BERKELEY (CBS 5) – Police on the University of California’s Berkeley are warning women to take extra safety precautions after a string of sexually -motivated incidents on campus last week.

Investigators at Cal said that four women were followed, robbed or groped and assaulted last week. At this point, it isn’t clear if one or two suspects are responsible for the incidents, which all took place on the north end of campus.

“One is what I would term a violent assault,” said Lt. Marc DeCoulode of the UC Police Department. “We have a strong commitment to id this person and bring him into custody before someone is more seriously injured.”

A week ago Sunday, someone came up behind a student and grabbed her bottom. Later a woman noticed someone following her, so she hid in some bushes. On Thursday, another woman reported being  grabbed by an unidentified man. Hours later, a woman was pulled into a secluded place where she was forced to perform a sexual act.

University and City of Berkeley Police were working together on the cases.

One suspect description is a white male in his late 20’s with blond or light brown hair, an unshaven face, and what the victim described as “bad teeth.” The man was wearing a red and white wool jacked and was about 5’6”.

A second suspect description was a thin white man in his 20’s with short brown hair wearing blue denim overalls and a green sweatshirt.

Few students who talked to CBS 5 Monday had heard of the incidents. Police distributed fliers around campus and were increasing patrols in the area. They also said students can request crime alerts by signing up for them at

Stanford Police are also looking for a man who broke into a graduate housing apartment on the University’s campus Saturday evening and assaulted a woman sleeping inside.

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Comments (15)
  1. BM says:

    White male? That is fast for you to tell us, it took you alomost a week to tell us the race of the two thugs that attacked the man in LA. thanks KPIX for showing your true color.

    1. Jadǝ Purǝlica says:

      I’m not quite sure what to make of/how to read your comment.

      1. says:

        Then, Jade, why don’t you read the comment again. Clarity can come with re-reading something – particularly if you’re such a stranger to what is being written, as apparently you are. Don’t be deliberately dense.

    2. Juicy_Jetson says:

      They were paraphrasing what the victims said – if this is one of their few leads to catch this pervert, so be it; the public is warned.

  2. Mari says:

    What race were the thugs that beat the Giants’ fan? BTW, I can see why Jade may be confused. The comment by BM is not totally clear due to punctuation errors, but I’m guessing their point is CBS is quick to throw whitie perps under the bus and allows non-white perps a chance to leave the country!

    1. Prejudice Lives says:

      If you don’t know what ethnicity the Giants’ fan assaulter was, why would you assume they are non-white? Plus it’s Cal, this guy looks asian to me, anybody else see that?

      1. Jadǝ Purǝlica says:

        Yes, me! At first glance of the pic, I thought he was Asian, too.

  3. Maria Chavez says:

    That guy looks like Conan O’brien.

  4. Maria Chavez says:

    The other one looks like Justin Bieber.

  5. Jadǝ Purǝlica says: – You’re quick to preach and/or easily and overly offended, but thanks.

    Mari – Thank you. You understood my comment (although I wasn’t confused and I didn’t have any problem with the punctuations :). I’m not attacking or praising anyone/side. I simply was wondering whether BM’s comment was a result of feeling offended because s/he’s white and has had it with all the minorities that are “invading” his/her country?

  6. nowhiteguilthere says:

    BM ;is correct. When the guy was beat up in LA, I know the cops asked the race of the perp. The media gets its info from the police and the media is the one that decides not to print the race if it is non White. Stop pretending to be stupid, or maybe your not pretending. I love the way new arrivals to this country are all indignant about racism, when most of them come from extremely racist countries.

    1. BM says:

      Hey thanks, I am Asian and I could careless which race commtted the crime, just tell it to us so if we are going to help the police, that description will help. If I see an Asian commits the crime, PRINT IT!. I will more than glad to tell the race of the person so other people can be looking out for an Aisan suspect instead of White, Black, Latino suspect.
      I have been seeing this pattern of news reports from KPIX for a long time.
      There are racist in every races.

  7. Susan says:

    BM’s comment was confusing and their was nothing wrong in asking to make it more clear. Instead of attacking people on a comment page, bakesc, why not be more insightful? Explain what BM was trying to get across.

    As for BM, the witnesses said that they saw a white male, what hasn’t been printed?

    1. BM says:

      You have not been tracking the way KPIX reports the crime, if crimes are comimitted by non-white, they will not print the race unitl days or weeks later when other news organization already indicated the race, just look at the example of the guy that got beat up by two Hispanics, KPIX diid not indicate the until alomost a week later, but other station did it right away, this is the pattern of KPIX, but if the crime is done by white, you will see it right away on the reports.

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