Balance Of Power Shift In City Of Santa Clara Could Benefit 49ersTuesday's reshaped the composition of the Santa Clara City Council. As Devin Fehely reports, it shifted the balance of power in a city known for its contentious relationship with its professional sports team – the 49ers.
Mixed Reactions By Bay Area Republicans To Biden Election WinJuliette Goodrich spoke with some bay area Republicans about whether they’re ready to move on with a new president. (11/9/20)
San Jose Activist Watched Voting Firsthand as Georgia Turned BlueRev. Jeff Moore, from San Jose, traveled to Georgia to be a poll watcher in the historic 2020 election and he was there when the reliably red state flipped for Biden. Devin Fehely reports. (11-8-20)
Biden Attends Church, Works on Transition Plan as Trump Golfs, Tweets About 'Lamestream Media'Michael George wraps up the day in presidential election developments. (11-8-20)
In Concord, Both Sides of Political Divide Find Hope in Biden-Harris VictoryTodos Santos Plaza in Concord proved to be a good place to gain a wide-ranging perspective on the results of an election that brought out more American voters on both sides than any other in history. John Ramos reports. (11-7-20)
Raw Video: Biden-Harris Election Celebration at Oakland's Lake MerrittIn Oakland, jubilant Biden-Harris supporters, shouted, danced and honked car horns along the shore of Lake Merritt Saturday. (11-7-20)
Raw Video: Biden Celebration in San Francisco Castro DistrictHundreds gathered along Castro Street between Market and 18th St. on Saturday to celebrate the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. (11-7-20)
South Bay Activists March to Support Biden and Finishing the Vote CountSan Jose peace activists took to the streets Friday to march in support of Joe Biden and to show support for the process of counting all the ballots in the 2020 election. Len Ramirez reports. (11-6-20)
Brentwood Trump Supporters Say It's Time to End Conflict Over ElectionTrump supporters in the east Contra Costa County town of Brentwood say they're ready for the election and the hard feelings and sporadic violence associated with it to end. Andrea Nakano reports. (11-6-20)
Biden Calls for Unity, Completing Vote Count in Friday-Night AddressMichael George reports from Wilmington Delaware where former Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the nation Friday night. (11-6-20)
Inside, Outside, All Around Town Bay Area Residents Stay Tuned to Election CountWherever you go, it seems, there's no escaping the nail-biting, slow vote count that will determine who will be our next president. Wilson Walker in Oakland and Andria Borba in San Francisco checked in on the pulse of the voters still waiting for a decision. (11-6-20)
Bay Area Pols Evaluate Historic Rise of Kamala HarrisSen. Kamala Harris may be about to take on a new -- and historic -- title: Madam Vice President. Kenny Choi talked with political experts who have followed her groundbreaking career in California and national politics. (11-6-20)
As Vote Count Continues, Biden Increases Lead; Pelosi Says Biden Has WonCBS reporter Michael George is at Biden campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. (11-6-20)
Joe Biden Takes Lead In Pennsylvania, Georgia; On Verge Of PresidencyJoe Biden has overtaken President Trump in Pennsylvania and in Georgia, as vote counting continues. He is also holding onto a lead in Arizona, and has slightly increased his lead in Nevada. Mr. Trump is ahead of Biden in North Carolina. (11/6/20)
Election Shows Latino Voters Wield Increasing Influence on CampaignsThe role of Latino voters will be significant in the 2020 presidential election, no matter who wins and it could be breaking down some stereotypical assumptions about the so-called Latino voting bloc. Len Ramirez reports. (11-5-20)
Nail-Biter Election Keeps Bay Area Voters on EdgeAs Joe Biden slowly gains on Pres. Trump in key battleground states, many Bay Area voters are finding new ways to cope with the suspense. Wilson Walker reports. (11-5-20)
California Proposition Votes Show Conservative GainsCalifornia is not so stereotypically liberal as popular media portrays and that was made clear by this election's ballot initiative results. Kenny Choi reports. (11-5-20)
Election Analysis: Trump's Shrinking OptionsThe president has a few new wins and losses in his column resulting from legal challenges by his campaign team. Allen Martin spoke with election law expert Bertrall Ross about the president's path forward. (11-5-20)
As Biden Closes in on Electoral College Majority, Trump Demands Vote Count Be StoppedThe Biden campaign expressed optimism and called for a full count of votes as the president claims the election is being stolen from him. (11-5-20)
Vote Count 2020: Pollsters Underestimate Support For Trump Re-Election BidThe presidential election is still hanging in the balance as votes continue to be counted in states across the country, but polls leading into the race painted a very different picture. Katie Nielsen reports. (11/4/20)
Vote Count 2020: Trump Looks At Heading To Court In Battleground StatesA day after falsely claiming victory in the presidential election and after Joe Biden took a lead in the Electoral College, President Donald Trump's campaign has announced it was going to court in several battleground states. Len Ramirez reports. (11/4/20)
Huge Vote-by-Mail Results Could Reshape Future California ElectionsThe 2020 election was driven, in so many ways, by the pandemic. Some lessons may carry over and many believe an increased reliance on vote-by-mail is here to stay. Wilson Walker reports. (11-4-20)
Bay Area Democrats Watch Election Vote Count With Anxiety, HopeTuesday night provided nervous Democrats with an emotional roller coaster ride that still isn't over. Kiet Do reports. (11-4-20)
Past Presidential Races Prove Country Has Rich History of Election ControversyPolitical science professor Dr. Albert Ponce tells KPIX that what's happening now in the battle over ballots has all happened before. (11-4-20)

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