Sunnyvale Crash May Be ‘Domestic Terrorism,’ Driver Accelerated Into Pedestrians
The FBI was assisting Sunnyvale police Wednesday in investigating a driver who allegedly intentionally slammed his vehicle into eight people on a Sunnyvale street, severely injuring several of them. Anne Makovec reports. (4/24/19)

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FBI Working With Sunnyvale Police After Driver Crashes Into Pedestrians, Injuring 8The FBI has confirmed they are working with police in Sunnyvale after eight people were injured Tuesday evening when a driver may have intentionally slammed into them on a street corner.
Police: Driver May Have Intentionally Sped Into 8 Sunnyvale PedestriansEight people people were injured Tuesday evening when a driver may have slammed into them intentionally on a Sunnyvale street corner and in a cross walk, authorities said. Joe Vasquez reports. (4-23-2019)
Woman Accusing Former Warriors Coach Walton Of Sexual Assault Speaks OutThe woman who has accused former Warriors coach Luke Walton of sexual assault told her story publicly for the first time Tuesday afternoon. Christin Ayers reports. (4-23-2019)
Former Muni Instructor Says He Felt Pressured To Pass Unqualified DriversAllegations of favoritism have surfaced at Muni Metro's Light Rail training division in San Francisco. A former instructor says he felt pressure to pass drivers he thought were unqualified. Susie Steimle reports. (4-23-2019)
Gov. Newsom Outlines Fire Break Projects Where Cities, Wildlands MeetThe spectre of another destructive fire season in California and the Bay Area brought Gov. Gavin Newsom to the East Bay Tuesday to promote his fire prevention plan. Juliette Goodrich reports. (4/23/19)
Ground Broken On Long Overdue San Pablo Fire StationAfter being stuck in trailers for nearly 30 years, East Bay firefighters are finally getting some new digs. Workers are breaking ground on a new $10 million San Pablo fire station for Contra Costa County firefighters. Don Ford reports. (4-23-2019)
SCOTUS Hears Arguments For Adding Citizenship Question On 2020 CensusElizabeth Cook reports on the Supreme Court taking up a case to decide whether the 2020 U.S. census should be changed to include a question about citizenship. This could have deep implications for states like California with large immigrant populations. (4-23-2019)
Oakland Hills Home Raided In Bank Robbery Probe; Suspect Arrested At Hospital As Wife Gives BirthThe arrest of a man at a hospital in Oakland as his wife was giving birth is linked to a bank robbery investigation and FBI raid on the couple's home in the Oakland hills Tuesday. Susie Steimle reports. (4/23/19)
Newsom Visiting East Bay To Discuss Wildfire PreventionGov. Gavin Newsom is expected to meet with East Bay officials on Tuesday to discuss ways to prevent wildfires in urban areas. Jackie Ward reports. (4/23/19)

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PG&E Pushes To Raise Ratepayers' BillsPG&E says it is asking state regulators for another increase in rates and profits. The funds would cover wildfire safety and attract investment as the utility goes through bankruptcy. Betty Yu reports. (4-22-2019)
Ex-Warriors Coach Luke Walton Reportedly Sued For Sexual AssaultFormer Golden State Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton is reportedly being sued by a woman claiming he sexually assaulted her in his hotel room in 2016. Dennis O'Donnell reports. (4-22-2019)
Dozens Demand Sanctuary Policy Change At Santa Clara County Public Safety MeetingA tense exchange took place Monday evening between community members and some of San Jose's top city and county leaders. Many had demands surrounding Santa Clara County's immigration policy in wake of Bambi Larson's brutal murder. Maria Medina reports. (4-22-2019)
Median Home Price In San Jose Drops Ever So SlightlyThe median price for a home in San Jose is still over $1 million, but experts say there are changes on the horizon. For the first time in 7 years, home prices in San Jose dropped 0.2 percent from the year before. Christin Ayers reports. (4-22-2019)
Video: San Jose Hit And Run Captured On Home Security CameraAn Air Force veteran was injured after being hit by a car in front of a San Jose home Sunday by a driver who immediately took off, with the incident partially captured on a home security camera. Kiet Do reports. (4/22/19)
New York, Los Angeles Inspire Change On 49th Earth DayMonday marked the 49th Earth Day, prompting people all around the globe to pitch in to help clean up the environment and make the world a better place. CBS News reporter Joy Benedict is in Los Angeles to give us a look into how devoted Americans are "going green." (4-22-2019)
Orinda Seeks Solution To Parking Crunch Caused By BART RidersThere's a big time parking crunch in Orinda, and it's not because people are suddenly packing into downtown businesses. BART riders are spilling into residential streets, where they remain parked for hours. Juliette Goodrich reports. (4-22-2019)
Southwest Workers To Demonstrate At Bay Area AirportsHundreds Southwest Airlines workers at the Bay Area's three major airports will hold demonstrations Monday, over working conditions and outsourcing to non-union contractors. Jackie Ward reports. (4/22/19)
Bay Area Police Step Up Security At Places Of Worship After Sri Lanka BombingsMore than 450 people are wounded and 290 are dead following the horrific bombings in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. There were 9 total explosions, mostly targeting churches and luxury hotels. Betty Yu reports. (4-21-2019)
Over 50 Extra Officers Deployed In Oakland In Effort To Shut Down Destructive SideshowsExtra officers are being deployed across the city of Oakland on Sunday evening as part of a new zero-tolerance approach to destructive sideshows. Joe Vasquez reports. (4-21-2019)
Pelosi's Reluctance To Impeach Trump May Be Linked To Clinton ImpeachmentAs calls for impeachment proceedings for President Trump grow louder, all eyes are on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi--so far, she's been reluctant to join the chorus. That may be because of what happened the last time the House impeached a president in 1998. Melissa Caen reports. (4-21-2019)
Activists Fight To Save Redwood Trees In Downtown Menlo ParkA group of seven redwood trees is in danger in Menlo Park. They're 8 stories tall and have stood for nearly 40 years, but the Menlo Park City Council will soon decide their fate. Kiet Do reports. (4-21-2019)
Extra Officers Deployed In Oakland In Effort To Shut Down Destructive SideshowsSideshows have been going on in Oakland for decades, but community leaders and police say the sideshow culture has changed, becoming increasingly violent over time. Katie Nielsen reports. (4-21-2019)
Tragic Easter Sunday Bombings Leave Hundreds Dead In Sri LankaA total of 8 bombs went off in Sri Lanka at 3 churches and 3 luxury hotels on Sunday. 207 are confirmed dead and about 450 are wounded. CBS News's Mola Lenghi reports. (4-21-2019)
Standoff With Suspect At Benicia Home Ends PeacefullyA standoff between an allegedly armed suspect and police at a home in Benicia ended peacefully late Thursday night, authorities said. (4/19/19)
Fremont Police Fatally Shoot Man Near BART StationA man suspected of opening fire on a police officer near the Fremont BART station and Washington Hospital late Thursday night has been shot and killed. Jackie Ward reports. (4/19/19)
Fire Breaks Out At San Leandro Strip MallA fire broke out in the kitchen of a restaurant in San Leandro early Friday morning. Anne Makovec reports. (4/19/19)
Boogie-Boarder Missing, Feared Drowned In Waters Off Half Moon BayRescue crews were searching for an 18-year-old Hayward man who disappeared while in waters off Half Moon Bay Thursday afternoon. Joe Vazquez reports. (4/18/19)
San Francisco Marks 113 Years Since 1906 Earthquake And FireDignitaries gathered in front of Lotta's Fountain early Thursday morning to mark 113 years since San Francisco was forever changed by the great earthquake and fire of 1906. Jackie Ward reports. (4/18/19)
San Francisco's Famed Beach Blanket Babylon To End After 45 Year Run"No, it's not about money. I just felt it was time to go out on top because the show deserves to go out on top," said Jo Schuman Silver, the show's producer. (4-17-2019)

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