PACIFICA (CBS / AP) — Authorities are trying to determine what prompted a pit bull to attack and kill a pregnant woman in her Pacifica home.

Pacifica police Capt. Dave Bertini said a necropsy was being performed on the dog that killed Darla Napora on Thursday.

Though the results won’t be back for a few weeks, Bertini said officials are trying to determine if the dog may have had rabies or some other sort of condition that may have sparked the attack.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

Officers were called to the home of the 32-year-old Napora when her husband, Greg Napora, arrived home from work a little after noon Thursday and found her injured and lying on the living room floor.

Emergency crews pronounced her dead at the scene.

Officers shot and killed the dog as it approached emergency crews who were trying to tend to the woman.

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Comments (15)
  1. Cici Bauer says:

    This is yet another dreadful story involving Pit Bulls. These are wonderful dogs however they are not to be underestimated nor taken for granted. Their genetic past weighs against them in being typical family pets. We need to rethink this breed. They should be protected but we should be protected first and foremost and if that means only certain people should be able to breed and to buy Pit Bulls then so be it. I know personally of too, too many stories where Pit Bulls have turned on their owners or their owner’s family or other pets even after years of living with them contentedly. Say what you will, this breed is different and should be treated with more caution and care than they are.

  2. kc says:

    The dog was also unaltered. Neutering, especially before 6 months, can make a big difference in a dog.
    And just a few years ago there was that boy who was killed by the families Pit Bull in SF.
    I know people will defend these dogs, but I can’t recall hearing of any other breed killing it’s owner.

  3. al says:

    Cici, You have said better than anyone else. If you look at the comments in the original story. you will see soo many people defending the breed. i love dogs (of course im a dog owner) and pitbulls. But these dogs are not for everyone. they are genetically bred to kill anything that is a threat o them. They end up in too many peoples hands that cannot train or handle them. So, we should follow in UK and Germanys footsteps and outright ban them. No more new pitbulls – period.

    1. Blue says:

      I sincerely doubt that banning the breed is going to result in anything positive, 4 breeds have been banned in the UK for 20 years now and the incident of dog bites has really not been significantly decreased, the solution is not to rid the world of pitbulls it is to promote the responsible ownership of all dogs, enforcement of dog laws we currently have would be fantastic. I can’t tell you how many unregistered dogs there are in my city, these people are not responsible owners regardless of the breed. It’s the owner not the dog that needs correcting

  4. Mark says:

    Pit bulls are a good breed but can b dangerous. There are too many of them too. I have a Boston Terrier that can take care of himself, but not against a pit bull. I am always on the outlook for agressive dogs, and I always carry an oak cane just in case. I agree, they should b banned. I wouldn’t miss them in the least.

    1. PMC says:

      .. and my dog wouldn’t miss you in the least. Carrying a weapon to use on the street. Shame on you. You should be euthanized, after being neutered.

      1. SheelaGig says:

        yes, lots of people have taken to carrying weapons to defend themselves against pit bulls in communities that won’t regulate or ban on them.

        And there are several stories about people killing pit bulls with the guns and knives they carry after they’ve been menaced.

        Shame on you for putting us all in jeopardy. Shame on you for forcing people to arm themselves. Shame!

        These dogs need to be banned.

      2. Blue says:

        @SheelaGig My dog, a staffordshire terrier is often called a pitbull, and as a similar and equally powerful breed those people are not wrong labeling him thus, however, he is well trained, well controlled, always supervised, excersised and submissive. He’s no more dangerous than any other 60lb dog (think laborador) He’s neutered and registered to the city. Is he capable of causing harm to a person? Sure but so is my friends 12 lb tabby cat, as evidence by the 24 stitches needed after it attacked her calf yet no one is proposing a ban on tabby cats and if you were to carry a weapon to defend yourself against them people would not look kindly on it. This is an isolated incident, there’s something like 34 fatal dog bites a year in this country, this country with perhaps around something like 74 million pet dogs. Do the 64 shark bites a year prevent you from swimming in the ocean?

  5. Nellie says:

    I say wait for the autopsy. Not the necropsy, but the autopsy. But no matter what is found, all pets should be neutered before adoption.

  6. Thomas says:

    How are the “authorities” going to determine what caused the dog to attack, if in fact the dog didn’t.
    Latest reports strongly suggest that the woman actually fell from a ladder and that the dog had nothing to do with it.
    Before spreading misinformation, try to actually serve the public by gathering facts… wait, that might defeat the purpose of selling copy – never mind.

  7. brit says:

    so sad the real story will probably get out the police killed an innocent dog. An autopsy of the WOMAN determined that the died from falling from a ladder! NOT from being mauled

  8. 3short says:

    no no, what really happened is she fell while trying to put the dog food in the bowl and the dog accidently ate her thinking she was the food. It could happen to anyones dog so lets not make any judgements because it’s just not fair to do that and it’s too hard.

  9. Deb says:

    Cici — when there are literally millions of pitbulls and pitbull mixes in the US, you just can’t blame this on the breed. The last fatal mauling in California was a nine pound pomeranian who killed an infant. Search the LA Times web site for the story. All dogs can be dangerous. Now I do agree with Cici on one point, and that is that breeding should be regulated, as so many of these dogs have been inbred by people trying to select for “guard dog” temperament. However, this wasn’t the case with this dog. In fact, the husband is having the dog’s ashes buried with his wife because she loved her dog so much.

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