Narsai David Recipe: The Best Coleslaw

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Kohrabi with stems removed in Brixton market. Taken by C Ford March 04. (Wikipedia)

Narsai David (CBS) Narsai David
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(KCBS) – KCBS Food and Wine Editor Narsai David said the best coleslaw of all does not need any recipe and he’s not talking about that shredded lettuce with mayonnaise.

I found some carrots, cucumbers, and kohlrabi in the refrigerator and I thought why not make this into a salad? So I shaved them into thin, narrow strips, added salt, pepper, a bit of sugar, and white wine vinegar, tossed it and let it sit for a few minutes to soften.

A friend made something similar with carrots and kyoga beets. It was delicious. You don’t need goopy mayonnaise for some good slaw. Try different veggies and don’t be afraid to experiment.

- Narsai David, KCBS Food and Wine Editor

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