Local Airports Jammed as the Holiday Getaway Rush PeaksThe Christmas travel rush was in overdrive Friday afternoon at SFO. Katie Nielsen reports. (12-22-17)
Another Air Canada Incident at SFO Draws FAA ScrutinyAccording to the FAA, Flight 781 from Montreal was cleared to land on runway 28-R by air traffic control. The tower then then repeatedly instructed the crew to execute a “go-around,” since officials were unsure that another plane would be clear of the runway. Jackie Ward reports. (10-24-17)
Silicon Valley CEO Says Skip The Bay Bridge, Consider Taking A Flying MotorcycleFlying motorcycles are almost here, says a Silicon Valley CEO. Devin Fehely reports. (9/19/17)
Texts On San Jose-Bound Flight Leads To Arrests On Child Sex ChargesTwo people have been arrested after a passenger on a Southwest flight to San Jose noticed one of them texting on his phone about sexually molesting young children. Kiet Do reports. (8-3-17)
NTSB Report Shows Air Canada Plane Came Within 59 Feet Of SFO TaxiwayAn NTSB report shows that an Air Canada plane came with 59 feet of landing on an SFO taxiway where four planes were waiting. Susie Steimle reports.
International Airlines Slow To Compensate Travelers For Delayed FlightsSome travelers find international airlines are slow to compensate travelers for delayed flights. Julie Watts reports.
Photo Of Barefoot Space Invader On SFO-Bound Flight Goes ViralA San Francisco traveler got off on the wrong foot with a fellow air passenger and now the image she captured in-flight has gone viral. Joe Vazquez reports. (7-20-17)
Pilot Killed, 3 Injured In Light Plane Crash in Sonoma CountyThe pilot of the plane has been identified as William Sachs Goldman, an assistant professor at the University of San Francisco; his children, injured in the crash, are being treated at Children's Hospital in Oakland. Christin Ayers reports. (7-13-17)
Air Canada Flight Passed 100 Feet Over Plane In SFO Near MissThe Canadian National Transportation Safety Board has released a preliminary report finding that Air Canada Flight AC759 flew just 100 feet over another aircraft in a near-miss incident Friday night at San Francisco International Airport. Ken Bastida reports. (7-13-17)
Cirrus Aircraft's $2M Private Jet is Equipped With Its Own ParachuteCirrus Aircraft is shaking up the personal jet market and it's new jet even has a parachute that can carry the plane in an emergency. Betty Yu reports. (7/12/17)
Video of Asiana Crash at SFO Reveals Slow Response by Flight CrewFour years after the Asiana Airlines crash at SFO, new video shows passengers escaping and firefighters running up the inflatable emergency escape slides into the burning plane. Emily Turner reports. (7-4-17)
Protesters At SFO Denounce Trump Travel BanAt SFO on Thursday night, protesters expressed anger over travel restrictions -- part of Pres. Trump's travel ban -- now back in effect at U.S. airports. Betty Yu reports. (6-29-17)
Investigating The 60-Year-Old Mystery Of SF-To-Hawaii Airliner That DisappearedIn November, 1957, Pan Am Flight 7 disappeared with 44 people on board and two retired Bay Area men are trying to find out why. Sharon Chin reports. (6-23-17)
Good Jobs Land in San Jose with Airline's Maintenance ExpansionThis summer, Compass Airlines (affiliated with Delta) is building a new maintenance facility at Mineta San Jose International. Len Ramirez reports. (6-22-17)
Traffic Is Taking Off At Mineta San Jose Int'l AirportAir travel in Silicon Valley is soaring to new heights, with traffic to Mineta San Jose International airport hitting a major milestone. Len Ramirez reports. (6-15-17)
Runway Repairs Cause Delays At SFO For Memorial Day TravelersHoliday travelers heading to and from SFO are dealing with worse-than-usual delays. Sandra Osborne reports it's the lingering impact of the airport's runway repairs.
SFO Begins Weekend-Long Runway RepavingOne of the primary runways at SFO will be closed from 10 p.m. Friday until Monday morning. Don Ford reports. (5-26-17)
Google Co-Founder Reportedly Building Massive AirshipDetails are scarce about what’s going on behind the giant closed doors of a massive hangar at Moffett Field but word has it that the project involves Google co-founder Sergey Brin and construction of the world’s largest aircraft. Len Ramirez reports from Mountain View. (5-26-17)
Private Jet Terminal At SJ Mineta Allegedly Shared Secret Security CodesMaria Medina reports on a company under federal investigation for allegedly allowing Silicon Valley tech execs access onto highly restricted airport property at San Jose Mineta International (5-22-2017)
New Seaplane Service Cuts Short The Bay to Tahoe CommuteForget the long drive up I-80, seaplanes are now carrying passengers between the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe. Emily Turner reports. (5-19-17)
Man Suffering Heart Attack At Oakland Airport Saved By Good SamaritansA man whose heart was restarted by fast-acting bystanders using a wall-mounted defibrillator at Oakland International was reunited on Thursday with the good samaritans who saved him. Susie Steimle reports. (5-18-17)
Homeland Security Getting Closer To Expanding Electronics Ban On Flights To Include LaptopsAnne Makovec reports on Homeland Security planning to include laptops in electronics ban on transatlantic flights (5-11-2017))
Future of Air Travel on Display in San JoseIt could be the future of flying -- take a spin class, roll out a yoga mat or hang out at an onboard restaurant. When it comes to ideas to improve air travel, the sky's the limit. Maria Medina reports from San Jose Mineta Airport. (4-27-17)
ConsumerWatch: United Airlines Updates Passenger 'Bump' PolicyUnited announced several policy changes Thursday prompted by a now-infamous video of a passenger being dragged off a flight. Julie Watts reports. (4-27-17)

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