Most of Bay Area Under Extreme Drought ConditionsTeam coverage from Juliette Goodrich and Wilson Walker in the East Bay. (4-29-21)
Weather Officials Put Most of Bay Area Under Extreme Drought ConditionsTeam coverage of U.S. Drought Monitor placing majority of the Bay Area under extreme drought conditions (4-29-2021)
Santa Clara County Residents Asked To Voluntarily Conserve WaterThe Santa Clara County Water District is asking ratepayers to slash their water usage before drought conditions worsen. Maria Medina has details on ways residents can voluntarily conserve water.
As State Sees Drought Issues, Communities Look To Reusing Gray WaterIt’s been years since the Bay Area has had to deal with drought conditions. While some counties look to instituting water-use restrictions, some communities look to creative ways to reuse water. Len Ramirez reports.
EBMUD Board of Directors Declares Stage 1 DroughtWilson Walker reports on East Bay MUD officials unanimously voting to declare a stage 1 drought (4-27-2021)
Low Water at Lake Sonoma Points to Potentially Devastating DroughtSonoma County is expected to proclaim a drought emergency after another dry winter. Da Lin reports from Lake Sonoma. (4-25-21)
UC Researcher Proposes Covering California Aqueduct With Solar PanelsA UC researcher says covering thousands of miles of California canals with solar panels would prevent evaporation losses and create gigawatts of energy. Velena Jones reports. (4-24-21)
SIERRA SNOW MELT: Unprecedented decline in Sierra snowpack since April 1stWarm temperatures trigger unprecedented decline in Sierra snowpack since April 1st

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