President Trump said Sunday that he did nothing wrong in his conversations with the Ukranian president. But he did admit that they talked about Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Melissa Caen reports. (9-22-2019)

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Dem. Candidates Call For Impeachment Over Trump's Talks With Ukranian PresidentPresident Trump said Sunday that he did nothing wrong in his conversations with the Ukranian president. But he did admit that they talked about Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Melissa Caen reports. (9-22-2019)
49ers Sue Santa Clara After City Nixes Team’s Levi’s Stadium Management AgreementThe feud between the 49ers and the city of Santa Clara is escalating days after city leaders voted to end the team's management of concerts and other events at Levi's Stadium. Kiet Do reports. (9-20-19)
Taxi Drivers Worry AB 5 Could Hurt Way Cab Companies OperateCab drivers in the South Bay are fighting AB-5, the new California law designed to help gig workers by reclassifying them from contractors to company employees. Len Ramirez reports. (9-19-19)
Trump Accuses San Francisco Of Environmental Violations Due To Homeless PopulationPresident Trump wrapped up his California tour by taking a shot at San Francisco. He threatened EPA action over violations related to the homeless crisis, specifically citing pollution, such as used needles, flowing into the ocean. Joe Vazquez reports. (9-18-2019)
Heavy Truck Drivers Sharply Criticizing AB5, California's Gig Economy Worker BillA California bill aimed at reforming working conditions in the so-called gig economy is being sharply criticized by some truck drivers who feel unfairly swept up in its reforms. Devin Fehely reports. (9-17-2019)
HUD Secretary Carson Tours SF Housing Development Following Administration Report On HomelessnessHousing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson toured new affordable housing units in San Francisco on Tuesday. Wilson Walker reports. (9-17-2019)
At Issue: Homelessness and Crime / NRAKPIX 5's Phil Matier talks with San Francisco supervisor Rafael Mandelman. (9-15-19)
Hundreds Of Bills Awaiting Governor Newsom's SignatureHundreds of bills are piled up on Governor Newsom's desk after state lawmakers wrapped up their latest legislative session. He has signed 294 and vetoed 6. KPIX 5 Political Reporter Melissa Caen shows us what he's still considering.
Woman Arrested After Throwing Red Liquid on California SenatePolice have arrested a woman who threw a feminine hygiene device containing "what appeared to be blood" onto the floor of the state Senate, splashing onto lawmakers and forcing them to finish their work in a committee room. (9-13-19)

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Berkeley Cyclists Complain of Excessive, Unfair Violation CitationsA Bay Area police department is dishing out tickets to enforce the rules of the road but bicyclists say they're being unfairly singled out in the name of safety. John Ramos reports. (9-12-19)
Richmond Is The Latest Bay Area City To Ban Sales Of E-CigarettesThe Richmond City Council unanimously approved the citywide ban on e-cigarettes on Tuesday evening. Christin Ayers reports. (9-11-2019)
Elizabeth Warren Leads Pack In New CBS Poll Of Early Primary StatesA new CBS poll shows Elizabeth Warren leading the pack in early primary states. Melissa Caen reports that many voters who used to support California's Kamala Harris are now on "Team Warren." (9-8-2019)
At Issue: Vax Politics / Gig WorkPhil Matier discusses two issues facing the legislature with state senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo). (9-8-19)
Dive Boat Owner Could Rely on 19th Century Maritime Law to Avoid LiabilityThe owner of the boat, Truth Aquatics Inc., pre-emptively filed a lawsuit Thursday under a pre-Civil War provision of maritime law that could protect it from potentially costly payouts to families of the dead. Don Ford reports. (9-6-19)
East Bay Woman Getting Life-Saving Treatment Could Be Deported After Policy ReversalA 24-year-old Concord resident learned that the Trump administration will reconsider plans to deport terminally ill patients like her, who are receiving life-saving medical treatment in the U.S. Christin Ayers reports. (9-2-2019)
San Jose Police Union Speaks Out After Spike In Officers Assaulted On The JobThe San Jose Police Union is speaking out against a spike in officers being assaulted on the job after the latest incidents happened in downtown San Jose on Friday night. Len Ramirez reports. (9-2-2019)
Appeals Court Tosses Sole Conviction in Kate Steinle KillingA state appeals court has overturned a criminal conviction for weapons possession for Jose Ines Garcia-Zarate, who was previously acquitted of the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco in 2015. Andrea Nakano reports. (8-30-19)
Ride-Hailing Companies Push Back Against Bill That Would Reclassify 'Gig' WorkersCompanies like Uber and Lyft are pushing the state of California to come up with a new classification for workers that falls somewhere between "company employee" and "independent contractor." Len Ramirez reports. (8-30-19)
S.F. Supes Mull Proposal to Let People Living in Their Cars Park in City-Owned LotThere could soon be a new option for people forced to live in their cars in San Francisco. They may be allowed to stay in a lot next to Balboa Park BART station. Andria Borba reports. (8-29-19)
Disability Activists Sue Oakland, Say They're Being Priced Out Of Accessible HomesWhile rent gets higher and higher in the Bay Area, some groups are feeling the effects more than others. Disability activists sued the city of Oakland Wednesday, saying they have no choice but to live in newer buildings with higher price tags. Juliette Goodrich reports. (8-28-2019)
Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Speier Speak At San Francisco Town Hall On Gun ViolenceSpeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and congresswoman Jackie Speier spoke at a town hall on gun violence prevention Tuesday evening.(8-27-2019)
Only Top 3 Democratic Pres. Candidates Have Double Digit Polling AveragesJust three Democratic presidential candidates are polling in the double digits, but their competitors are still hoping to pick up steam in the weeks ahead. Melissa Caen reports. (8-25-2019)
At Issue: Unsafe StreetsKPIX 5's Phil Matier and San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe discuss crime and law enforcement in the Bay Area. (8-25-19)
President Trump Says He'll Boost China Tariffs as He Heads to G7Escalating his trade war with China, President Trump bumped up his tariffs on Chinese imports Friday. (8-23-19)
At Issue: PG&E / Gig EconomyKPIX 5's Phil Matier talks with California state senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo) about PG&E's ability to meet future demand; Seg. 2: addressing the needs of part-time and contract workers. (8-18-19)
Tiny-Home Developments in San Jose Offer Alternative to HomelessnessSan Jose mayor Sam Liccardo joined members of the city council and the community to assemble 8-foot by 10-foot homeless shelters that will be part of the city's first-ever tiny home community. Devin Fehely reports. (8-17-19)
State Lawmakers Wrongly Identified As Criminals On Amazon Recognition SoftwareA recent test of facial recognition technology ended with a fail as some state lawmakers turned up as suspected criminals. Betty Yu reports. (8-13-2019)
Mountain View Residents Concerned About Citywide Drone UseMountain View residents will soon get to weigh in on whether they think the city's fire, police and public works departments should use drones for city business. Maria Medina reports. (8-13-2019)
Congresswoman Barbara Lee Holds Gun Violence Rally In OaklandA rally calling for an end to gun violence is underway in Oakland, led by Congresswoman Barbara Lee. It's meant as a show of solidarity with the victims of the recent mass shootings. Juliette Goodrich reports. (8-13-2019)

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