A recent test of facial recognition technology ended with a fail as some state lawmakers turned up as suspected criminals. Betty Yu reports. (8-13-2019)

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State Lawmakers Wrongly Identified As Criminals On Amazon Recognition SoftwareA recent test of facial recognition technology ended with a fail as some state lawmakers turned up as suspected criminals. Betty Yu reports. (8-13-2019)
Mountain View Residents Concerned About Citywide Drone UseMountain View residents will soon get to weigh in on whether they think the city's fire, police and public works departments should use drones for city business. Maria Medina reports. (8-13-2019)
Camp Edmo Helps Kids Discover Science, Nature & Practice KindnessCamp Edmo Co-Founder and Executive Director Ed Caballero talks to Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego about the tech camp's philosophy and mission that blends science, engineering, the arts and nature, with social and emotional learning. For more information, go to campedmo.org
The Hidden Genius Project, Trailhead Meet Up At Salesforce To Learn From The ProsYoung brothers and sisters from The Hidden Genius Project and Trailhead have been meeting up at Salesforce to hone their tech skills and learn from the pros. Salesforce Senior Director Leah McGowen-Hare and Hidden Genius Project's Communications and Administrative Associate Denzel Russell talked to BR's Christin Ayers about the valuable work they are doing.
Amazon Wants To Open Liquor Store, Deliver Alcohol To Prime Now CustomersAmazon may be mostly known as an online shopping site, but a public notice outside its warehouse at 888 Tennessee Street in San Francisco's Dogpatch says the company is now trying to open a liquor store. Betty Yu reports. (8-11-2019)
Some San Pablo Residents Uneasy As Police Unveil High-Tech, Long Flying DroneA day after the San Pablo city council unanimously approved an advanced new drone program for law enforcement use, police showed their high-tech gear off at a National Night Out event. Christin Ayers reports. (8-6-2019)
Bay Area Scientists Develop Low-Cost Monitor to Measure Dangerous Airborne SootBlack carbon -- commonly called soot -- pours out of trucks, trains, ships and power plants. It has been linked to premature deaths and climate change and, until recently, it has been hard to track. Andrea Nakano reports. (7-25-19)
Facebook Fined $5 Billion For Privacy ViolationsFacebook shares were up Wednesday afternoon after the company reported better-than-expected earnings. But the tech giant is on the hook for $5 billion for privacy violations. (7-24-2019)
Justice Department Launches Antitrust Probe Of Big Tech CompaniesThe U.S. Department of Justice is launching a sweeping antitrust investigation into big tech companies, including Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple. Maria Medina reports. (7-23-2019)

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Byers Security Gives Tips To Keep Your Home And Business SafeCertified Security consultant Anthony Byers talks to Bay Area Focus host Anne Makovec about ways home and business owners can stay safe and secure.
Caltrain Multi-Billion Dollar Plan Promises Major Upgrades To Commuter Rail SystemCaltrain is proposing a $25 billion project that could make the commuter rail system more like BART. Susie Steimle tells us that would mean more trains, , and increased ridership.
NASA's Artemis Program Would Put Americans Back On The MoonOn the anniversary of the historic Apollo mission's moonwalk, NASA is once again eyeing the moon. Melissa Caen tells us about the new 'Artemis Program.'
Elon Musk Developing AI-Connected Brain Implant To 'Secure Humanity's Future'Tesla CEO Elon Musk is developing an AI-connected brain implant device that may help quadriplegics, cancer patients and stroke victims who suffer from memory loss or lack of motor function. Maria Medina reports. (7-17-2019)
Scientists Warn Climate Change Will Bring More Triple-Digit Heat To Bay Area CitiesScientists are warning, the Bay Area could see more days with triple-digit heat. John Ramos tells us which cities could be most affected.
Facebook Plans To Launch Digital Currency 'Libra' Roils FedsFacebook is courting controversy on Capitol Hill with its plans to launch a digital currency. As Allen Martin tells us, some in Washington are even calling 'Libra' a potential threat to national security.
Protests Expected At Amazon SF Offices Over Company's Ties To ICEAs Amazon's annual "Prime Day" sale begins, protests are expected at the company's offices in San Francisco over the company's contracts with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. (7/15/19)
Amazon Prime Day Protests Planned By Immigrant Rights, Labor LeadersImmigrant rights and labor leaders are planning protests on Amazon's Prime Day to demand the company to cut ties with ICE. Betty Yu reports. (7-14-2019)
Damage, Losses From Southern California Quakes Estimated At $1 BillionThe economic loss from the Southern California earthquakes is estimated at $1 billion. Nicole Comstock tells us how recovery efforts are going in Ridgecrest, the community hardest hit by the 7.1 magnitude quake.
7.1 Magnitude S. California A Reminder 'The Big One' Could Hit The Bay AreaThe 7.1 magnitude quake in Ridgecrest was so powerful, people felt it all the way in the Bay Area.Brian Hackney explains, a quake on the Hayward Fault is overdue and could be even worse; Jackie Ward talks to a seismologist..
New Numbers Show Silicon Valley Tech Jobs Are Moving NorthFor years, Silicon Valley has been the crown of the South Bay but new tech employment numbers show that its reach is expanding farther north. Betty Yu reports. (7-5-19)
Credit Card Skimmer Found at Gas Station in SunnyvaleSunnyvale police said Friday they're looking for people who may have become credit card fraud victims after a skimming device was recently discovered at a gas station. Maria Medina reports. (7-5-19)
No Dangerous Substance In Suspicious Package Found At Facebook Mail FacilityFacebook officials said no dangerous substances were found in a suspicious package that was found at the company's mail facility in Menlo Park on Monday, prompting the evacuation of several buildings. Jackie Ward reports. (7/2/19)
WhatsApp Co-Founders Buy Out Blocks Of Homes In Silicon ValleyTwo tech titans from the same company are carving out new compounds in Silicon Valley, gobbling up homes over entire blocks. Wilson Walker reports. (7-1-2019)
App Lets Homeowners Report Neighbors Whose Weedy Properties Pose Fire HazardAfter two of the most devastating wildfire seasons in California there's now an app that could help reduce fire danger in the South Bay. Len Ramirez reports. (6-21-19)
Google Pledges $1 Billion To Address Bay Area Housing CrunchGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai announced Tuesday that the tech giant would invest $1 billion over the next several years to help build housing in the Bay Area. Emily Turner reports. (6/18/19)
Apple CEO Tim Cook Cautions Tech World In Stanford Grad SpeechApple CEO Tim Cook delivered the commencement address at Stanford on Sunday. His advice to the Class of 2019 included a strongly-worded message targeted at his own industry. Devin Fehely reports. (6-16-2019)
Uber, Lyft Try To Stop Proposed Law That Defines Drivers As EmployeesThere's a a bill called AB 5 that would require companies like Uber and Lyft to treat their drivers like employees. But KPIX 5 learned that these companies are going through their drivers' apps to get them to oppose the bill. Melissa Caen reports. (6-16-2019)
'Hack' Creates New Kids' Computer That Makes Learning To Code FunRoberta 'Beta' Antunes, CEO of Hack talks to Bay Area Focus host Michelle Griego about a new computer for kids that makes learning to code fun.
YouTube Purges Videos 'That Promote Or Glorify Nazi Ideology'YouTube announced Wednesday that it was updating its hate speech policies and prohibiting videos including those "that promote or glorify Nazi ideology." Kiet Do reports. (6/5/19)

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