SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A rally was held Monday in San Francisco’s Bayview District in response to the fatal police shooting of a 19-year-old man in that neighborhood on Saturday afternoon.

Protesters gathered at the site of the shooting, where Kenneth Harding Jr. allegedly ran from police and fired shots after officers attempted to detain him while conducting fare enforcement at a San Francisco Municipal Railway light-rail stop.

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Flowers and candles had been placed at the site, in a brick plaza between the Joseph P. Lee Recreation Center and the Bayview Opera House on the corner of Oakdale Avenue and Third Street.

Chris Jackson, a former candidate for District 10 supervisor, spoke angrily about the shooting. He said he lives a block from where it happened and that afterward residents had crowded around the scene, asking police why an ambulance had not yet arrived.

“This is something that only happens in communities of color,” he said.  “When we don’t pay our fare we get chased and shot by the cops. This is an unacceptable outcome.”

Harding was a parolee who was being sought in connection with a homicide in Seattle last week, police said at a separate news conference at the Hall of Justice Monday.

He was shot at about 4:45 p.m. after running from officers who had taken him off a Muni light-rail vehicle at Third Street and Palou Avenue for suspected fare evasion, according to police.

During the chase, Harding, a Seattle resident, allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot at the pursuing officers, police said. Two officers returned fire, wounding Harding. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead at 7:01 p.m., police said.

Police said Harding was a person of interest in a shooting in Seattle last Wednesday that killed a 19-year-old woman and injured three other people.

He had been released on parole in April after serving part of a 22-month sentence for attempting to promote prostitution in a case that involved a 14-year-old victim, and by being in San Francisco he was in violation of his parole, police Lt. Hector Sainez said.

Amateur video footage of the aftermath of the exchange between Harding and the officers on Saturday was posted online and shows a passerby picked up what investigators believe is Harding’s handgun and took it from the area before police could establish the crime scene.

Police received tips that led them to a parolee’s house in the Bayview where they found a gun that “looks like the same firearm that was on the ground,” police Chief Greg Suhr said.

Suhr said ballistic and DNA tests have not been completed to confirm that police have the right gun, and encouraged anyone who might have information indicating otherwise to come forward.

The parolee was not at home and remains at large, but police know his name and are trying to locate him, Suhr said.

The gun is not believed to be the same one used in the Seattle shooting, Suhr said.

The shooting is the third involving San Francisco police since early June. On June 7, officers fatally shot a suspected Southern California bank robber after he allegedly tried to run them over with his car, and on June 29, police shot and wounded a wanted parolee after he allegedly shot at officers.

In addition, BART police shot and killed a knife-wielding man on the platform of San Francisco’s Civic Center station on July 3. In response, protesters disrupted BART service at several stations last Monday.

Saturday’s shooting triggered an impromptu protest in the Mission District early Sunday morning and Monday’s rally.

Critics of the shooting said the video shows that Harding did not receive medical treatment immediately after the shooting despite several officers being in the area. Suhr said Monday that was because the officers believed he was still holding a firearm while lying on the ground.

“That’s why their weapons were still pointed,” he said.

He added that the officers beckoned Harding to show his hands for about 90 seconds before they approached him once he stopped moving.

Suhr said the gun was not initially found by officers at the scene because it was apparently thrown about 15 feet when Harding was hit by the gunfire.

At Monday’s news conference, police also released audio recordings from the department’s ShotSpotter system that picked up 10 shots fired in a six-second period—an initial one believed to be from Harding followed by nine from the two officers.

Suhr, who served as captain of the Bayview Police Station for two years before becoming chief in April, said he wanted to “reassure the community as to what happened” in the shooting, but acknowledged “one incident like this is such a huge setback to our community policing efforts.”

Suhr and other city officials, including Supervisor Malia Cohen, will hold a town hall meeting Wednesday to discuss the shooting. The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Bayview Opera House, located at 4705 Third St.

No officers were injured in the shooting. The two officers who fired at Harding have been placed on paid administrative leave, as is standard procedure.

Their names are not being released, but Suhr said both were assigned to the Bayview Station and one is a senior officer there who walks the Third Street beat regularly.

Protesters in the Bayview on Monday highlighted race as an issue in the shooting, and religious leaders and activists spoke passionately about the role of police in minority communities.

“We need to go into that police department and re-educate them,” said the Rev. Jeffery Branner, of St. Andrews Missionary Baptist Church.  “They don’t understand our culture.”

Sharon Hewitt, executive director of the Community Leadership Academy and Emergency Response Project, implored attendees to “get up off the ground and fight back.”

“We must end this racial and class divide that allows our young people to be shot in the streets like dogs,” Hewitt said.

Elvira Pollard, whose son, Gustavus Rugley, was killed in a shootout with police in 2004, spoke at the rally to say she did not believe the police version of Saturday’s events, and questioned whether Harding had a gun at all.

“They lie about things that they do and see,” Pollard said.

Some focused on the fare evasion issue that led to the chase.

“They’ve placed the value of a young black man’s life at two dollars,” said Jeremy Miller, co-director of Education not Incarceration, referring to the price of a Muni ride.

Supervisor Cohen appeared at the rally and expressed sympathy for Harding’s family.

The shooting is being investigated by the Police Department’s homicide and internal affairs unit, as well as the city’s Office of Citizen Complaints and the district attorney’s office.

Police are continuing to interview witnesses to the shooting, and are asking anyone with additional information to call the homicide unit at (415) 553-1145, the anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444 or send a tip by text message to TIP411.

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Comments (99)
  1. D says:

    You don’t EVER point a gun at a police officer. Yet to even shoot at them? At least our tax dollars aren’t paying for this thug.

    1. Carina E. Zaragoza says:

      Well stated!

    2. Zack Debarco says:

      Interesting that the Minister (?) & the Community Organizer are so pro baby raper/murder suspect ! I say investigate them for where they get their funding and ask if they stand for this sort of BS. They make it sound like it’s OK to evade paying the fare on Muni, shooting at cops and raping and killing their own.
      I suppose the Minister (?) is correct, WE DON’T UNDERSTAND THEIR CULTURE!!

      1. harding was a trick says:

        We don’t understand because their “culture” is rape,murder,robbery,child molesting, assault, cheating,lying and stealing.

      2. laughingmao says:

        i am seriously lmao. dude, is this your first day in america? what culture has the most child molesters? what culture has the most spousal homicides? what culture has beastality convicts? what culture kidnaps & rapes little girls for 18 yrs? what culture has serial killers? what culture has the highest suicide rate in America? what culture has their daughters hanging their heads over toilets after ever meal?

    3. fv says:

      The inevitable end to a wasted a wasted life. The SFPD saved all of us a ton of money, and future victims from being exposed to this vermin. We should thank them all for the thankless job that they provide. How can anyone in that community be upset over a career criminal being removed from its streets???? Or protest over his removal? Obviously right and wrong is not being passed on accordingly in one area of San Francisco


      I LOVE happy endings and this is the happiest of them all.

      Shame on all of the morons who are protesting this POS thugs death and I say give the cops a medal for doing the state a favor by saving us taxpayers a fortune.


    5. laughingmao says:

      are you serious? what culture has the most child molesters? what culture has the most spousal homicides? what culture has beastality convicts? what culture kidnaps & imprisons & rapes little girls for 18 years? what culture has the most serial killers? what culture has the highest suicide rate in America? what culture has their daughters hanging their heads over toilets after ever meal?

  2. genomega says:

    I guess the answer is get rid of the cops and lets see what happens.
    The laws of the old west will kick in.

    1. Seriously says:

      It sure does sound like that’s what the community there wants. Why in hell would anyone want to be a cop in this neighborhood? What’s the point in having cops there? The people don’t want cops there, so let’s put those cops in neighborhoods with people who support the cops rather than supporting the child rapists and murderers who are shooting at them.

  3. mythreeCents says:

    Yeah this is ALL about race. The local community is racing to get to the bottom of the gene pool. Just listen to the comments in the crowd and you will hear why this community is forever doomed. With community leaders like the one listed and his remark, I would say its the blind leading the blind.

    I am so sick and tired of hearing excuses and blaming it on race. It’s not “the man” keeping you down, its your own way of life and the lifestyle you choose to glorify. Forever doomed, forever blind.

    1. young gotti says:

      yea u say that because maybe u never came incotact with yhe police or maybe your just white but whatever the case you havnt lived where we lived so shut your mouth

      1. Mythreecents says:

        I have had plenty of contact with the police and have the utmost respect for them. I do not live in your neighborhood because it sounds like a hell hole, and exactly how you want to keep it obviously from your lack of anger and blame in the right direction. What’s sad is that you could all clean that neighborhood in a week. It’s not like you all have jobs getting in the way of a little cleaning. And stop with the race card. I highly doubt you came over by ship in shackles so you have had the same opportunities as everyone else. You only CHOSE to live like this.

      2. oscar says:

        i lived in that hellhole for years and got out as soon as i could. please stop defending the criminals and vermin of your race; separate from them and do something with your life. if thugs didn’t murder, rape, steal, and break every law there is then they would have no trouble with the police. i am not white and i have NEVER been bothered by police because i am too busy WORKING and GOING TO SCHOOL to get in trouble. i’d advise you to do the same. and by the way, gotti…REALLY?! THAT”S who you look up to? maybe you are beyond hope…

      3. Seriously says:

        U are a moron, “young gotti”–yeah, we never lived in your neighborhood so what would we know about how a POS child rapist and murderer who is shooting at the effing cops should be treated. The police shouldn’t have defended themselves and the bystanders, they should have let that POS destroy your neighborhood further. The cops should only be allowed to focus on white criminals. U are the reason your neighborhood is s**thole.

      4. Eve Fromm says:


      5. gottiwasathug says:

        Your Screen Name says it all – What a surprise that you have encountered “bad” contacts with the police. You’re just another thug that wants to help turn public opinion against the police so that you can continue your dream of becoming a “made man” and one day you too can be a baby raper / murder and have the public come out in support of you when you are either shot by the police or incarcerated.

  4. Kodiax says:

    im going to bust a gut laughing if either of the officers is colored… seems that while the white/cops are the “racists”, its always the blacks or mexicans who scream it first.
    i do see racism as being involved here….unless youre actively looking for it in every nook and cranny of your life……or anyone elses…….
    as i read it, the cops were looking for him on far more serious charges.. which makes the ticket charge just a common sense effort to get him qu ietly off the train. so screaming racism or arrest for ticket violation is just plain silly.
    id like to see computer enhancement of the video showing a bystander picking up that object. i also want to see results of the tests on gun they did confiscate. if it matches up, bbye to all the anger generated here.
    shoot at a cop, dont cry when you take a round.

    1. Kodiax says:

      oops, i meant ” I DONT see racism as being involved here.

      1. mythreeCents says:

        The only racist comment were from the “hood” that quickly surrounded the scene, causing a delay for medics to respond because the scene was unsecured and they were staging. MAYBE if the crowd would have backed away, allowing less police to deal with the crowd, the bus would have been green lighted for response and the punk kid could have lived to face murder charges.

    2. anon says:

      One cop is Black, the other Latin. there ya go mate!

    3. oscar says:

      hey don’t bring the mexicans into it!!! we as a community don’t protect our garbage and glorify them; it;s the black community. sure we have our criminal element like all races, but we don’t stage protests and rallies for our filth; the police did the right thing and i am glad the fool is dead!

      1. seriously says:

        You’re right, come to think of it, I’ve never heard of anyone defending criminals except black communities. It’s weird as hell that race has anything to do with it.

    4. Evan says:

      You misread the story if you think these cops were looking for him on more serious charges. That and you give the police way more credit than they deserve. He was a “person of interest” in a crime far away from SF. I can guarantee the police had no interstate APB on him. Also, a “person of interest” is not a suspect, rather someone who could potentially provide information to the investigation.

  5. crissyfields says:

    Thank You S.F.P.D.!

    1. Nickolas Robinson says:

      Yes Thank you S.F.P.D., one less hardened criminal going after children and cops.

  6. immigrant says:

    Well, not everyone in here are Black and White. I am not of it. However, this guy violated the law ran away from officer, broke the law for now paying like everybody else. Basically, he was lawless, guned at officers. Officers had the duty to fire back. Why not an ambalance called. Well, he was not surrendered yet he kept reaching up. Well, he desired to die because he had criminal record plus shooting at officers triggered the fire. So, nothing wrong with that. It is not about Black, White, Hispanics, Native American, Middle East, or Asian. This guy was danger to the public. Imagine he fired shots and hitted people on the street. He got to be gunned down regardless of color.

    Talking about color, you people don’t show respect, abide the law, and do everything right. You did what was expected, steal, rob, kill, pimp people and not only you crossed the color line pimping other people’s women, you create a lot of problem in this society people are just tried of it.

    Well, if not happy, go back where you came from. I mean, we have people from other country they didn’;t have all we have here. No welfare, food stamp, government housing, scholarship, financial aid, correction agency, mental house, disability and unemployment benefits. You unemploy, that’s your business. Everyone wakes up everyday work very hard, be dedicate citizen, hardly anyone break the law, everybody do their own thing, nobody accuse of the government.

    This country gives too much freedom and radically crazy. Our government go broke even we shot this stupid jark and maybe follow w/ lawsuit and discrimination claim. This is unheard in other part of the world. BAsically, you people taking advantage of the law, system, and benefit of this country and is called unAmerican.

    1. mythreeCents says:

      So correct. It is sad when people sneaking into the Country love it and respect what it has to offer more than the people living here.

      1. young gotti says:

        yea ok the people sneaking inn r sneaking drugs so get another excuse how u can mess cali up cuzz coke has no value where you r from so stop sneaking in and i might believe that

      2. Mythreecents says:

        Yeah not everyone coming into the country is a drug dealer, but since that’s all you see in the hood I don’t blame your ignorance. As far as the cost of drugs, it’s simple supply and demand. I don’t you were held down and forced to do drugs so you have no excuse. You can only get addicted if you try it. Again the blame for drugs are the people in the hood using and selling it and the neighborhood for looking the other way and not reporting crimes. In my neighborhood we do not put up with gang bangers, drug dealers and losers. But then again we dont use them as role models so it’s easy to turn them in to the police.

  7. Ken says:

    OMG… are they for real? he ran from the police and fired a shot at the police. And not understanding their culture? what culture would that be?

    “We must end this racial and class divide that allows our young people to be shot in the streets like dogs,” Hewitt said.

    you fired at the cop, for crying out loud… damn, those people are dumb!!!

    1. jbayviewres says:

      Amen!!! What comes around goes around. Right in your back fool!

      1. young gotti says:

        yea but when the police bust u in yo back then u wont be saying that

      2. Ken says:

        yeah, the fool got shot by the police in the back…

      3. Anon says:

        He was shot in the side of neck, not the back. And police can shoot a fleeing felon when they present a grave threat to the community. Look up the SFPD firearms policy, its all there online for you.

        Cops don’t have to shoot you in the front every time. If you turn and run, and are still considered a threat, you cab be shot in the back. Regardless, that didn’t happen here.

        Besides, y’all don’t care when a young g gets shot in the back by people in the hood.

    2. young gotti says:

      yea we ran from slave owners and still got hung who is the police wheather they be black or white

    3. Seriously says:

      young gotti, the cops won’t be shooting any of US in the back because we won’t be raping children, murdering pregnant woman, breaking our parole by being in SF and carrying a gun, and shooting at the cops while running from them. It’s really, really easy to avoid getting shot by cops, doesn’t matter what color you are or even what neighborhood you live in: DON’T BE A CRIMINAL. I see you have a great life ahead of you, choosing the name “young gotti” and blaming people who died 200 years ago for your whole race’s actions. You’re on track to be a waste of space on this planet and go out too young by being shot by cops because you’re a criminal (while blaming it on the fact that you’re not white). What a great idea of how to spend your life.

  8. jeff says:

    This creep was thoroughbred trash. What police should be investigating is why there are so many stupid people in that neighborhood. Stupid all the way up the line, from the crackhead on the corner al the way up to the preacher they quoted in this article.

    1. ken says:

      damn right..those stupid people make him look like some kind of hero…cant believe, maybe they should stop whatever they are smoking or injecting…lol

    2. Seriously says:

      Amen. The reaction from the community to this is unbelievable. Total effing losers across the board. Blame the man.

  9. jeff says:

    He was shot and died like the animal that he was. He got what he needed.

    1. OpenRoad says:

      What I find interesting is that the community is standing up for someone who is wanted in conjunction with the murder of a young african-american woman in Seattle and who was in jail for trying to prostitute a 14 year old . Where’s the cry and protests against the violence perpetrated against african-american women? I want the Rev. Jeffery Branner, of St. Andrews Missionary Baptist Church to explain to me why he is not protesting the violence in his own community.

  10. jeff says:

    One “activist” says that this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen if people in the neighborhood had jobs. That creep and the rest of the welfare trash in that neighborhood wouldn’t work if the job was rolling joints for 10 dollars an hour in an air conditioned office

  11. re-edmucate them really... LMAO says:

    “We need to go into that police department and re-educate them,” said the Rev. Jeffery Branner

    wow really…. coming from a person of god….. go educate the city on the responsibility of being an adult….. that for each and every action there is a reaction… that crime against the communities affect everyone, including the police…. i want you to got into your community and educate them on the crimes that they are committing against each other is the problem……

    you are the ones that make it about race, you are the ones who cry out for help, then when it shows up and the get fought back with resistance and something like this happens…. you cry foul….

    SHAME ON YOU ALL (well not all, as we now know there are some good people still out there)…… just remember when you point a finger, you are pointing 3 back at yourself……

    i pray that the good people left, stand up, take a stand for where you live, for the thugs and raciest’s who terrorize your streets… teach your kids the way to really get things in life and how to get there… work hard, get a real job… fight to take the streets back….. you could have a wonderful community, but you allow these thugs to punk you……

  12. Jeff says:

    I wish the people in the Bayview-Hunters Point were reading these comments, but i am sure that no one there is reading. Books are like kryptonite. If they start rioting you should hide in a bookstore or library.

    1. A Sister says:

      LOL! Good one, Jeff!

    2. says:


    3. Evan says:

      You are a racist pig. And you probably won’t find much reply from that community on this story since it’s heavily slanted against them.

  13. william says:

    I am very happy that 14 year old girls and pregnant mother no longer have this man to fear. So Long Beeeee-och!

  14. 49494 says:

    Famiy value, culture, philosophy, respect, moral, ethic, and everything about raising, shaping, and nurturing proper kids, teenagers, and adults to be productive, respect law, and others very important.

    Nothing like this would happen. Argue, acuse, or anything else would not earn other people’s respect.

    Hope somebody out there is doing that or shaping others so this society is going to be respected.

  15. Old West says:

    Old West…
    Rev. Jeffery Branner should educate himself first about his people culture, especially killing spree…During the first six months of 2009, there were 189 people murdered in Chicago, 159 murdered in Oak Land, and 139 murdered in Richmond…ALL MURDERS ARE IN THE BROTHERHOOD…
    Here is the God bless America sign, during that time less than 130 some American Troops were kill in Baghdad, Iraq.
    May God bless American Troops!!!

  16. jbayviewres. says:

    I think we should print a picture of the 19 year old girl killed by this fool at this memorial site it should be for her. She is the victim! Btw you make yourself below the white man not my problem!

  17. talondog says:

    Another great shot by the officers. More garbage off the street. It’s to bad they just can’t start getting rid of all of them. I’m sick of all these stupid, dumb animals crying every time one of them gets shot. It’s always the officer’s fault, you would think they would get the iidea that their way of life is unacceptable. It just goes to show you they don’t care what the guy did, they just are against the law no matter what. Stupid people!!!

  18. Mike says:

    Can we please just abandon the community? Geez. The police did the community a favor by taking out a violent criminal, and they protest about it? Never mind that they’re giving the dead criminal a vigil. It’s just plain backwards over there.

  19. Old West says:

    Rev. Jeffery Branner,
    May be you have time to read the reality below before crying and crying as your people and culture:

    CHICAGO (CBS) ― An estimated 123 people were shot and killed over the summer. That’s nearly double the number of soldiers killed in Iraq over the same time period.
    In May, began tracking city shootings and posting them on Google maps. Information compiled from our reporters, wire service reports and the Chicago Police Major Incidents log indicated that 123 people were shot and killed throughout the city between the start of Memorial Day weekend on May 26, and the end of Labor Day on Sept. 1.

    According to the Defense Department, 65 soldiers were killed in combat in Iraq. About the same number were killed in Afghanistan over that same period.

    In the same time period, an estimated 245 people were shot and wounded in the city.

  20. racerx says:

    We want law and order…oh, except when it’s inconvenient and in conflict with our social-cause agenda – then we join the NAACP and want the blood of the law and order people. GET A LIFE, LOSERS!!!

  21. BISCAYNE says:



  22. EMT-1 says:

    FYI (For Your Information): For those protesting that the perp didn’t get ‘immediate’ medical assistance and that the ambulance wasn’t there immediately here’s some info for you.

    It is part of standard EMT & Paramedic training that they are NOT to enter a scene until that scene is secured – meaning until it is SAFE to do so. There is NO obligation to wade into a volatile (and possibly hostile) crown to render medical aid. Not only is there no obligation, but it is a VIOLATION of training to do so. Why? Because they may become victims themselves and thus require more medics/police/responders to come rescue THEM. EMTs & Paramedics are to render medical assistance – NOT act as soldiers in a WAR ZONE!

    So if you want help, don’t act like a bunch of fools and scream & yell. Be the people that CALM the situation so medics CAN get in and do THEIR job.

    1. Duane Phinney says:

      You are correct paramedics are not trained for battlefield conditions even if they wanted to intervene, without the proper training they could make the situation even more volatile.

  23. EMT-1 says:

    CORRECTION: “…..there is no obligation to wade into a volatile (and possinly hostile ) CROWD” [not ‘crown’]

    PS Incidentally, as I saw the video, it shows that medics DID arrive pretty quick! MUCH FASTER than if you lived in an outlying or rural area where it could take easily thirty minutes or an hour for help to arrive.

  24. connie says:

    thank god this child molester is dead!!
    these brainless sheep protesting probably never had a family member raped or beaten up by this rat who shot at the cops,..deserved what he got..Justice served!!

  25. t says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.

    There is evidence that several corrupt DoJ, DoD and CIA employees had taken bribes from Al Quida in exchange for information and logistics support during the four years prior to 9/11.

    When one considers that the 9/11 terrorists could take jumbo jet flying lessons, move about the US unobstructed, live for several weeks less than 2 miles from NSA head quarters and be on State Department watch lists, even without the supporting evidence of bribery this makes sense.

    1. BOB says:

      jimmy GO AWAY!!!!!!!

  26. edward says:

    Hey my three cents the perp deserves what he got true,but lets stick to the facts.Law enforcement have said that white people use the most drugs.

  27. Soooo Tired Of It says:

    Now let’s get this straight, he’s 19, getting out of jail(Likely again) for pimping a 14 year old (Not mentioning already having sex with a minor), “..a person of interest” in the murder of a pregnant teen in Seattle, steaing free MUNI rides and carrying an unregistered firearm….and “Hunter’s Point-ites” are screaming injustice???? Or at the least, the wanna-be politicos who can’t get elected on a good day. Then, to cap it all off, one of the sterling HP community members attempts to steal the gun the punk wasn’t carrying. Lordy! Then the guy that comes on here to defend it all… obviously never wasted his time in a classroom.. and likely thinks “Be” is still a verb. Can this be any more bizarre? Fellini on hs best day could not have come up with this. Why do we still tiloerate, let alone finance, this community with Section 8 and welfare,. Cops don’t need to kill them.. the ax each other (And no, I meant “ax” as in cut down.. not “Ask” as they use it.) The community not only has the highest rate of violence, it has a similar rate of stolen MUNI transport and when that line opened.. fyi,, crime at its end point, Castro, soared. When do we say enough? Charge market rate rents and make “Workfare not Welfare” the model? I am sooo tired of these enititled, reverse raccists… soooo tired.

  28. MoronsOfBayview says:

    @Watcher… please take your ignorance somewhere else, we’re all sick of listening to the whining and ridiculous accusations. Oh, I forgot, you need brains to blow out in the first place, I wouldn’t worry, you’re safe.

  29. Guapi says:

    Whoever is the Community Organizer on this one ought to lose his/her Organizing License forever.

  30. DM says:

    Interesting how every time a non-white is shot by police, there is big outcry, especially if the copis white. However, if the cops shoot a white suspect (regardless of the race of the officer) nobody saya a word.

    Does anybody else see a problem with this?

  31. Nickolas Robinson says:

    “This is something that only happens in communities of color,” he said. “When we don’t pay our fare we get chased and shot by the cops. This is an unacceptable outcome.”
    Well, perhaps it happens more frequently in communities of color by your own statement. And pointing a gun at a cop is going to get you shot. Colored or not.
    It is always the small minded that blames race before reviewing the facts.
    I hate to read when the news publicizes peoples statements like this. It makes an impression that the person was shot for their color, and not by their criminal deed.
    I do wish the news did more responsible editing, instead of promoting racism by publishing this type of statement. This type of reporting hurts communities and creates hate.

    1. Duane Phinney says:

      You are correct of course, the msm is a large part of the problem.
      They will take the side of criminal if they are black. If he had been white there would not have been a ripple.

  32. connie says:

    This Monkey is Dead! These protesters should put the pictures of the Raped victims at the memorial site of this spineless thug…Next time if one of these protestors get mugged or raped, I hope they remember this guy!

  33. Eve Fromm says:

    Wow you guys really hate black people.

    1. john doe says:


  34. Dana E says:

    Blacks always pull the race card for every situation in life. It’s a worn out crutch that they seem to believe excuses them from bettering themselves and their community. The executive director of the Community Leadership Academy spouts off “We must end this racial and class divide that allows our young people to be shot in the streets like dogs.” You want to end the divide? Try raising your young people to not act like dogs. Take responisbility for the way your children turn out and stop foisting blame on everyone else. I lived in low income housing after my parents divorced and my mother worked tirelessly to make sure my brother and I were respectful and worked hard in school while she had to work nights as a bartender. We never robbed or stabbed anyone, nor did we try to even try to evade a simple bus fare. Environment starts at home! Create a better one for your children and give them options for a better future.

  35. flinnte says:

    If it is proven that the police fired after they were fired upon, no relative can come out of the woodwork and try to sue the city……every time an African American is shot, the same lawyer trots out and files a wrongful death suit against the city. This is about money, not race. And to treat this CRIMINAL like an innocent person is absurd, I don’t care what his skin color is, he didn’t pay his fare, he was detained, he ran, he fired at the police, they fired back. That would happen to ANYONE who shot at police.

    Police are not paid to get shot so some criminal can be captured unharmed. Someone needs to tell everyone that if you aim a gun or gun-like object at the police, they will fire on you. ALL police shoot to kill, there is no way to try and wound someone, you aim for the biggest part of the body, the core. When you shoot, you only shoot because your life is in danger.

    And to say the people shot are our young people, our good young black men, shot like dogs, no these are CRIMINALS, drug dealers, murderers, I don’t care about their race or sex. Their mothers’ don’t want to admit their sons could do this, but yes they did and when they tell you no I didn’t kill her or sell drugs or whatever, they are lying. Criminals say ANYTHING to get away with murder.

  36. toni says:

    I am reading all of your comments above and wondering what kind of people you are , or what have you become in the last two hundred years

  37. t says:

    All I see is more retoric, a community leader state “they just don’t understand our culture” intresting statment. I grew up in a Marine corp home and have served my country and when a gun is pointed and me and fired I shoot back. Try to understand that “culture” More oppertuinities need to be provided to minorities so the option to commit crime is not on the table. And let me say this when looking down the barrel of a gun race really is not a deciding issue. Survival becomes the most base response. Get all the facts and stop pulling the race card.

  38. Larry says:

    They killed my porch monkey! This calls for a protest and riot!

  39. Stupid People says:

    “We must end this racial and class divide that allows our young people to be shot in the streets like dogs,” Hewitt said

    1. john doe says:

      blacks need to stop acting like animals !

  40. Evan says:

    You people are all disgusting. Just because you grew up not living in a situation like this community you cannot possibly understand the rationale behind the distrust for the police. There are countless times where evidence is planted, police lie too. Just because someone is sworn to uphold the law doesn’t mean they are infallible.

    That being said, if he had shot at police they should have done what they did. However, police are also trained with their firearms. They know the difference between a fatal and debilitating shot. Additionally, law enforcement are required to be trained as first responders. As this man lay dying and bleeding out on the sidewalk the police watched and did nothing to perform 1st aid. There is video evidence that the police stood idly by and let this man die. Regardless of your views on his criminal history, or his current suspected crimes, the legal system does not appoint law enforcement officers as judge, jury and executioner. He was due his day in court. No one, deserves to die the way he did.

    On the reporting, the media brings up these former crimes to demonize the victim of violence. Even if he did first shoot at police officers, there is no obligation by the press to condemn this man after he had died.

    An independent organization must investigate this to find what actually occurred that day.

    1. hoops says:

      hey now I live in THIS community and you don’t speak for me. I’ve SEEN many shooting deaths and I’m sick of the gangster attitudes around me and how the leaders are crybabies and excuse makers and people say the cops are out to get everyone. So your indignation is disgusting to ME. I was close enough when it happened that I could have been hit by his bullets. I heard every shot. The cops didnt shoot this punk because he was a black man, they did it because they didnt want to get SHOT either. They didnt administer first aid because they didnt know if he keep shooting, thats JUST SMART. Not saying he deserved it but HE rolled the dice and he LOST, it was his choice, not the police.

  41. marcos says:

    Chris Jackson is an elected member of the San Francisco Community College Board.

  42. deon says:

    if that guy didnt get gunned down now, he might kill some innocent person in the future for a stupid reason like robbery!

    1. genomega1 says:

      He had already killed in the past plus a few other crimes.

  43. john doe says:

    look at it this way one least nigrow lol !

  44. LIYAH ROSE says:


    1. genomega1 says:

      Don’t feed the trolls or ignorant…

    2. Kodiax says:

      personally, im enraged and appalled at your complete lack of understanding on what happened. have you even read the articles about this parole breaking, teen pimping thug? the one who was killed by a .380 caliber bullet (the police dont use this caliber)
      he isnt even supposed to be IN the bay area much less stealing free rides on muni.

  45. Thomas Schwager says:

    liars all. kill a black man get time off paid

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