Natalie Brand reports on pushback over President-elect Joe Biden's nominee for Secretary of Defense, retired Gen. Lloyd Austin (12-9-2020)

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President-Elect Biden Expected To Touch On Unity Theme For Inaugural AddressNatalie Brand reports on President-elect Joe Biden appearing at a COVID-19 memorial in Washington D.C. (1-19-2021)
Massive Voter Turnout Reported For Georgia Senate Runoff ElectionSkyler Henry reports on high turnout for Georgia voters participating in crucial runoff to determine balance of power in U.S. Senate (1-5-2020)
Fallout After President Trump's Asks Georgia Election Official To 'Find' VotesNatalie Brand reports on Georgia's Secretary of State refuting claims by President Trump about election irregularities (1-4-2020)
President-Elect Biden Announces Pete Buttigieg As Nominee For Transportation SecretaryMichael George reports on latest cabinet nominations for Biden Administration (12-16-2020)
President-Elect Biden Introduces Historic Defense Secretary PickNatalie Brand reports on pushback over President-elect Joe Biden's nominee for Secretary of Defense, retired Gen. Lloyd Austin (12-9-2020)
California AG Becerra Picked For Biden Administration Cabinet PositionSteve Large reports on State AG Xavier Becerra getting nominated to run Biden Health and Human Services department (12-6-2020)
Trump Continues to Fight 2020 Election Results, Despite DOJ Not Finding Systemic FraudPresident Donald Trump fights the election results and proposes 2024 run as rest of government tries to move on. Skylar Henry reports. (12-2-2020)
Attorney General Barr Says No Evidence Of Voter Fraud In ElectionSkyler Henry reports on Attorney General Barr breaking with Trump Administration over voter fraud claims (12-1-2020)
President Trump's Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Presents Latest Arguments On Alleged Election FraudNatalie Brand reports on President Trump's continued fight against election results as more states certify vote counts (11-25-2020)
GSA Tells Biden Team They Can Begin Formal Transition ProcessNatalie Brand reports on General Services Administration allowing Biden transition to move forward after delay (11-23-2020)
President-Elect Biden Calls Out Trump For Not Cooperating With TransitionMichael George reports on how delayed transition could impact U.S. economy and COVID response (11-16-2020)
Small Group Of Trump Supporters Rally In Danville, Claiming Election VictoryJuliette Goodrich reports on East Bay residents rallying in Danville to insist President Trump has won the election (11-11-2020)
Trump Campaign Files New Lawsuit Contesting Michigan Election ResultsSkyler Henry reports on latest moves by the Trump Administration to contest election results (11-11-2020)
South Bay Business Group Behind Racist Ad Resists Calls To DissolveKiet Do reports on the Silicon Valley Organization announcing results of internal investigation into racist ad posted on website (11-10-2020)
Biden Team Pushes Forward With Transition Despite Trump ResistenceNatalie Brand reports on Trump Administration continuing legal battle to overturn election results (11-10-2020)
Balance Of Power Shift In City Of Santa Clara Could Benefit 49ersTuesday's reshaped the composition of the Santa Clara City Council. As Devin Fehely reports, it shifted the balance of power in a city known for its contentious relationship with its professional sports team – the 49ers.
Berkeley Childhood Home Of Vice President Elect Harris Draws VisitorsDon Ford reports on the house where Vice President Elect Kamala Harris grew up in Berkeley becoming a tourist attraction (11-9-2020)
Biden Announces COVID Task Force As Trump Doubles Down On Election Fraud ClaimsNatalie Brand reports on latest developments in Washington as President Trump digs in on his refusal to concede election (11-9-2020)
San Jose Activist Watched Voting Firsthand as Georgia Turned BlueRev. Jeff Moore, from San Jose, traveled to Georgia to be a poll watcher in the historic 2020 election and he was there when the reliably red state flipped for Biden. Devin Fehely reports. (11-8-20)
Biden Attends Church, Works on Transition Plan as Trump Golfs, Tweets About 'Lamestream Media'Michael George wraps up the day in presidential election developments. (11-8-20)
In Concord, Both Sides of Political Divide Find Hope in Biden-Harris VictoryTodos Santos Plaza in Concord proved to be a good place to gain a wide-ranging perspective on the results of an election that brought out more American voters on both sides than any other in history. John Ramos reports. (11-7-20)
Raw Video: Biden-Harris Election Celebration at Oakland's Lake MerrittIn Oakland, jubilant Biden-Harris supporters, shouted, danced and honked car horns along the shore of Lake Merritt Saturday. (11-7-20)
Raw Video: Biden Celebration in San Francisco Castro DistrictHundreds gathered along Castro Street between Market and 18th St. on Saturday to celebrate the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. (11-7-20)
South Bay Activists March to Support Biden and Finishing the Vote CountSan Jose peace activists took to the streets Friday to march in support of Joe Biden and to show support for the process of counting all the ballots in the 2020 election. Len Ramirez reports. (11-6-20)

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