Santa Rosa Neighbors Blame City For Overflowing Creek, FloodingSome neighbors in Santa Rosa are furious after their backyard creek flooded. Andrea Nakano tells us they say the city could have prevented it.
Chaos At City Council Meetings Prompts Mayor To Issue Warning To ResidentsCity councilmembers have been forced to return to virtual meetings in Santa Rosa. Maria Cid Medina tells us it is not because of COVID-19. It's due to chaos and angry insults from a small group of residents.
New Facebook Whistleblower Says Executives Shrugged as Algorithm Stoked Hate, MisinformationA new whistleblower is taking on Menlo Park-based Facebook just a couple weeks after Frances Haugen testified to members of Congress that the tech giant chooses profit over safety. Maria Cid Medina reports. (10-22-21)
Arts Commission Votes To Remove Controversial Thomas Fallon Statue In San JoseA prominent statue in San Jose is one step closer to being removed. Kiet Do tells us why the controversial Thomas Fallon statue may be gone soon.
Walgreens Closing 5 San Francisco Stores Citing Chronic RobberiesFive Walgreens stores in San Francisco are closing their doors for good. Betty Yu reports the closures come amid an epidemic of retail robberies and asked city leaders what they are doing to help.
Facebook Whistleblower To Testify On Capitol HillOn Tuesday, a Facebook whistleblower will testify on Capitol Hill and share allegations about the app's harmful effects. Katie Nielsen talked to tech experts who say government intervention is just a matter of time.
California COVID Vaccinations, Infection Rates Follow Political DivideIn the Golden State, as it is across the nation, Republican and Democratic-leaning counties show differing rates of vaccination and COVID infection. Kenny Choi reports. (9-30-21)
New Law Will Make Rolling Stops Legal For Cyclists In CaliforniaA bill on Governor Newsom's desk will make it legal for bike riders to move through stop sign intersections without stopping. John Ramos tells us supporters insist it will make the streets safer.
School Age Children Increasingly Targeted For Cyber AttacksCyber attacks on students at K-12 schools are increasing and many are unaware of the issues. CBS 13 Julie Watts reports.
Victims Of CZU Lightning Complex Fire Hope Santa Cruz Officials Let Them RebuildThe Santa Cruz county board of supervisors will decide today if some wild fire victims from last year will be allowed to rebuild on their property. Devin Fehely reports.
Project Home: Insurance Moratorium Gives Temporary Relief To Homeowners In Fire ZonesThe past three years, California ordered temporary moratoriums following major fires to stop insurance companies from dropping policies. But as Kenny Choi tells us, when the moratoriums expire it could hit closer to home than you think.
Pelosi Expects House to Pass Infrastructure Bill This WeekDemocratic lawmakers are facing a critical week on Capitol Hill as they seek to navigate internal divisions that could endanger Pres. Biden's domestic policy agenda. (9-26-21)
Andrew Yang Touts Basic Income at Mountain View RallyMountain View is joining a growing number of Bay Area cities moving ahead with a guaranteed or universal basic income trial program. Wilson Walker reports. (9-25-21)
State Water Conservation Falls Short Of Gov. Newsom's GoalThe first report card showing how much water California is conserving is not good. Betty Yu reports that the state fell short of its goals, but the Bay Area did better, conserving nearly 8.5 percent on average.
KPIX Original Report: Sidewalk Sinking Fast In Mission Bay NeighborhoodA few blocks from San Francisco's tilting Millennium Tower, something else is sinking: the sidewalk. KPIX 5 first reported the problem a year ago but as Max Darrow reports, it has gotten worse.
Gov. Newsom Urges Democratic Leaders to 'Lean In' on Vax MandatesGovernor Gavin Newsom is telling Democrats across the country to “lean in” and “not be timid” about COVID restrictions. Kenny Choi reports. (9-16-21)
Exclusive: Governor Newsom Speaks with CBS News on Path Forward After Election VictoryCBS Chief Washington Correspondent Major Garrett speaks exclusively with Governor Gavin Newsom after surviving a recall attempt. Newsom said the election result proves he's been right - with his strategy to fight the pandemic.
'Energized' Newsom Begins Post-Recall Term Touting COVID Progress At Oakland School VisitFollowing his landslide win in the recall election, Governor Gavin Newsom kicked off his post-recall activities Wednesday by highlighting the state's progress in combating COVID and getting children back in school during a visit to Oakland. Kenny Choi reports.
State Legislators Call for Reform in Wake of Expensive Recall ElectionWilson Walker reports on growing push by state legislators to reform California's recall process (9-15-2021)
Processing of Recall Ballots Continues Despite Already Determined ResultKiet Do reports on how new technology has sped up processing of ballots in California recall process (9-15-2021)
State Legislators Call for Reform in Wake of Expensive Recall ElectionJustin Andrews report on push to reform political process after expensive attempt to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom (9-15-2021)
RECALL: Strong support for Gov. Gavin Newsom among Santa Clara voters despite lighter turnout than in 2020 electionStrong support for Gov. Gavin Newsom among Santa Clara voters despite lighter turnout than in 2020 election
COVID: CoCo County To Require Proof Of Vaccination, Test To Enter Certain BusinessesTo stop the spread of COVID, Contra Costa County is joining cities like San Francisco and Berkeley to require proof of vaccination or a negative test to step into certain businesses. Andrea Nakano tells us where and when it takes effect.
California Recall: Some Last-Minute San Jose Voters Insist On Dropping Off BallotsIn San Jose, last-minute voters waited in long lines to drop off their ballots in person just before the polls closed. Maria Cid Medina tells the story of one voter who drove miles to cast her ballot in person.

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