The Employment Development Dept. claims payment process launched during the pandemic as a system to cut down on fraud but it soon left hundreds of thousands frozen out. Now the EDD is changing its payment policy. Devin Fehely reports. (7-23-21)

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California EDD Adopts New 'Pay-Now' Policy to Break Claims LogjamThe Employment Development Dept. claims payment process launched during the pandemic as a system to cut down on fraud but it soon left hundreds of thousands frozen out. Now the EDD is changing its payment policy. Devin Fehely reports. (7-23-21)
Bay Area Space Fans Giddy With Excitement Over Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin LaunchBay Area skywatchers watched excitedly billionaire Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin space launch on Tuesday. Kit Do caught up with some of them at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland.
UCSF Researchers Help Paralyzed Man Translate Thoughts to TextUCSF neuro scientists announced a major advance in helping a paralyzed man convert brain waves to speech text. Elizabeth Cook reports. (7-15-21)
COVID: Pandemic Microchip Shortage Ripples Into A Shortage Of Auto PartsBay Area drivers better hope their cars don't break down. Wilson Walker reports on the COVID-era microchip shortage that could leave you without wheels.
COVID Reopening: Google Workers Return To The OfficeHundreds of Bay Area Google employees headed back to work on Monday, two months ahead of the company’s full reopening. Some workers told Kiet Do talked they now seek a better work/life balance.
Richard Branson Soars to Space Aboard Virgin Galactic Rocket PlaneOn Sunday, British billionaire Richard Branson and a crew of five others soared into space onboard a Virgin Galactic rocket plane. Devin Fehely reports. (7-11-21)
Sierra Earthquake Damage Serves as Reminder That 'Big One' Is Due in Bay AreaThe magnitude-6 earthquake that shook the eastern Sierra Thursday was, despite significant damage, still barely a "moderate" temblor. The quake that's overdue on the Hayward Fault is likely to be hundreds of times more powerful. Brian Hackney reports. (7-9-21)
Magnitude 6 Earthquake, Numerous Aftershocks Strike Eastern SierraTeam coverage of the eastern Sierra Nevada earthquakes from Katie Nielsen, Ken Bastida, Juliette Goodrich and Paul Heggen. (7-8-21)
Moderate Quake, Aftershocks Strike Eastern Sierra NevadaA magnitude 5.9 earthquake that struck the Eastern Sierra Thursday afternoon was felt across Northern California, including much of the Bay Area. Team coverage from Paul Heggen, Allen Martin and Juliette Goodrich. (7-8-21)
Not a Bird, Not a Plane – U.S. Gov't Admits It Doesn't Know What UFOs AreA long-awaited official government report on unidentified aerial phenomena was released on Friday and they say they have no explanation for scores of sightings. The conclusion? Inconclusive. Juliette Goodrich reports. (6-25-21)
East Bay Startup Tackles Housing Crunch With 3-D Printing TechnologyMighty Buildings of Oakland has created seven 3D-printed ADUs (accessory dwelling units) that are already out in the community. Susie Steimle reports. (6-24-21)
Silicon Valley Antivirus Software Mogul John McAfee Found Dead in Spanish Prison CellAllen Martin reports on Silicon Valley antivirus mogul John McAfee being found dead in his Spanish prison cell of an apparent suicide (6-23-2021)
Prime Day: Competing Retailers Offer Deals As Amazon Sales Event ReturnsDelayed due to the pandemic last year, Amazon is back with its Prime Day summer sale, and competing retailers look to cash in as well. Len Kiese reports. (6/21/21)
Massive Backlog of EDD Claims Continues to GrowBrian Hackney reports on the large backlog of EDD claims in California still waiting to be processed (6-21-2021)
Longtime Bay Area E.T. Hunters Skeptical of Pending Gov't UFO ReportAs the government prepares to release a full accounting of unexplained aerial phenomena this month, scientists in the Bay Area who have looked for extraterrestrial life doubt they'll see anything conclusive. Juliette Goodrich reports. (6-17-21)
Jefferson Awards Winner: Christina OrtegaWith very few California high school students being enrolled in computer science, this week's Jefferson Award winner heads a nonprofit aiming at bringing those numbers up and bridging the digital divide. Sharon Chin reports. (6/16/21)
FDA Approves First Drug That Slows Cognitive Decline In Alzheimer's PatientsThe FDA has approved the first Alzheimer's treatment that attacks the actual disease process itself. But as Ken Bastida reports, the move is not without controversy.
Alameda County Links Up With Zonehaven Wildfire Evacuation SystemAlameda will be the latest county to connect to a new wildfire evacuation system. John Ramos tells us it is a software program known as Zonehaven.
EDD Fraud: Federal Judge Issues Sweeping Injunction Against Bank of AmericaA federal judge issued a preliminary injunction against Bank of America Tuesday in the wake of widespread fraudulent Employment Development Department (EDD) claims totaling billions of dollars. Kenny Choi reports. (6/1/21)
UC Davis Research Shows Seaweed Snack Reduces Cow Methane EmissionsNew research shows livestock lunching on the seaweed can dramatically lower the harmful levels of methane released by cows. (5-22-21)
Apple CEO Cook Faces Tough Questions From Judge in Anti-Trust TrialApple CEO Tim Cook described the company’s control over its mobile app store as the best way to serve and protect iPhone users but faced tough questions about competition from a judge while testifying Friday. Brian Hackney reports. (5-21-21)
Researchers Use New Tools to Measure Underwater Sound Pollution in S.F. BayUnderwater noise that negatively impacts marine mammals isn't just a product of big cargo ships. Smaller vessels contribute to the pollution as well. Kiet Do reports. (5-20-21)
Facebook Upholds Ban On Former President Trump's AccountAn oversight board upheld the decision to ban former President Trump's account from Facebook and Instagram. Devin Fehely takes a closer look at the decision.
Advocacy Group Fights India Caste System Discrimination in Silicon ValleySanta Clara County's Human Rights Commission is tackling the thorny issue of caste discrimination in education and on the job in Silicon Valley. Devin Fehely reports. (4-29-21)

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