Bum Steer From Map Apps Brings Gridlock To Los GatosIt was a good day to head to the beach in Santa Cruz but good luck getting there through Los Gatos via a so-called shortcut that's anything but. Kiet Do reports. (6-18-17)
Pres. Trump Bans Individual Travel to Cuba, Reversing Obama PolicyPresident Trump is making good on a campaign promise to roll back Pres. Obama's policy to re-engage with Cuba. Sharon Chin reports from SFO. (6-16-17)
Runway Repairs Cause Delays At SFO For Memorial Day TravelersHoliday travelers heading to and from SFO are dealing with worse-than-usual delays. Sandra Osborne reports it's the lingering impact of the airport's runway repairs.
E-Commerce Delivery, Rideshare Vehicles Intensify San Francisco TrafficE-commerce deliver trucks and rideshare vehicles may be intensifying San Francisco's traffic woes. Wilson Walker reports. (5/22/17)
Trump Administration Approves $650 Million For Caltrain ElectrificationThe Trump administration has agreed to fully fund a $650 million federal grant for electrification of the Caltrain system that would also help California's high-speed rail project. Emily Turner reports. (5/22/17)
A Simple Fix Could Save Lives In Car Vs. Truck CollisionsDeadly crashes involving large trucks are on the rise. But a simple fix could save lives. Julie Watts reports. (5/16/17)
Startup Offers Luxury Air Travel For Low PricesJetSuiteX is a startup that offers luxury air travel for low prices. Julie Watts reports. (5/3/17)
Riders Give BART Positive Reviews, But Have Many ConcernsIt's crowded, aging and prone to breakdowns, but those polled had largely favorable views of BART. Phil Matier reports. (5/1/17)
Cashless Cable Cars Considered By SFMTAAfter a second cable car operator was arrested for stealing fare money, the San Francisco Municipal Railway is considering going cashless. Emily Turner reports. (4-27-17)
Runway Construction Project At SFO Causes Persistent DelaysPassengers are experiencing significant delays because some airlines are failing to accommodate a planned runway construction project at SFO. Sharon Chin reports. (4/24/17)
American Airlines Apologizes After Crew Member, Passenger Confrontation Over StrollerThere was turbulence before takeoff aboard an American Airlines plane when a stroller, a crying mom and two babies become the center of a confrontation between a passenger and a crew member.
Sen. Feinstein Blames GOP Congress For Stalling Caltrain ElectrificationGetting high-speed rail to the Bay Area hinges on upgrading Caltrain tracks. On Friday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein pointed the finger at Republicans for delaying critical funding. Len Ramirez reports. (4-21-17)
BART Congestion Brings Talk Of Second Transbay TubeIf you take BART you know how crowded it gets during rush hour. Now, as KPIX 5's Cate Cauguiran has learned, there's renewed interest in a proposal to build another tunnel beneath the bay. (3-31-17)
San Jose, San Francisco Look To Speed Cameras To Slow Down DriversOne by one, various government bodies are giving their blessing to speed cameras in California cities. Kiet Do reports. (3/22/17)
US Bars Electronic Carry-Ons From Mideast, North Africa FlightsCiting unspecified threats, the U.S. will require those traveling from 10 countries in the Mideast and North Africa to stow most electronics in checked bags. Jackie Ward reports. (3/21/17)
Google Takes 'Street View' Inside an Active VolcanoGoogle sent a crew inside the crater of a South Seas volcano to capture amazing 360-degree views of a bubbling lava lake. Jonathan Mann reports. (3-19-17)
Guide Dogs Stress-Tested At Oakland International AirportOakland International got a whole lot cuter on Sunday when Guide Dogs for the Blind brought together more than 25 puppies-in-training to sniff around and get comfortable with the place. John Ramos reports. (3-19-17)
Kathryn & Craig Hall From Hall & Walt Wines In NapaBay Sunday host Kenny Choi welcomes Kathryn & Craig Hall From Hall & Walt Wines In Napa, authors of the New York Times bestseller, 'A Perfect Score.'
Gov. Brown Makes Impassioned Case For High-Speed RailGov. Jerry Brown is sticking by what he sees as his legacy project. He insists that we should continue to spend millions -- even billions -- on high-speed rail. (2-24-17)
World Renowned Artist Elisabeth Sunday Leaving Oakland For FranceWorld-renowned artist Elisabeth Sunday talks to Black Renaissance host Christin Ayers about her life, her art, and the reason she's packing it all up and leaving Oakland for France.
Meet Escape Artist Kumi Rauf, Founder Of 'I Love Being Black'The man behind the brand 'I Love Being Black' Kumi Rauf talks to Black Renaissance host Christin Ayers about his new push to get blacks to travel the world.
Fed Freeze On Caltrain Funds May Mean Empty Tracks At Transbay TerminalAn expensive new underground train station being built in San Francisco may not see any trains for a long time. Phil Matier reports. (2-20-17)
SF Supervisor Proposes Toll To Drive Down Crooked Block Of Lombard StreetA San Francisco supervisor proposed an unprecedented toll for the city’s famous “crookedest street in the world” to reduce or eliminate congestion in the area. Betty Yu reports. (2-16-17)
At Issue: Caltrain ElectrificationA project to convert Caltrain locomotives to electric would require about $650 million in federal funds. Phil Matier discusses the issue with Dan Richard, chairman of the High-Speed Rail Board in California. (2-12-17)

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