Mountain View Rent Control Measure D Stirs Heated DebateLen Ramirez reports on battle over whether Measure D can fix housing crisis in Mountain View (2-11-2020)
Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Make Final Push For Support In New HampshireNew Hampshire's primary is on Tuesday, the first in the nation and Democratic presidential hopefuls are making their final push for support. CBS reporter Skyler Henry is in Manchester, N.H. to break down the race.
Iowa Caucuses Snafu Shows Vulnerability of Tech Voting SolutionsWhat are the lessons learned from the Iowa caucuses debacle? Wilson Walker reports. (2-7-20)
Sanders, Buttigieg Take Top Positions in New Hampshire After Iowa TieThe Democratic presidential contenders are in New Hampshire making their pitches to voters ahead of the nation's first primary next Tuesday. (2-6-20)
49ers CEO Joins Push To Defeat Ballot Measure C Redrawing Santa Clara DistrictsKiet Do reports on controversy surrounding Measure C that some critics say would dilute votes by minority groups (2-5-2020)
Could Strong Showing In Iowa Give Buttigieg An Edge In California?Joe Vazquez reports on how Buttigieg could ride Iowa momentum into California Primary (2-4-2020)
ON TO NEW HAMPSHIRE: While confusion remains in Iowa candidates move on to New HampshireDemocratic candidates head to New Hampshire as the pace picks up in the race for the White House
Chaos And Confusion Reign At Iowa CaucusesNatalie Brand reports on issues with results leaving Democratic presidential candidates in limbo after Iowa Caucuses (2-3-2020)
Measure E Property Tax In South Bay Could Raise Millions For Low-Income HousingKiet Do reports on push to fund affordable housing with real estate transfer tax proposed by Measure E in Santa Clara County (2-3-2020)
Solano County Begins Primary Voting EarlyOn Tuesday, Feb. 3, counties throughout California will begin mailing out ballots to primary voters but Solano County has already been voting for almost a week. John Ramos reports. (1-30-20)
Billionaire Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer Stumps for Votes in Bay AreaDemocratic candidate for president and California resident Tom Steyer held two campaign events in the East Bay on Thursday. Da Lin reports. (1-23-20)
Dublin Teen's Website Sleuthing Scoops CNN's Own Political PollingArjav Rawal is a Dublin High School senior. He’s also the vice chair of the California High School Democrats and he has a knack for finding out what CNN knows about the state of campaign 2020 before it's published. Wilson Walker reports. (1-11-20)

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