Recall: USF Prof. James Taylor believes stakes are high for Democratic Party in Tuesday's Recall election'Everything is at stake' for Democrats on Tuesday according to USF Prof. James Taylor
Recall: California recall election drawing plenty of attention across the countryCBS Senior White Correspondent Ed O'Keefe on the impact Tuesday's recall election could have across the country.
RECALL: Supporters and opponents attempt to rally get out the vote efforts day before the recall electionThe latest poll released by the LA Times and IGS UC Berkeley poll, shows more than 60 percent of likely voters oppose the recall, compared to nearly 39 percent in support.
RECALL: Polls Show Growing Support For No Vote On Newsom RecallThe latest poll released by the LA Times and IGS UC Berkeley poll, shows more than 60 percent of likely voters oppose the recall, compared to nearly 39 percent in support.
Democrats Ramp Up Get-Out-the-Vote Efforts as Recall Election Nears FinishTuesday is Election Day and a new poll shows 60 percent of likely voters oppose recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom. On Sunday, Bay Area Democrats and others working to defeat the recall were rallying to get out the vote. John Ramos reports. (9-12-21)
In Final Hours of Campaign, Newsom Trains Fire on GOP FrontrunnerGov. Newsom stayed on the same message we have been hearing since he first started campaigning -- framing the recall around one specific opponent, Larry Elder. (9-11-21)
Newsom Calls for 'Unprecedented' Voter Turnout as Polls Show His Lead WideningWith under a hundred hours left for California voters to turn in their ballots in the governor's recall election, a new UC Berkeley poll shows Gov. Gavin Newsom likely to keep his job. Maria Cid Medina reports. (9-10-21)
How Gov. Newsom Bounced Back in Recall PollsWhat accounts for the remarkable turnaround in the California recall election polls? Wilson Walker talked to politics experts to find out. (9-10-21)
California Steps Up Efforts to Secure Vote in Recall ElectionWith so much concern about voter fraud, the state is taking extra measures to make sure every vote is fairly counted. Gianna Franco reports. (9-10-21)
New Poll Shows Newsom Lead Widening in Recall ElectionA new poll from UC Berkeley institute of governmental studies and the L.A. Times found likely voters opposed to removing Gov. Newsom by 60% compared to 38% who want him out. (9-10-21)
Recall Challengers Running Out of Time as Democratic Ballots Stream InPolls and early returns indicate Gov. Gavin Newsom can be cautiously confident he’ll get to keep his job. Kenny Choi reports. (9-9-21)
Recall Candidates Ramp Up Campaigns Ahead Tuesday's ElectionWith less than a week before the recall election, Gov. Newsom and a small army of challengers worked the campaign trail. (9-9-21)
California Recall: Supporters Look To Strong In-Person Turnout To Stun NewsomWhile Vice President Kamala Harris stumped with Gov. Gavin Newsom and urged Democrats to mail their ballots in, those seeking to oust the governor are hoping a strong turnout on Election Day will be in their favor. Juliette Goodrich reports. (9/8/21)
California Recall: VP Harris Visits Bay Area With 6 Days To Go Until Election DayWith less than a week until Election Day, Vice President Kamala Harris visited the Bay Area to show her support for Gov. Gavin Newsom in the upcoming recall election.
RAW: Gov. Newsom and Vice President Harris Speak at San Leandro RallyGov. Gavin Newsom introduced Vice President Kamala Harris Wednesday afternoon when she appeared at a rally against the current recall election in San Leandro (9-8-2021)
Recall: Newsom Stumps In San Francisco As Campaign Trail Heats UpJust a week away from California's recall election the campaign trail is heating up. Betty Yu tells us Gov. Newsom was stumping in San Francisco today.
California Recall: Newsom Seeks To Bolster Support Among Latino Voters With 1 Week To GoWith one week to go, Gov. Gavin Newsom is making a strong push to get back the Latino support he needs to defeat the recall. Kenny Choi reports. (9/7/21)
National Park Service Considers Charging Parking Fees At Some Bay Area Parks, BeachesPlaces such as Stinson Beach, China Beach and Baker Beach have bee free to access for decades, but that could soon change. Devin Fehely explains what visitors could be required to pay.
Gov. Gavin Newsom Appears at Recall Election Campaign Rally in SFJustin Andrews reports on Gov. Newsom campaigning against recall election in San Francisco's Mission District (9-7-2021)
RECALL ELECTION: Campaigns busy as days countdown to recall electionCampaigns busy as days countdown to recall election
COVID: Business Owners Hope Loss Of Federal Unemployment Benefits Brings Employees BackMore than 7 million Americans lost a lifeline when federal unemployment expired. Maria Cid Medina spoke to business owners who hope that will make their struggle to find workers easier.
California Recall: Newsom, Challengers Step Up Their CampaignsTeam coverage from Joy Benedict in Southern California and analysis from University of San Francisco politics professor James Taylor. (9-6-21)
Former Windsor Mayor Who Resigned in Disgrace Files to Run Again in 2022The former mayor of Windsor resigned in May amid multiple allegations of sexual assault but, two weeks ago, Dominic Foppoli filed papers to run again in 2022. John Ramos reports. (9-5-21)
Newsom Campaign Sees Encouraging Signs Days Before Recall VoteThere were encouraging signs on two fronts for Governor Gavin Newsom’s campaign with less than two weeks to go before the recall election. Kenny Choi reports. (9/2/21)

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