SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Baseball fans everywhere are debating the circumstances of the home plate collision at AT&T Park Wednesday night that seriously injured Giants catcher and 2010 Rookie of the Year Buster Posey.

Former USF star Scott Cousins of the Marlins crashed into Posey rather than slide in a play generally considered clean in Major League Baseball.

“When your player gets hurt, you want to know who to blame,” John Madden told the KCBS morning crew. “It’s just kind of a ‘bang-bang’ instinct… It’s baseball and it’s always been that way.”

KCBS anchor Stan Bunger noted that a new college baseball rule outlaws above the waist collisions at home plate. Is it time for a rules change at the professional level?

“Everyone is so conscious now of injuries. I think that anytime anyone brings up a rule change that really affects the safety of the sport, I think in today’s climate, that’s going to pass,” Madden said. “It’s easy to say that’s just good old fashioned hard baseball. Sometimes good old fashioned means good old stupid.” (8:25)

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  1. male member says:

    Yeah right … change the rules so that if a catcher sticks his leg out in front of a runner, the runner has to stop until he removes it. Better to change team and fan expectations that a catcher use his body as a barrier to stop a grown man running at full speed …

  2. steve says:

    Read the story male member, the reporter says “contact above the waist”. You don’t have to wait for him to remove his leg. It was a clean play but not neccesary, Cousins didn’t see that Posey didn’t have the ball.

  3. Alan Ratzburg says:

    How many years have we been playing baseball, and how many collisions with a catcher blocking the plate have there been. What kind of ratio are we talking about.
    One injury for every 5,000 runs?
    This was an event that I am really sorry for. I don’t like to see anyone get injured.
    but also, having a knee jerk reaction and reinventing the game is not necessarily the way go go.
    Football tried this when they instituted the ‘in the grasp’ rule for quarterbacks. I a defender dove to the ground and had a hand on the quarterbacks foot, he was in the grasp, and tackled. This rule have evoked and not quite so ridiculous now.
    But we cannot fly off and devise new rules every time someone get hurt.

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