KPIX 70: Rita Rockett Original AIDS Package (June 1986)On Saturday, the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus opened up a moving program. In the crowd, KPIX 5 spotted a woman whom we had interviewed more than 30 years ago. Her name is Rita Rockett. Former KPIX reporter Mike Hegedus did a story on Rita on June 6, 1986. (12-2-2018)
KPIX at 70: 'Dirty Jobs' Host Mike Rowe Remembers Evening MagazineIn the midst of celebrating our 70th anniversary, it seemed only fitting that KPIX 5 reconnect with one of the station's most popular personalities from its past: Mike Rowe. (11-8-18)
Watch Mike Rowe In A Classic 'Somebody's Gotta Do It' Segment From 'Evening Magazine'Former 'Evening Magazine' host Mike Rowe in one of his most popular "Somebody's Gotta Do It" segments (11-8-2018)
Take A Look Back At 70 Years Of KPIX SportsWhen KPIX went on the air seventy years ago, we made history when Channel 5 tackled the first sports remote in the Bay Area. KPIX Sports Director Dennis O'Donnell has a look back.
KPIX at 70: Official Rules for Organic Food LabelsSixteen years ago, "organic" became official when the USDA instituted new rules governing what foods could and could not, carry the label. The system remains in place today. Looking back to 2002, consumer reporter Sue Kwon showed how it worked.
KPIX At 70: Covering The 1989 Loma Prieta EarthquakeAs part of our look back at 70 years of KPIX broadcasting, we remember the 15 seconds that changed our lives and served as a major wake-up call to anyone who lives in the Bay Area.
KPIX At 70: Man Describes Surviving Cypress Freeway Collapse During 1989 EarthquakeWhen the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake struck, Chris Mitchell was traveling along the elevated Cypress Freeway portion of Interstate 880 in Oakland. He miraculously survived when the upper deck collapsed onto the lower deck where he was driving.
KPIX At 70: Former Congressman Leon Panetta Recalls 1989 Loma Prieta QuakeAs he sat down to watch the 1989 World Series, former Congressman Leon Panetta learned of the earthquake which had struck in his home district.
KPIX At 70: Former Anchor Kate Kelly Recalls 1989 Loma Prieta EarthquakeFormer KPIX Anchor Kate Kelly talks about where she was during the quake and what was close to another freeway collapse.
KPIX At 70: Joe & Jennifer Montana Recall 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake49ers quarterback Joe Montana and his wife Jennifer talk about where they were during the 1989 earthquake: at Candlestick Park ready to watch the Giants host the A's in Game 3 of the World Series.
Spelling 'Schwarzenegger' Gave Newsrooms Fits at FirstKPIX at 70 Flashback Friday: Fifteen years ago, California's new governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, bore a name that seemed to invite misspelling and both print and TV newsrooms were hardly immune. Mike Sugerman reports
KPIX AT 70: Paraplegic rock climber conquers Yosemite's Half DomeA paraplegic rock climber and his partner, worn and hungry after nearly two weeks on Half Dome, reached the summit of the famous rock face in 1991.
KPIX at 70: 1991 Oakland Hills FireAmong of the most terrifying stories KPIX 5 reporters have covered in out 70-year history is the deadly and devastating 1991 Oakland Hills Fire.
KPIX Throwback Thursday 1997: Chelsea Clinton Starts Class at Stanford UniversityA look back to Sept. 1997 when the First Family arrived at the Stanford campus to help Chelsea Clinton get settled. Len Ramirez was there
KPIX at 70: Whole Life Expo at the San Jose Convention Center (1991)The Bay Area has long been home to people seeking a healthy lifestyle. In this report from September 1991, reporter Robert Handa checked out the first Whole Life Expo.
Kate Kelly Looks At Bridge Toll Takers' Strange DaysIn 1985, anchor Kate Kelly reported on what it's like to be a toll taker on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.
KPIX AT 70: Legendary Star Little Richard visits 'People Are Talking'Music legend Little Richard make quite an impression on 'People Are Talking' co-hosts Ross McGowan and Ann Fraser in 1984.
KPIX At 70: Remembering San Francisco Supervisor Harvey MilkHere's a portion of a video report done on San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk after his assassination in 1978.
KPIX AT 70: A tidal wave of student protests swept over the Bay Area in the 1960sA tidal wave of student protests swept over the Bay Area in the 1960s
Guilty Verdict In Infamous 'Cole Valley Suitcase Murder'Cole Valley landlady Jean Toman is found guilty of the infamous dismemberment murder of her roommate Elinor Kahn in March of 1964.
Ann Fraser Goes For Sonic Ride With Blue AngelsKPIX 'People Are Talking' co-host Ann Fraser takes a ride with the Blue Angels in the 1980s
The Fillmore Reopens: Iconic San Francisco Music Venue reopens after being damaged in 1989 quakeIconic San Francisco Music Venue reopens after being damaged in 1989 quake
KPIX at 70: A Look Back at 70 Years of Broadcasting in Northern CaliforniaKPIX was the first television station in Northern California and the 49th in the nation. Here's a look back at 70 years of bringing you stories from around the Bay Area and the world. (8-18-18)
It All Began Atop The Mark Hopkins HotelKPIX began broadcasting from studios housed in the attic of the Mark Hopkins Hotel

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