5-4-19)
San Rafael Shares Cost of Sidewalk Repairs with HomeownersIt's a bill Bay Area homeowners dread: orders to fix the sidewalk in front of their houses but, as KPIX 5's Melissa Caen reports, a program in San Rafael is taking some of the pain out of the process. (4-26-19)
'Picture Perfect' San Francisco Homes Make Their Owners Real MoneyThere are ways for you to make money with your home even when you're not there -- if your house is "picture perfect." Sharon Chin reports (4-18-19)
Sneak Peek At The Latest Home Gadgets & Appliances At The International Housewares ShowLifestyle guru David Viggiano shows off some really great gadgets and appliances from the International Housewares Show.
New Novato Community to Put Emphasis on Neighbor InteractionsA so-called "co-housing" village to be built on C Street in Novato is built around a Danish concept that's catching on in the Bay Area. John Ramos reports. (3-14-19)
Berkeley Neighborhood Bids Fond Farewell to Landmark TreeOne of the oldest living residents in Berkeley has died. Neighbors are sad but some are angry and say it didn’t have to happen. John Ramos reports. (11-4-18)

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