Google Co-Founder Reportedly Building Massive AirshipDetails are scarce about what’s going on behind the giant closed doors of a massive hangar at Moffett Field but word has it that the project involves Google co-founder Sergey Brin and construction of the world’s largest aircraft. Len Ramirez reports from Mountain View. (5-26-17)
Private Jet Terminal At SJ Mineta Allegedly Shared Secret Security CodesMaria Medina reports on a company under federal investigation for allegedly allowing Silicon Valley tech execs access onto highly restricted airport property at San Jose Mineta International (5-22-2017)
New Seaplane Service Cuts Short The Bay to Tahoe CommuteForget the long drive up I-80, seaplanes are now carrying passengers between the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe. Emily Turner reports. (5-19-17)
Man Suffering Heart Attack At Oakland Airport Saved By Good SamaritansA man whose heart was restarted by fast-acting bystanders using a wall-mounted defibrillator at Oakland International was reunited on Thursday with the good samaritans who saved him. Susie Steimle reports. (5-18-17)
Homeland Security Getting Closer To Expanding Electronics Ban On Flights To Include LaptopsAnne Makovec reports on Homeland Security planning to include laptops in electronics ban on transatlantic flights (5-11-2017))
Future of Air Travel on Display in San JoseIt could be the future of flying -- take a spin class, roll out a yoga mat or hang out at an onboard restaurant. When it comes to ideas to improve air travel, the sky's the limit. Maria Medina reports from San Jose Mineta Airport. (4-27-17)
ConsumerWatch: United Airlines Updates Passenger 'Bump' PolicyUnited announced several policy changes Thursday prompted by a now-infamous video of a passenger being dragged off a flight. Julie Watts reports. (4-27-17)
The Flying Car Could Be HereKitty Hawk's flying car, weighing just 220 pounds, could be for sale by the end of the year. Mark Sayre reports. (4/24/17)
American Airlines Apologizes After Crew Member, Passenger Confrontation Over StrollerThere was turbulence before takeoff aboard an American Airlines plane when a stroller, a crying mom and two babies become the center of a confrontation between a passenger and a crew member.
ConsumerWatch: Delta Airlines MeltdownWhile the news was dominated by the viral video of a United passenger being dragged off a plane, more than half a million Delta Airlines customers were dealing with a travel nightmare of their own. Julie Watts talks with travel industry consultant Henry Harteveldt. (4-22-17)
Video Shows American Airlines Flight Attendant In Altercation With PassengerAnother confrontation on board a plane -- this time on an American Airlines flight from SFO -- caught on camera. The video doesn't show what started the incident but the person who recorded it said a flight attendant hit a woman in the face with a baby stroller. Ken Bastida reports. (4-21-17)
United Incident Prompts Discussion Of Airline Overbooking PracticesLast week's United Airlines incident when a man was dragged off a plane is continuing to provoke reaction. Melissa Caen looks a the existing rules on overbooking and bumping. (4-16-17)
Delta Airlines Ups Ante To Coax Passengers Out Of Overbooked SeatsDelta is letting employees offer customers nearly $10,000 in compensation to give up seats on overbooked flights in reaction to a public-relations nightmare at United Airlines earlier in the week. Emily Turner reports. (4-14-17)
South Bay Vietnamese Community Reacts To Man Dragged From United Airlines PlaneThe passenger who was forcibly dragged off a United Airlines flight came to the U.S. more than 40 years ago after the fall of Saigon. His lawyer says what happend aboard the plane brought back those painful memories. Kiet Do went to San Jose's Little Saigon neighborhood for a reaction. (4-13-17)
Guide Dogs Stress-Tested At Oakland International AirportOakland International got a whole lot cuter on Sunday when Guide Dogs for the Blind brought together more than 25 puppies-in-training to sniff around and get comfortable with the place. John Ramos reports. (3-19-17)
Travelers At SFO Deal With Flights Cancelled By Northeastern StormJackie Ward reports on airlines trying to help travelers faced with cancelled flights from huge storm (3-14-2017)
ConsumerWatch: Alaska Airlines Battles With Competition At SFOAlaska Airlines is already one of the largest operators at SFO and it's adding more flights, turning the airport into a major hub. Ken Bastida reports. (3-9-17)
Flight To Hawaii Circled For 4 Hours Before Returning Back To CaliforniaIt was a frustrating day for passengers who boarded a flight Tuesday morning in San Jose and hoped to watch the sun set in Hawaii. Kiet Do reports. (3/7/17)
Meet Escape Artist Kumi Rauf, Founder Of 'I Love Being Black'The man behind the brand 'I Love Being Black' Kumi Rauf talks to Black Renaissance host Christin Ayers about his new push to get blacks to travel the world.
Storms Disrupt Air Travelers' Plans Up And Down CaliforniaThe storm has thrown a monkey wrench in a lot of people's holiday weekend travel plans. Andria Borba reports from SFO. (2-17-17)
Yemeni Girl Stranded By Travel Ban Reunites With Family At SFOEman Ali and her father, Ahmed, arrived at the airport Sunday afternoon, where they were greeted by her older sister and other relatives. Jessica Flores reports. (2-5-17)
Federal Judge In Seattle Blocks Trump Travel BanIn a major ruling on President Trump's travel ban, a West Coast judge has just blocked it ... for now. Andria Borba gets the reaction at SFO. (2-3-17)
Civil Rights Lawyers Give Guidance At SFO Following Trump Travel BanImmigration attorneys are still working marathon hours, dealing with last week's travel restrictions. They've been camped out at SFO since Saturday night, ready to advise anyone who gets detained. Andria Borba reports. (2-2-17)
Immigration Ban Protest At SFO ExpandsAround a thousand swarmed SFO for a second straight day of protest against Pres. Trump's travel ban. Cate Cauguiran reports from the international terminal where demonstrators filled two levels early Sunday evening. (1-29-17)

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