Giants Fan Beaten At Dodger Game Likely Suffered Brain Damage

LOS ANGELES (CBS SF) ― A San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten and badly injured at Dodger Stadium showed “evidence of brain injury and dysfunction” and remained hospitalized in critical but guarded condition, doctors said Tuesday.

Dr. Gabriel Zada, a Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center neurosurgeon, indicated that Bryan Stow, 42, of Santa Cruz, likely suffered brain damage – that could affect memory, thinking ability and even personality – as a result of a severe skull fracture and bad bruising to his frontal lobe.

“He does remain in critical condition and over the next week or so, we’ll be able to make a better assessment,” said Zada. “At this time, the prognosis remains guarded. It’s going to be a long recovery process.”

At one point, doctors had to remove the entire left side of Stow’s skull to ease pressure on his brain. The pressure was now normal but Stow remained in a coma from his injuries and from sedation to reduce his brain activity, Zada said.

A website,, was set up for people wishing to donate money to a fund to help Stow’s family pay his medical bills.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Police Det. Jose Carrillo said investigators had several leads and some evidence that was recovered at the scene, but he did not provide details.

Stow’s relatives said they did not blame Dodger fans for the attack.

“My family and I just want to express that we have no animosity towards the people of Los Angeles,” said Erin Collins, Stow’s sister. “We’ve been received with open arms and love.”

Of the attackers, she said, “They weren’t true Dodger fans.”

Reporter Ed Mertz For KCBS:

Added cousin John Stow: “Though this has been a terrible tragedy done by cowardly people, it is reassuring to know that good people are speaking out and are appalled.”

Stow, who is a father of two and works as a paramedic in Santa Clara County, was hospitalized after two attackers kicked him repeatedly in the stadium’s F2 parking lot following last Thursday’s season opener, which the Giants lost 2-1 to the Dodgers, the LAPD said.

A reward had now grown to $100,000 for information leading to the arrests of Stow’s attackers, who remained at-large Tuesday.

The L.A. City Council on Tuesday afternoon voted to add $50,000 to the reward pool that also included offerings from L.A. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, $10,000; the Dodgers organization, $25,000; the Giants, $10,000; and American Medical Response – Stow’s employer – $5,000.

Police sketches of beating suspects. (CBS)
The LAPD previously released sketches of the two suspects, described as Hispanic men between 18 and 25 years old who were wearing Dodgers clothing. The police urged anyone with information about the attack to call them at (877) 527-3247.

The suspects approached Stow, who was wearing Giants gear, from behind and first taunted him before hitting him and knocking him to the ground, where he hit his head on the pavement and was then kicked repeatedly in the head and body.

They then fled in a four-door sedan driven by a woman who had a boy with her, the LAPD said.

Detectives estimated that out of some 40,000 people who streamed into the parking lot after the game, at least 100 probably were near enough to see the attack and he urged them to contact police. It was too dark for video surveillance camera to provide clear images, police said.

Investigators indicated they were also checking an unconfirmed report that three men in Giants gear were punched by the same attackers only minutes before Stow was attacked.

Stow, an enthusiastic Giants fan, was attending his first game at Dodgers Stadium and had looked forward to the game all year, his cousin said.

However, he may have had some worries after arriving.

“During the game, my wife received a text message from him … He basically said he was scared inside the stadium,” John Stow said, adding that his cousin did not usually make such comments lightly.

Stow’s parents, two sisters and other relatives attended a news conference at the hospital.

John Stow, who wore a Giants hat and jersey at a news conference with relatives at the hospital, called the attackers thugs who should give themselves up and “have the courage to face the facts and face the book for what you’ve done here.”

Back in San Francisco, the Giants and the San Francisco Police Department announced that extra security would be in place at AT&T Park next week when the Giants host the Dodgers.

“We want to make sure that everyone’s safe and there are officers there to deal with whatever should arise, if anything should arise,” said SFPD Lt. Troy Dangerfield.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

San Francisco Giants spokesperson Staci Slaughter said the team would pay tribute to Stow at Friday’s home opener and hold a fundraiser for Stow’s family on Monday, the first game of the Dodgers series.

“The goal is to have about a hundred paramedics in uniform asking fans to make a donation at whatever level they can,” she said, adding that the team had been inundated with phone calls and e-mails from fans who wanted to help.

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  • wjsierra

    Correction: He lives in Santa Cruz but works in Santa Clara County

    • Tarzana Tom

      Messed up!

      • Canadien

        “Rachel Is Lame” is completely right! What on earth does race have to do with this??? I am a montreal canadiens fan and have had my life threatened and have had all types of things thrown at me by “those crazy Irish bruins fans” They are legal “true americans” why don’t we go ahead and send them all back to Ireland!?!?! that’s what they deserve they are chanting USA USA!!! at the game and trying to beat the life out of us white canadiens fans. Wow people in the US really need a reality check and need to stop being ignorant racist fools!

      • Ernie

        What on earth does race have to do with this??? I am a montreal canadiens fan and have had my life threatened and have had all types of things thrown at me by “those crazy Irish bruins fans” They are legal “true americans” why don’t we go ahead and send them all back to Ireland!?!?! that’s what they deserve they are chanting USA USA!!! at the game and trying to beat the life out of us white canadiens fans. Wow people in the US really need a reality check and need to stop being ignorant racist fools

      • icetrout

        More than messed up!!! Time to get ALL THE ILLEGALS OUT OF AMERICA NOW !!! PAYBACK IS GOING TO BE HELL!!! :X

      • California Decline

        Wow, these ‘Hispanics’ single-handedly may have started a movement to deport all illegals outta here. We need to have California pass a law to show I.D. to vote in the elections. Texas just passed that law and it wasn’t labeled racist by the media, hell it wasn’t even covered by the media. Why? Because they don’t want word to get out so that other states pass similar laws. The Democrats have over played their hand calling such measures racist and people won’t put up with it anymore. Please catch these evil 3rd world thugs and make examples out of them.

      • Josiah

        Here is the bottom line. These individuals who committed this cowardly act were either one or two things; Drunk looking for trouble and or; there has been a long rival not only with giants and dodgers fans, but there has been a long rival with southern Hispanic gang affiliated members and northern Hispanic members. It’s safe to say by the sketch given by LAPD these individuals were most likely affiliated with a southern Hispanic gang and with such ignorance they felt like instead of being a dodger fan they were representing L.A. in a ignorant thug mentality kind of way by showing some kind of pride for there so called gang of L.A……Simply ignorant and they will get what they deserve. My prayers are with the Stow family. F.Y.I If you are a dodger fan and your thinking of heading to SF be smart and do not wear dodger blue.

    • villaraigosa

      This seems to be more common when people are drinking. When did weed ever lead to this kind of brutality??? Legalize it! It’s time.

      • Holly

        At least if you build your wall it will keep all of you racists in and out of my country!

      • Rachel

        Bull!! They have served alcohol at games for ages…and people didn’t behave like THIS. This isn’t an alcohol problem…it’s a cultural problem. These Mexican thugs have no respect for anyone or anything. These ANIMALS should be banned from the games. Hell, forget banning them…they should be rounded up and deported, right after they serve their prison term.


      • Scott B.

        I agree 1000%! Try going to Mexico and raising hell, driving drunk, speaking English only, beating up Mexicans – you would be thrown in jail so quickly! Not talking about legal hispanics or anyone legal…but the day America actually deports these ILLEGAL losers, America will be a much safer place to live!!

      • Rachel Is Lame

        Really? How stupid ARE you, lady? People have been getting the sh!t kicked out of them at sporting events by drunken losers for longer than you’ve been alive. You just choose not to notice when the aggressors race isn’t the *wrong* one. You’re a straight up racist, simple and plain. Yeah, those guys ARE thugs. But the fact of the matter is… thugs come in all colors. And booze brings out the thug in more people than you could ever imagine in your myopic, tiny world.

        Because you seem to lack the ability to use the internet, let me direct you to this tidbit:

        Some white guys, killing another white guy at a sporting event. Should we deport some Mexicans in their stead? You pathetic, scared simpleton… I pity you.

      • Guess Who

        I’m racist and proud of it. There’s nothing wrong with standing up for your own. What do you think La Raza does?

      • Victor Velo

        Amen Rachel

      • Jack Wibby

        What a stupid thing to try to work into this story. Shut up pothead loser.

      • Fumi

        Alcohol has destroyed the most families and lives of any drug known to man.

      • Daniel

        Legalizing pot, a weed, is not the answer to man’s ills. God is the answer. Were these two in the Spirit of Christ they would not have done what they did.

    • Kim Thelen

      This is a tragic event. I am equally appalled that the act of two miscreants is now negatively labeling a whole race of people. We dont know that the perpetrators are not legal american citizens, yet I am reading some racist statements about illegal aliens and how mexicans should all be deported. If all mexicans should be deported, I say all non native americans should get out too. Love to the Stow family, and my prayers for healing.

      • luna

        which means… EVERYONE should be deported if that’s the case!! THE ONLY LEGAL PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY WERE AND ARE THE NATIVE AMERICANS… everyone else came here illegally…..

      • Holly

        Amen Luna!

    • Jerry

      did we not already know before the description who did this? I knew as soon as I heard. @ young hispanic male gang bangers that are also Raider fans. Notice how it ALWAYS takes more than one or a weapon. Dirt bags

  • jeff

    Just….wow. My best wishes for Bryan’s recovery.

    I read about foreign wars and armed rebellions against dictators and I think how lucky we are to live in this country. And yet we have sub-humans right here among us that can do this to an innocent human being. Not for any noble cause, not for self-defense….just because they are empty shells of garbage, lower than any animal. I pray they are caught and justice is doled out.

    • Rodriguiz

      These sub-humans are among us and they are the Hispanics that come here and don’t follow our tules. When my dad come here 20 years ago, he waited 3 years for our papers to come through. Lets see the papers of these thugs, and half of LA! Deport them all, they don’t deserve it.

      • Andrea

        @ Curly “it would be logical to say that they are probably illegals, and probably even in a gang. It’s a safe bet that someone here legally probably isn’t as likely to be out beating people to death at baseball games!”

        NO, the answer is that it would NOT be logical. Go look up the word “logical” in a dictionary and come back. This is a hasty generalization (go ahead and look that up, too) and it is not probable that they are illegal and in a gang. Where are you from? Are you aware of just how many perfectly legal citizens who look and dress just like that live in southern California in general and AREN’T in gangs and are productive members of society? Holy hell, you people are closed-minded racists. (Sorry to Rodriguiz, this comment is not intended for you.)

      • Holly

        Thank you Andrea fro saying something, my blood was boiling there.

      • chrism

        then they come back 2 weeks later, with a different name and number
        sorry to say, but they are long gone they went back to Mexico where they can hide.

      • Mike

        Many illegals are caught committing various criminal acts but these days the prisons are so crowded with them that unless it’s murder or rape they’re let go and not even processed for deportation. Why not PAY MEXICO half of what it would cost to incarcerate them here in the US and hand them over to Mexico? Criminals who realize they might end up in a Mexican prison for a crime in the US just might not be as compelled to come here to commit crime as they are now where inside a US prison is better than outside of one in Mexico.

      • lulu

        Wow can you say racism much? How do we even know these men are illegals? There are plenty of Hispanics who come here legally and through the proper channels so don’t blame an entire race over a few bad apples. Its ignorant racists like you that are turning this country into a warzone. Plenty of American born Caucasians cause unnecessary violence everyday so don’t try and blame it all on one race.

      • Andrea

        Your logic is so full of holes. These “sub-humans” can be of ANY RACE. And how dare you assume that they are illegally here? They just as well could have been born and raised here. Are you of the notion that people born outside the United States are sub-human? You disgust me just as much as the above story did. Way to be sub-human yourself, you racist (and yes, I recognize that you are Hispanic)
        (P.S. Just because you wait for papers doesn’t mean you are a good, nice person, and just because you don’t have papers doesn’t mean you are a horrible monster. Some people without papers were brought over illegally at very young ages. Did you think about that?)

      • BM

        Yes LULU, You will be yelling racist if the victim is Hispanic that got beaten by white men.
        I hear Hispanic blaming white men all the time for all the things that go wrong in their life, I guess it must be OK with you to blame white men.

      • curly

        @ lulu – no one is blaming the Mexican “race”, as you put it. (I think that is actually a nationality, though) It says in the article that it was 2 Hispanic men that attacked him, and it would be logical to say that they are probably illegals, and probably even in a gang. It’s a safe bet that someone here legally probably isn’t as likely to be out beating people to death at baseball games! Get over yourself and your “perfect world” bs. Yes Caucasians commit violent crimes every day. So do Black, Asian, and many other people. No one argued that they did not. It is pretty evident in this case however, that Hispanic men, probably gang banging, illegal immigrants from Mexico, given their attire and location of the crime, committed this horrific act of violence.

    • rachel

      Where is Charles Bronson when we need him? These gangs could use a little good ol vigilante justice, since our idiot PC courts don’t dispense justice anymore. And the cops are afraid to do squat, because if one of those vicious little Mexican darlings gets hurt, the cops get sued and the taxpayers get dinged for millions.
      If you become a victim of gang crime, you will also become a victim of the justice system.

      • ADM

        My best wishes for Bryan Stow’s recovery. If his assailants are caught, I hope they are tried for attempted murder and not assault.

    • Jonathan

      Don’t worry Jeff. Those union thugs in Wisconsin aren’t going to get away with hijacking the taxpayers for much longer. Thanks for your support. We’re standing up against them 24/7.

    • Andrea

      Sadly true. I tend to lose faith in humanity when I hear about stories like this. Why can’t we at least be decent to one another? But it’s good to know that for every rotten soul, there are more good, caring people to help soothe the harm they cause.

  • S

    This sucks…


    can not wait to read “arrested”

    • bob

      Can’t wait to read, arrested, tried, convicted, shanked in prison and their families deported. The Hispanic community should be disgusted with itself for not coughing up these two vermin.

      • Holly

        Sean “The Proud American”
        You said “I’ve never heard of my fellow whites committing such heinous acts”
        The following people are white and have committed unforgivable attrocities.
        -Jeffrey Dahmer
        -Charles Manson
        -Ted Bundy
        …just to name a few and lets not forget good ole’ Adolph!
        Hitler was white and committed the most heinous attrocities we have seen this century.
        I am white, i do not hate my race…only the ignorant people in it.
        OH look up serial killers, they are mostly white males.
        Do the world a favour and read a book.

      • Sean "The Proud American"

        Why can’t we make this an ALL WHITE country like it should have been.
        I’ve never heard of my fellow whites committing such heinous acts.

        Yeah, we might cheat on our taxes and break a few white collar crimes, but White people are never involved in evil stuff like this!

        These people should all be deported. Anchor babies should ALL be deported!

        Whichever presidential contender says this will get MY vote!

      • Frank

        Bob, you are a racist pig. White, black or brown… they should be held 100% accountable for their actions! Deport their families ???? How do you know they are not 7th generation Cali? Wake up white trash!

      • Great Scott

        Finally someone makes sense.

        My fellow white brothers and sisters…lets start buying some more ammo…
        Even though we live pretty far from the city violence. Lets pack up on extra
        shells so we can feel tougher than these minorities.

        This is of course a HATE crime.

        The race wars are coming everyone. This is just the start.

        I’m headed over to walmart to buy a few more shells for my

        Lets see on of them mexicans try to enter my ranch… Lets see
        what will happen then!!!

      • Garrick


        You are a self-deluded moron.

        Or just a typical hater of whites.

      • Z-man

        Hey Sean: Ever heard of Timothy McVeigh, Jeffrey Dalmer, and Hitler? All white people…guess your theory is totally bunk! But hey your a racist fool so a logical and correct argument like the one I just posed is going to have no impact on your opinion. So go on and be willfully stupid and I will just be happy that I am not your neighbor

      • Fumi

        Sean “The Proud American”… the PROUD EMBARRASSMENT

      • Darrell


        You should come out of your trailer. A LOT has changed in the last 50 years.

        Actually, on second thought, it would probably be best if you just stayed in your trailer, nursing your paranoid fantasies.

      • jeannelli

        Amen! The U.S. is under seige by illegals and criminals from other countries! Isn’t it time for citizens to say,”enough is enough”? We wouldn’t stand for taxation without representation and yet our country is in dire need of another”revolution” to save it!

      • neimie

        GO SEAN!!!

    • Ashley

      To “Sean the Proud American”… that is an incredibly ignorant statement, unless it was an entirely sarcastic response. Two years ago my boyfriend was viciously attacked in this same manner by a group of 6 or 7 men, with me present, who were mainly white and Asian-american. In my area there are tons of white males on the sexual predator list. But no, ALL Caucasians may as well be guilt free! I am a Caucasian woman, and by no means PC. I am all for deportation of ILLEGAL immigrants, but I am also for legal immigration. One’s skin color does not indicate one’s character, good or evil.

      • Guess Who

        You’re a deluded idiot. Enjoy your new America, I pray for your grandchildren.

      • able aryan

        orientals arent white

      • Ashley

        How am I deluded exactly? And I did not say say orientals are white. Learn to read and comprehend.

      • Andrea

        I’m positive that Sean “The Proud American” was being satirical.

  • bat justice

    these two “shells of garbage” were no way baseball fans, but gang-bangers! justice when caught? two baseball bats!! finding batters? plenty will want to be on deck for a chance to whack!!! no trial, no tax monies, no defense attorney, no plea-deals, no free room and board in jail. dump in landfill.

  • Monique

    … I think someone will turn these cowardly, despicable, low life, human anomalies in for the $$. Can’t wait to see them in jail at least.

  • Dry State

    So when are the geniuses that own these sports venues going to figure out that most of their patrons are completely inebriated when they leave at the end of the game? I hope the family of this poor guy sues the owners of the stadium, and/or the Dodgers, for enabling this drunken behavior. Every motorist hit by a drunken sports fan on his way home from a booze-filled stadium should aim for those deep sports-arena pockets, as well. They are the cause. It’s about time alcohol at sporting events was banned. BOOZE + TESTOSTERONE = EXTREME STUPIDITY.

    • Dry State

      You are delusional. This has nothing to do with booze. This has everything to do with being Hispanic and being in the US wihtout any enforcement. If these guys commit murder, they can slip across the line and avoid punishment. If Bryan would have died, the Mexican Ambassador would be saying that his attackers are safe in Mexico City away from all the hate crime policing. When can we get serious. How many citizens have to die. If you want to be an American, wait in line, pay the fee and follow the rules.

  • kac

    So his family is footing the’s gotta be a couple hundred thousand by now, easily… sure would be nice if the Dodger organization offered something towards his expenses.

  • wmmorgan

    “It was too dark for video surveillance camera to provide clear images.” When are they going to make surveillance cameras that work worth a damn?

    • David Johnson

      I work in Security and to read that it was too dark for the cameras to provide clear images is very disturbing to me. Low light cameras are inexpensive and if Dodger stadium doesn’t have them then all games there should be played during the day. However, I pray that these two thugs are caught and forced to pay restitution to their victim and his family for the remainder of their pathetic lives.

      • klesb

        You expect the McCourts to pay for inexpensive low-light cameras? You are kidding? Maybe the new owners will provide them. There will be new owners – right?

      • David Johnson

        Nobody is paying anything. These illegal immigrants are laughing at our country for the way they can walk in. I dare anyone to claim to be a honduran and try to sneak across the Mexican Border (Rape Central). Yet when the USA tries to enforce the same laws that Mexico enforces with Rape Groups, we are somehow the bad guys… I say, deport them all… anyone that wants to be an American, fly the flag, get in line, pay the fees and become a citizen






      • cagliostro

        I’m not surprised by some of the comments here, what more would you expect from imbeciles who made their way here via the DRUDGE REPORT
        …’nuff said

      • Jo

        amen brother. dont mind the anti White racists who enjoy seeing a White man nearly murdered for the “crime” of being of european descent. The racism of these anti _White bigots and haters is sickening and should be prosecuted!

  • Nick

    Did we REALLY need the police artist drawing of the suspects? Of course they were your typical CHOLOS. Stupid with “machismo” attitdues… especially when no police are around. COWARDS.

    • polydb

      I have some friends that are Mexpanic and I would eagerly condone their return to Mexico if it ment they all would leave!!

  • Mike_88

    I can’t wait till they catch these guys. $100,000 reward is up right now.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Who said they were drunk? These are typical “my team is better than your team” sports fanatics. And of course they are mexicans. For the wife to cow down and claim that they are not real dodger fans is sad…. They are just that “Real dodger fans”

  • Don

    Illegal immigrants?

    • Andrea

      No. How did you deduce that?

  • Andy Chan

    I’m sure there will be a revenge fight by Giants fans against some innocent Dodgers fan. The fact that people can get so enraged over a simple team is ridiculous, and needs to be ended.

    • Andy Chan

      Show me how this happens. Your moral equivalence is disgusiting. This was a plain case of latinos beating up on a citizen.

  • dmd

    Anchor Babies all grown up..

    • Distillerman

      You are so right. I left that cesspool 18 years ago, after the Rodney King riots. The place is a toilet.

      • Dan

        Same here

      • Rachel

        I’m still here, but wishing I wasn’t. I sure as hell don’t go to Dodger games anymore because of these Mexican gang animals with their lowlife behavior…between hassling people, and dropping the f-bomb continuously, who needs it? I don’t know why ANYONE goes anymore. They are lower than whale dung and that’s at the bottom of the ocean!

        The more people who quit going to the games, the sooner the Dodgers will DO something about these animals.

  • lasucks

    baseball is supposed to be a family friendly game. But with costs out of control and family safety in question, what’s the point. they pay a single pitcher 20 million bucks a year but won’t spend a one time cost of 100,000 worth of cameras to properly secure the facility. The guy didn’t feel safe at the game.. more than likely these two pieces of human garbage were sitting a couple rows behind him. If a couple LA fans can’t come forward to testify against these murderers if the family won’t blame the city I will. The only surprising thing in this to me is that something like this didn’t happen first at a Raiders game, those “fans” are imbred violent drunks.

    • Chris

      Maybe the Dodgers should move back to Brooklyn. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about illegal aliens and foul-mouthed fans. Oh wait… Nevermind…

  • mcw1142

    Two hispanics beat up a white man. Shouldn’t this be a hate crime.
    The article tells us where we can donate to help his family. How do we donate to have these two thugs beat to a pulp.

    • Guess Who

      Eric Holder said hate crime laws don’t apply to YT.

  • Jim Dandy

    If they are caught, their lawyers will say they were “provoked”

  • Minister Hank

    Anyone that knows who did this (and not come forward), including this woman driverwith the child should get life in prison. Many know who these cowards are. Those 2 Monsters should have convicted murderer, HIV Positive Giants fans as Cellmates.

  • lasucks

    If that reward gets big enough you can bet that driver will come forward… maybe some of the LA players could come forward and donate 1% of their salary to make this happen?

    • CMD

      Well, you would think so but according to the law, the driver involved had participated in the commission of a crime and is as guilty as those sub-human parasites who did this heinous crime. Let’s all hope that someone comes forward and can identify these idiots without any question or at least can give a full or partial license plate..

  • Distillerman

    Over the past 25 years, Dodger Stadium has turned into a haven for pathetic “no-nothing” gangsta fans who make the visit to the ball park a risky adventure. It speaks to the demise of the once great city, with the cesspool tide of a culture that does not understand nor embrace respect. I saw the Dodgers in the Coliseum from ’58 to 61 and then to Dodger Stadium in 1962 thereafter. Koufax, Drysdale, Snider, Wills, Roseboro, Hershiser and Fernando would all cringe at this news. Gone are the great days of baseball…..and likely, humanity.

  • Paul Kresco

    This is what happens when the people who ‘own’ the Dodgers don’t provide proper security. The McCourts’ can’t afford the Dodgers, and are out of their league financially and professionally.

    We will NOT be bringing our children to this environment. They need to sell the team, take the proceeds and support this family.

    • CMD

      So totally, totally agree with you!

  • CW

    I can only imagine if this happened in Philadelphia what the reaction would be. This guy was an innocent fan and was beaten senseless by LA fans. If this happened in Philadelphia the national media would come down on the city as a brutal, vicious city. That this happened in LA, not a word from the media. Go figure. Truly disgusting and LA should be ashamed.

    • Andrea

      Right, “not a word from the media” and so therefore “LA should be ashamed”? Do you see how that logic doesn’t match up? It seems your problem is with the media. What exactly do you expect the citizens of Los Angeles to do? Any suggestions?

    • Rachel

      Excuse me…..this crime was not done by “LA FANS”…it was done by Mexican gang thugs who commit crimes all over the city all the time. What’s truly disgusting and LA should be ashamed of is that they support being a “sanctuary city” so that illegal alien animals like this can stay here and prey on innocent citizens.

      And the media never talks bad about Democrat strongholds like L.A….they whitewash everything. You know…because the Democrats have done such a GREAT job with this city…the public schools get a ton of money but don’t educate, and they drive out businesspeople and productive citizens. The lunatics are running the asylum.

  • Upstater

    Good question: would the usual suspects be out calling this a hate crime if the situation were reversed?

  • Distillerman

    MEMO to lasucks. This sort of thing DID happen at a Raiders game when they played in the Coliseum in the ’90s. Some clown beat a Steelers fan to near death in September of 1990. Thugs never change.

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