SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – About 100 people gathered in front of San Francisco City Hall on Tuesday in support of a man who was removed from a U.S. Airways flight and arrested last month after he allegedly refused to pull up his sagging pants.

Deshon Marman, 20, was arrested on suspicion of battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and trespassing on June 15 after boarding a flight from San Francisco to Albuquerque, N.M., where he is a student and football player at the University of New Mexico.

San Francisco police said Marman was instructed by airline crew members several times to pull up his pants to cover his underwear both before and after he boarded the plane.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

He allegedly refused to do so, and eventually the plane’s captain told the other passengers to deplane, ordered Marman to leave the aircraft and then placed him under citizen’s arrest when he refused to exit, police said.

Marman was escorted off the plane by police and then allegedly resisted officers when they tried to arrest him. One officer suffered a cut to his hand and a sprained knee in the struggle, according to police.

At Tuesday afternoon’s rally in support of Marman, his family, friends and other backers questioned the police version of the events, and called on U.S. Airways to apologize to him.

His aunt, Sheila Burton, said Marman could not initially pull up his pants because he was carrying his baggage, and acted respectful throughout the incident.

“They’re the ones that took it to another level,” Burton said.

She said the incident was especially unfortunate because Marman had flown back to San Francisco for the funeral of his friend, former high school football star David Henderson, who was fatally shot in the Bayview.

Marman’s mother, Donna Doyle, said she was “very appalled that U.S. Airways sees fit to stop my son, but not the cross-dresser,” a white man who was apparently allowed to travel while wearing women’s underwear, according to various media reports in the days after the incident.

U.S. Airways has said it does not have a specific dress code for passengers but asks that they “dress in an appropriate manner to ensure the safety and comfort of all our passengers.”

Supervisor Malia Cohen, whose district includes Hunters Point, where Marman grew up, called for “a policy of transparency” that “eliminates even the slightest suggestion that anyone can be indiscriminately taken off a plane.”

Cohen introduced a resolution at Tuesday’s board meeting calling for the case to be dismissed, for U.S. Airways to issue a formal apology to Marman, and for the Federal Aviation Administration to investigate the airline’s actions in the incident.

She said in board chambers that the resolution is not just about sagging pants, but “expressing concern over the discrimination of a man by a corporate entity.”

The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office has not filed charges against Marman, but District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said a decision on whether to file them could come as soon as Wednesday morning.

Prosecutors have until the end of the week to make a decision on the case.

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Comments (23)
  1. JoetheSFRepublican says:

    Oh, boo-hoo. Droopy got his feelings hurt. Let’s riot.

  2. mykie84 says:

    While saggy pants are not a crime, noncompliance with a police officer is risky.
    I don’t get what the big deal was with Mr. Marmon and not pullimng up his pants. It was a simple request, that he could have protested once he reached his destination. Jeeez.

  3. Michael Campbell says:

    This reminds me of that South Park episode where people just like to rally no matter how idiotic the cause is.

  4. Paul says:

    Or…Or…he could have just pulled his pants up. Guess THAT option was off the table.

  5. Misha82 says:

    People trying to get $$$$$$$. Ridiculous!

  6. Just a guy says:

    What idiots think that pulling up your pants is a race issue?
    Seems to me that prison might help him learn to keep is pants up, as nobody outside of prison want this see his as*.

  7. Jim says:

    Why doesn’t CBS use the picture that was taken when he was arrested for resisting arrest, not his high school graduation picture??
    These protesters should pick a real cause, something that might actually do someone some good.

  8. ZOO says:

    Sounds like a loser to me, he should just drop out of school and become a rapper if he cannot conduct himself with the proper mannerisms. He should be charged for delaying everyone’s flight and be sentenced for indecent exposure and everything else. GROW UP AND STOP WASTING PEOPLES TIME!!! AND GOOD LUCK WITH THAT RALLY, I HOPE EVERYONE GETS ARRESTED

  9. Shaolin_Watcher says:

    Do they have jobs?

  10. ronald says:

    He and his family needs to take an IQ booster pill. The new medicine is called Moron-is-cin

  11. redneck says:


  12. HowsThatAgain? says:

    Didn’t his mother teach him anything in life like listen to the nice policeman when they ask you to do something and to act like a decent person in public?? I for one would be willing to donate one of my finer belts for him to wear next time he boards a plane and to also help him remove that chip on his shoulder.

  13. richard says:

    you all have it wrong. The simple dude was just trying to show off where his brain is, and his family agrees that a brain should be proudly flaunted. He should be allowed to exhibit the two hemispheres of his brain and the crack that divides them.

  14. asdf says:

    Don’t you hate people in modern society wear saggy pants? Well, stop turning gang culture to modern society. Saggy pants offend ladies, children, and men in ordinary society.

    If he wants to wear saggy pants. Go home and wear at home. Nobody want to see your thirty ass.

    Well, by the way, I am not mainstrain. But I do not believe these people have the right to change American or mainstream society by incorporate Black or gang= culture.

  15. What? says:

    Must be a bunch of gay white people making these comments as NO one has mentioned the irony of Mr. Cross Dresser not catching any flack.

  16. Been there seen that says:

    Seems “cross dresser” did get away with it. He should have been asked to wear something appropriate, too!

  17. CommonSense says:

    This article should start, “About a hundred stupid racists gathered in front of San Francisco City Hall on Tuesday to show exactly how stupid they are.” Follow simple instructions from airline personnel – minor instructions that shouldn’t cause any duress. It’s that simple! Don’t worry about what anyone else is wearing or doing, worry about yourself. Otherwise……get off the plane!

    Also, who cares what his aunt or mother say – they weren’t there and neither was the racist Supervisor introducing a resolution.

  18. Kebin says:

    What a bunch of idiots. Ever heard of “Professional Protesters?” These are people with nothing else to do with their lives but show up at events like this, just to get on TV. Most of them have no idea what they’re protesting about. Pathetic.

  19. adam says:

    Throw him in jail and he can sag his pants in there. That will change his mind. He probably wanted his salad tossed!

  20. chris modd says:

    i feel the way the way he wears his pants suck, no one needs to see his ass or oyher privets. i cant see how he even walks. whats wrong with rhe coaching staff, don’t they have a dress code. gry rid of them all, this is adding to whats
    wrong with our country no one takes pride any more.

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