A viral TikTok trend has made its way into schools across the country. It encourages students to record themselves stealing and vandalizing school property, then post it on the social media app. (9-16-21)

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TikTok Challenge Encourages Students to Damage, Steal School PropertyA viral TikTok trend has made its way into schools across the country. It encourages students to record themselves stealing and vandalizing school property, then post it on the social media app. (9-16-21)
Oakland Police: Woman Says She Was Sexually Assaulted After Meeting Man Via Dating AppPolice in Oakland are investigating an incident of a woman falsely imprisoned and sexually assaulted by a man she reportedly met via an online dating app. Juliette Goodrich reports. (7-15-21)
Judge Dismisses Government Antitrust Lawsuits Against FacebookKen Bastida reports on a federal judge dismissing multiple antitrust lawsuits filed against Facebook (6-28-2021)
Stockton Woman Leads Nationwide Anti-Vax 'Militia of Moms'A group of anti-vax moms called the “Mamalitia” say they’re trying to arm women with survival skills and are encouraging others to join their movement. Marissa Perlman reports from Stockton. (4-29-21)
Marshawn Lynch Discusses Vaccine Reticence in Interview With Dr. Anthony FauciIt was an unusual matchup: Beastmode and Dr. Fauci. It turns out, they share a common goal: getting all Americans vaccinated. Andrea Nakano reports. (4-16-21)
San Jose Congregation Holds Fast Following Racist Easter Zoom-BombingA San Jose church’s online Easter service was disrupted by a group of hackers throwing racist and homophobic insults at parishioners. Sunday, the congregation met again to address the problems of intolerance. John Ramos reports. (4-11-21)
Norcal School District Denounces Teacher's Post Calling Parents Demands 'White Supremacist'A Sacramento teacher is making national headlines after suggesting parents who want their kids back in school 'structurally white supremacists'. Heather Janssen has details.
Facebook to Begin Opening Bay Area Offices at 10% Capacity in MayMore than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic forced Facebook employees to work from home, the company is set to reopen its Bay Area offices at limited capacity starting in May. Juliette Goodrich reports. (3-26-21)
SFUSD Board Removes Alison CollinsMembers of the San Francisco Unified School District board on Thursday evening voted to give vice president Alison Collins the boot over alleged racist tweets she posted several years ago. (3-25-21)
UCSF Study Links Trump Tweets to Rise in Anti-Asian Social Media PostsA tweet by former President Trump in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic has been attributed to a precipitous rise in anti-Asian hashtags on the social media platform, according to a new UCSF study. Andria Borba reports. (3-18-21)
Facebook Leader Calls For Silicon Valley, Public To Confront Asian Hate CrimesBetty Yu reports on an Asian-American Facebook executive calling on public to confront recent hate crimes (2-28-2021)
Oakley School Board Resignations Spotlight Rift Between Educators, Parents Over ReopeningWhat happened in Oakley this week is now part of a statewide fight over reopening schools. Wilson Walker reports. (2-20-21)
Oakley School Board Resigns After President Steps Down Over 'Hot Mic' RemarksOne day after the president of the Oakley school board resigned over disparaging comments about parents that she and other board members made on a video conference call the rest of the board trustees followed her lead. Juliette Goodrich reports. (2-19-21)
Candidates for San Jose Police Chief Face Public in Online ForumSan Jose residents are joining in the process to pick a new police chief and, Saturday, the candidates were introduced during an online forum. Emily Turner reports. (2-13-21)
Raw Video: Asian Woman Robbed Outside Oakland Tea ShopVideo of an apparently-unprovoked attack was posted to the Instagram account of the Quickly restaurant and bubble tea shop located on 12th Street near Lake Merritt in Oakland. (Courtesy Quickly via Instagram)
GameStop Debacle Drives Protest Rally at Silicon Valley Stock Trade ServiceProtesters gathered outside the offices of Robinhood Markets in Menlo Park Thursday following a wild week of small-investor-driven price gyrations in GameStop and other much-shorted stocks. Wilson Walker reports. (1-28-21)
San Francisco Man Identified Among Capitol RiotersAs federal investigators continue their search for those who attacked the Capitol, a San Francisco resident named Daniel Goodwyn has been identified as taking part in the crime. John Ramos reports. (1-17-21)
Oakland Police Vow to 'Root Out' Officers Who Endorsed Capitol RiotThe Oakland police department has opened an investigation into allegations that its officers endorsed or participated on social media accounts that contain objectionable content about the Capitol riot. Da Lin reports. (1-9-21)
Menlo Park Small Business Owner Shamed for Attending Trump DC RallyPeople are now identifying people who were photographed at the Trump rally in Washington on Wednesday and two women from the Bay Area are facing a backlash. Da Lin reports. (1-8-21)
Twitter Permanently Suspends Trump AccountTwitter announced Friday afternoon it has permanently suspended the account of President Donald Trump over concerns his tweets could incite violence. Ken Bastida reports. (1-8-21)
Silicon Valley Social Media Companies Deplatform TrumpFacebook, Twitter and Google are reconsidering their role in enabling the president to spread misinformation and incite violence. Andria Borba reports. (1-7-21)
Capitol Siege: Trump Concedes to Biden in Twitter VideoWashington correspondent Michael George wraps up a momentous day in the nation's capital. (1-7-21)
Trump Banned From Using Facebook And Twitter At Least Until InaugurationKiet Do reports on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announcing block on Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts (1-7-2020)
Dog Trainer Reacts to Video of Vacaville Officer Who Punched K-9 PartnerJohn Ramos has reaction from a professional dog trainer and the SPCA to video showing a Vacaville police handler punching a K-9 trainee in the head. (1-2-21)

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