Gov. Newsom promoted the use of a free smartphone app that alerts people if they’ve spent time with someone who tests positive for the coronavirus. Juliette Goodrich reports. (12-7-20)

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Gov. Newsom Promotes Use of Smartphone App to Track COVID-19Gov. Newsom promoted the use of a free smartphone app that alerts people if they’ve spent time with someone who tests positive for the coronavirus. Juliette Goodrich reports. (12-7-20)
San Francisco Virus Contact Tracers Focus on Texting to Track Infection Spread200 contact tracers at the S.F. Department of Public Health are adjusting their strategy to match the rising case loads -- from phone calls and in-person visits to text messages. Andria Borba reports. (11-27-20)
Apple Settles For $113M With State Attorneys Over iPhone Battery SlowdownAnne Makovec reports on Apple settling suit over 'throttling' older iPhones with software updates (11-18-2020)
App Provides Virtual Coach for Young PitchersWant to kick up your pitching technique? There's an app for that. Vern Glenn reports. (10-31-20)
Congressional Report Calls For Major Tech Companies Be Reined In And Broken UpLen Ramirez reports on Democrats recommending Congress take action to limit the power and influence of Big Tech companies (10-6-2020)
COVID-19 Cellphone Tracking Raises Concerns Over PrivacyKPIX 5's Devin Fehely takes a look at how coronavirus tracking apps on smartphones can work to help health officials slow the spread of the pandemic. (5-9-20)
Shelter Order Leads Lyft To Plan Staffing Cuts, Affecting Nearly 1,000 WorkersAndria Borba reports on San Francisco-based ride-hailing app company Lyft cutting hundreds of workers (4-29-2020)
UCSF Researchers Enlist 'Citizen Scientists' With Smartphones to Tame CoronavirusUCSF scientists hope that their research goes viral in hopes of fighting the virus behind the pandemic. Allen Martin reports. (4-10-20)
New App Lets Users Track Jet Noise Near SFOThe new Aircraft Noise Tracker, available to the public, gives users a near-real-time look at flight tracks and noise levels around the airport. Andria Borba reports. (10-17-19)
Report: Popular Wearable Devices May Not Accurately Track Heart Rates In People Of ColorThe heart rate sensors in the most popular wearables tech, including the Apple Watch and Fitbit, might not work as well for people of color, according to a new study published by STAT. Betty Yu reports. (7-24-2019)
AT&T's Early '5G' Implementation Lacks SpeedMany iPhone users on the AT&T network in the Bay Area got a surprise: where it used to say "LTE" in the corner of the screen it now says "5Ge" but crazy fast speeds aren't on the way. Kiet Do explains. (5-9-19)
Proposed California Law Would Regulate Use of Smart Speaker Voice RecordingsA bill being considered by the California legislature would require users to opt in before companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple could store and use voice recordings. Melissa Caen reports. (5-4-19)
Apple Securities Fraud Lawsuit Claims Hundreds Of Thousands Of Investors Were MisledApple and CEO Tim Cook knew iPhone sales were in trouble but kept it from investors, according to a new lawsuit accusing the company of securities fraud. Maria Medina reports. (4-16-2019)
Lawmakers Give Apple CEO 2 Weeks To Answer Questions On FaceTime BugA pair of congressional lawmakers penned a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook Tuesday warning him he had two weeks to answer questions surrounding the FaceTime flaw that allowed users to eavesdrop on each other. Maria Medina reports. (2-5-2019)
Apple Holds All-Hands Employee Meeting Following Stock Price PlungeIs Apple becoming a victim of its own amazing success with the iPhone? Devin Fehely reports from Cupertino. (1-3-19)
Investors Worried After Apple Announces Low iPhone SalesApple shares dropped almost 8% after CEO Tim Cook announced that iPhone sales fell far short of expectations in 2018. Betty Yu reports. (1-2-2019)
Political Campaigns Make Last-Minute Push Via Text MessagingFirst, it was unsolicited phone calls. Now, political campaigns are blowing up voters' phones with text messages in the lead-up to the midterm elections. Melissa Caen reports. (11-1-18)
Fire Chief Says Verizon Needs to Drop 1st Responder Data CapsA Marin County battalion chief says Verizon needs to do more to make high-speed data constantly available to emergency response teams. Andria Borba reports. (8-24-18)
Verizon Data Throttling Bolsters Battle for Net Neutrality in California LegislatureA new push to keep mobile data speeds from being controlled by private companies comes after a Bay Area fire chief accused Verizon of throttling their data while firefighters were battling the largest wildfire in California history. Andria Borba reports. (8-22-18)
First Responders Say Verizon Data Throttling Impedes Wildfire ResponseSanta Clara County says their fire department's data was throttled as they fought the state's largest wildfire in history. That made it difficult for them to share vital information with the public. Julie Watts reports. (8-22-18)
Google Can Track Android User Locations Even When Phone Is OffSome Android phone users may have their locations tracked by Google, even when they think the feature is turned off. Susie Steimle explains how.
New ‘Good2Go’ App Locates Restrooms in Busy CitiesAn app called Good2Go offers help finding an open public restroom in busy cities like San Francisco, where restrooms are usually accompanied by a “For Customers Only” sign. Susie Steimle reports. (7-27-18)
California Senators Reach Agreement on Net Neutrality BillMiguel Santiago, a state lawmaker who was attacked online for gutting a California net neutrality bill, is now supporting a new push with even stronger protections. Julie Watts reports. (7-5-18)
San Jose Agrees to Place 5G Cell Nodes on City Light PolesFriday the city of San Jose announced it has reached an agreement with AT&T and Verizon to put 5G cell nodes on 4,000 city-owned light poles in what the city says is the largest such infrastructure deployment in any US city. Len Ramirez reports. (6-15-18)

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