ConsumerWatch Weekend RoundupConsumer reporter Julie Watts with a quick wrap of the week's consumer issues and news. (7-29-17)
ConsumerWatch: Don't Get Burned by Expired SunscreenWhen buying sunscreen, many people look first for a high SPF but, it turns out, there's another thing you should be checking as well. As consumer reporter Julie Watts explains, some products offering protection could be worthless. (7-28-17)
ConsumerWatch: Hackers Target Realtors' Email AccountsBay Area home buyers are falling victim to an alarming new scam. As Julie Watts explains, one woman lost a half million dollars. (7-27-17)
International Airlines Slow To Compensate Travelers For Delayed FlightsSome travelers find international airlines are slow to compensate travelers for delayed flights. Julie Watts reports.
California Attorney General Sues To Block Petroleum DealCalifornia's attorney general Xavier Becerra is suing to block a petroleum company's attempt to gain more control over oil, fearing it could further drive up gasoline prices. Melissa Caen reports. (7-20-17)
ConsumerWatch: Net Neutrality ShowdownThe FCC is taking public comment on a proposal to eliminate so-called net neutrality protections and consumer reporter Julie Watts takes a look at what that could mean for the future of the Internet. (7-16-17)
ConsumerWatch Weekend RoundupMicrosoft's introduction of an iPhone app to help the blind plus a recall by Honda top this roundup of consumer news with Julie Watts. (7-15-17)
ConsumerWatch: National Bridal Gown Maker Abruptly ClosesSome brides-to-be are getting some bad news -- one of the nation's biggest makers of wedding dresses has suddenly closed up shop. Julie Watts reports on the dress mess. (7-14-17)
ConsumerWatch: Mac 'n' Cheese DangerA new report raises questions about chemicals found in cheese powder. Consumer reporter Julie Watts explains. (7-14-17)
ConsumerWatch: Cash or Credit?SF-based Visa is encouraging retailers to get rid of cash, a trend which can be good and bad for consumers. Julie Watts reports. (7-13-17)
Silicon Valley Tech Companies Fight For Net NeutralitySilicon Valley tech giants defend net neutrality on a national day of action and urged the FCC to back off. Julie Watts reports. (7/12/17)
Experts Offer Advice, Warnings About Amazon Prime DayJulie Watts reports on Amazon holding it's own annual holiday, Amazon Prime Day (7-10-2017)
ConsumerWatch: Time Share Exit TroubleA growing number of time share owners want to get rid of their vacation properties. Consumer reporter Julie Watts has a warning about companies that promise to help. (7-7-17)
Empty Restaurants By Day Transform Into Busy Co-Working SpacesThere’s a new trend: turning restaurants into shared office spaces. Julie Watts reports. (7/6/17)
Scammers Use Ransomware Look-AlikesScammers are copying well-known ransomware groups to try to get consumers to pay up, but there are tricks if you smell a scam. Julie Watts reports. (7/5/17)
ConsumerWatch: Hacking Fitbit for Insurance BenefitsPeople trying to save money on their health insurance have found a way to appear healthier than they actually are. Julie Watts reports. (7-4-17)
Amazon To Buy Whole Foods Grocery Store ChainIn a major shakeup to the grocery industry, Amazon announced it is buying Whole Foods in what's said to be a $7 billion deal. Len Ramirez reports. (6-16-17)
Workers Claim Online Babysitting Startup Stiffs SittersIndependent contractors of a San Francisco-based babysitting agency called Wondersitter say they've been cheated out of months of pay. Andria Borba reports. (6-15-17)
ConsumerWatch Weekend RoundupA look at some of the week's top consumer topics with Julie Watts. (6-10-17)
ConsumerWatch: Prepaid Card ProtectionsOne in ten households uses a prepaid debit card as their primary card but prepaid cards don't come with the same protections as credit cards. Julie Watts reports there are new rules that could change that. (6-9-17)
ConsumerWatch: Facebook Ads WarningBuyer beware before you click on that Facebook ad with millions of "likes." Consumer reporter Julie Watts has a warning about the deals that show up in your news feed. (6-8-17)
SF Startup Scours Your Medical Bills For Costly ErrorsEven when you have insurance, a surprise medical bill can really hurt. ConsumerWatch reporter Julie Watts tells us about a SF-based startup that will scan your bills for errors.
ConsumerWatch: Prescription Price ShockWhether or not you have prescription coverage, drug prices vary greatly depending on where you fill the prescription. Consumer reporter Julie Watts reports on a medication markup that left one senior stunned. (6-2-17)
ConsumerWatch: Surviving A Car CrashA new report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that your odds of surviving a crash may depend on the size of your automobile. Julie Watts explains. (5-25-17)

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