SAUSALITO (AP) — A sea lion that was rescued after stranding itself for the third time this year will be killed because she has extreme brain damage and can’t survive either in captivity or the wild, according to authorities.

Crews from the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito were called out Saturday afternoon after the 170-pound sea lion was found wandering near an elementary school in the Contra Costa County community of Knightsen—two miles from water.

Center spokeswoman Jim Oswald told the Contra Costa Times that the 5-year-old animal has domoic acid poisoning, an illness caused when sea lions eat fish that have consumed toxic algae. It destroys the brain and the animal’s navigational skills.

The sea lion also was rescued in May and July in Santa Cruz County.

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Comments (6)
  1. Denise says:

    Bless his heart!!! God take him peacefully….

  2. sfmom says:

    Okay, I understand not being able to live in the wild, but exactly why can’t she live in captivity?

  3. MadWorld says:

    Okay so does this mean we will kill all the “brain damaged” beings??? Just doesnt make sense. But then you have sickos killing elderly and raping babies!

  4. JoMama says:

    Yep, when grandma gets senile we’ll just have to kill her. She won’t be able to survive on her own and we can’t afford to place her into a nursing home.
    After all, isn’t that the humane thing to do?

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