Drought Emergency: Wells Run Dry For Some In Central ValleyThe oppressive heat mixed with an ongoing California drought is leaving some residents without running water. Stephanie Elam reports. (7/12/21)
Petaluma Lags in Meeting Water-Saving TargetPeople in Sonoma County have been cutting back on their water to help with the drought but one city can't seem to keep up. Wilson Walker reports. (7-8-21)
Marin Water Imposes New Restrictions to Watering with SprinklersJustin Andrews reports on a new ordinance forcing Marin Water customers to only water with sprinklers one day per week (7-8-2021)
Drought Emergency: Contra Costa Water Approves 10% Voluntary CutbackThe Contra Costa Water District board voted Wednesday night to ask customers to reduce water use by 10%. Meanwhile, customers are raising concerns about another change that is literally leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths. Katie Nielsen reports. (7/7/21)
Antioch Builds Water Desalination Facility at Edge of DeltaA desalination plant outside Antioch is set to start operation in a couple years but previous California cities' experiences with de-salted seawater are mixed. Brian Hackney reports. (7-1-21)
After Banning Outdoor Irrigation Healdsburg Offers Free Recycled WaterAfter imposing a strict ban on outdoor irrigation Healdsburg is offering free recycled water. John Ramos tells us the community is helping to make it happen.
Sonoma Water Emergency: Tough new water usage measures going into effect in SonomaTough new water usage measures going into effect in Sonoma as drought conditions worsen
Drought Emergency: Barrier Put Up In Delta To Keep Salt Water OutAmid a worsening drought, crews are busy putting up a man-made barrier in the delta near Oakley to keep salt water away. Brian Hackney reports. (6/22/21)
Prompted by Drought Emergency, Morgan Hill Imposes Water RestrictionsThe water shortage is so serious in Morgan Hill, they are saving water by the glass. Len Ramirez reports. (6-17-21)
Drought Crisis: Healdsburg Bans Sprinklers; Limits Personal Water UseHealdsburg officials have unveiled tough new restrictions on water use, ordering sprinklers and drop irrigation system to be shut off immediately. John Ramos reports. (6-12-21)
Latest Drought Monitor Puts More of Coastal Bay Area Under Exceptional DroughtMary Lee reports on drought monitor putting more of North Bay coast under exceptional drought conditions (6-10-2021)
California Drought Emergency: Fish & Wildlife Launch Operation To Save Chinook SalmonAlong with the risk of wildfires, California's drought is also threatening a species of salmon. The California Department of Fish & Wildlife has launched a massive operation to save the fish by helping them migrate to the sea. Jonathan Vigliotti reports. (6/9/21)
Santa Clara Valley Water District Board Declares EmergencyLen Ramirez reports on board of Santa Clara County Valley Water District declaring an emergency and calling for a 15% water use reduction (6-9-2021)
South Bay Water Board to Vote on Proposed RestrictionsJustin Andrews reports on the Santa Clara Valley Water District board meeting to likely approve recommended water restrictions (6-9-2021)
Mandatory Water Cut Looming for South Bay ResidentsDevin Fehely reports on the Santa Clara County Valley Water District calling for mandatory use restrictions due to dire drought conditions (6-7-2021)
Marin County Residents Fall Short of Water Conservation GoalThe Marin County water district is calling on customers to cut back water usage by 40 percent but, so far, efforts are falling short. Da Lin reports. (6-4-21)
Too Green or Not Too Green: That's the Question for Drought-Stricken HomeownersEast Bay water customers have been asked to voluntarily reduce water usage by 10 percent and, while many are on board with the reduction, some are getting called out on social media for not conserving. Juliette Goodrich reports. (6-3-21)
Marin County Water Board to Debate Increased RestrictionsEmily Turner reports on Marin County water board considering ban on new water hook-ups during drought (6-1-2021)
MARIN DROUGHT: Marin water officials debate imposing a ban on all new water hookups at housing construction projectsMarin water officials debate imposing a ban on all new water hookups at housing construction projects as drought conditions worsen
Marin Firefighters Use Controlled Burn to Clear Space by Homes and Practice TechniqueFire crews in Marin County are working to both reduce the wildfire risk and prepare themselves for challenging firefights sure to come this season. Wilson Walker reports. (5-28-21)
Brentwood Combats Drought With Free Recycled Water HandoutsBrentwood is offering an innovative water recycling program to residents to encourage conservation as the drought drags on. Wilson Walker reports. (5-27-21)
West Marin Cattle Ranchers Facing Dire Water ShortagesJohn Ramos reports on how drought is seriously impacting outlook for North Bay cattle ranchers (5-25-2021)
Dire Drought Conditions Prompt Marin County to Consider Ban on Home Water HookupsThe Marin Municipal Water District might temporarily ban new water hookups for the first time in nearly three decades. Brian Hackney reports. (5-20-21)
Parts of North and East Bay Now Under ‘Exceptional Drought’ ConditionsMary Lee reports on latest drought data putting portions of the Bay Area into the worst drought designation (5-20-2021)

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