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The San Francisco 49ers continue their preseason play against Houston on Saturday at 5 p.m. on KPIX-TV CBS 5.

49ers fans: What do you think of this year’s team and new head coach Jim Harbaugh?

Got a question or comment for our broadcast team of Dennis, Tim and Kim?

Post it here on the 12th Man Messageboard and CBS 5 may use it during the game broadcast or during the 5th Quarter postgame show.

So watch the Niners and Houston on CBS 5 and post your comments here on

  • LaMont the Shadow

    Have the 49ers ever had a QB with Colin Kaepernick’s combination of Size,Speed and arm strength?

  • Pidge

    Alex Smith still sucks.

  • Flocka from the Bay

    The 49ers are struggling on the offense and the defense. This is depressing.

  • Jason Garcia

    Pathetic, it is going to be a long season, what were the Niners thinking by not making any significant moves other than Edwards. All I keep hearing about our offense is to be patient, all the while we are wasting the best years of the quality players we do have on defense and offense. It is only a matter of time until the trade demands start.

    • Juntauo tillery

      Its really not the quarter back smith would do a better job with some blocking don’t matter who is back there the line is big and slow the coach knows this I think but still wants to focus in the wrong places its happen year after year

  • Jessica

    I don’t think Kaepernick should sit out a year. Smith has had more than enough time to “develop.” Why not spend this year letting the rookie QB get hands on training and play the whole year. There is nothing to lose since it is more than likely we would have a losing season with Smith, so allowing a rookie to spend that time learning would be more beneficial. Look at Stafford and Bradford.

    • mromero

      You are right on with this comment. Even in past games when the o line is holding the D back, he sucks!!

  • Juntauo tillery

    Its really bad no blocking no matter who is the qb

  • Jordan Sanchez

    I think that Jim Harbaugh is going to be a very sucessful head coach. I like how Jim drafted Kendall Hunter in the draft. Same with Colin Kaepernick I know Colin is going to be a playoff contender QB.

  • Nina Cook

    signs pointing like its going to be a loooong season.

  • Andy

    You can’t really blame Smith, or Kaepernick for that matter for the lack of yards. The O-line isn’t giving them anytime to throw, and the Niners defense hasn’t been able to stop the Texans once to put the Niners offense back on the field.

  • Bill D

    Please Dennis shut up once and a while. During both last week and this you frequently IDed a player with the wrong team. Also last week you never said how long the 49er field goal was. This week you never IDed a holdiing penalty against Houston. Right now I think your 1 step above Dan Deardorff. PLEASE call the game and don’t worry so much about superfolous garbage no one cares about.

  • Ruben Lopez

    NINERS should just sit Alex smith down and let kapernick show his full potential. Alex will never be a pro quarterback.

  • Robert

    This team sucks. This offense won’t stay on the field no longer than 20 minutes a game. I don;t know why Alex Smith is still the starter. After 6 years I would thought by now you would relize he sucks. It is disappointing to be a 49er fan. i’m not even going to get hyped up about this team!!!

  • paul B

    what the hell is our new couch doing????We need to do better then they are doing…They still suck as a team.Same as las year….

  • Carol

    Gee, Alex still sucks Shocking! It’s going to be another long year.

    • Andy

      How can you say he sucks when he gets hit on every single play? Not really fair judgement. I’d say the o-line sucks more than anything.

      • Jessica

        Six years and he hasnt improved? You cant blame the o-line for that. Plus he only got 17 yds, Kaepernick got 15 yds with one completion. It’s sad he has rookie numbers and he’s not a rookie. so you do not have the perfect argument either

  • Bern

    Tim the announcer sucks! He is talking about not understanding what Harbough is doing putting in the 2nd and 3rd stringers against a 1st team offense. Obviously Tim you did not watch the conference that says he is putting them in to earn their position. Obviously Harbough has an agenda and unfortunately for you Tim, you did not do your homework to have Harbough expand.

    Tim, now saying that Harbough’s plan has backfired for the first half. Are you serious? Now you know Harbough’s plans? Come on! Please comment on the football which is what you have experience in. You DON’T HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH COACHING!

    CBS, we are a top market and for these broadcasts, you are giving us amateur broadcasting! I know it is pre-season, but like the stands are empty, Your broadcasts ARE empty!

  • Kim White

    Whew…the Niners have some extreme issues, first being, they seem to have a problem with the offensive blocking scheme…they’re going to get someone hurt.

    Secondly, the fans will not tolerate Smith being deemed the offensive leader of the niners…he’s had his chances and frankly, the fans have run out of patience….

    Thirdly, the niners lack confidence and continuity…It’s going to be a long season…

  • Abby

    What is CBS thinking sprinkling in their second and third string broadcasters among first team fans. Tim needs to spend more time looking at the roster and the game so that he can properly broadcast to us first place Niner fans. Harbaugh’s plan is to see how our backups are going to stand up against starters. It is not about building confidence, it is purely evaluation. Maybe you should guys should really be thinking about what you say before you say it. I must say that I am glad that there is only one more game that we have to listen to these guys. I have almost turned down the sound and listen to the silence.

    • Bern

      I completely agree Abby! Tim is HORRIBLE. I posted a similar comment just before you.

  • Ethel May

    I cant say anything bad about Colin K. He’s a rookie. Look at his “mentor” ( Alex Smith) whos been there 7 years. Colin looks better then him. You think you hear boo’s now from the crowd, just wait till the regular season starts…you haven’t seen nothing yet. And that PR stunt with Jed York and the support of the fans; you keep on believing that Jed and you just might convince yourself….it’s so insulting to the 49er fan’s intelligence.

  • Jose Ortiz

    I have a suggestion! Keep Alex Smith off the field and maybe the 49ers would have a chance.

  • Nate the great

    The 9ers are the worst team and franchise going at this time tied with the Raiders. They play with NO heart and NO smarts. Alex Smith and the O-line should be released asap, trade Gore and Crabtree and get some damn draft picks like New England does it. Coach Harbaugh is terrible at this point, he gets an F so far, wake up coach and smell the NFL cause this ain’t college!!

    • mromero

      why get rid of Gore? He didn’t even play plus he is the one who has gotten yardage when the qb can’t be even trusted to throw the ball. And I’m not talking about Colin. He should be the starter. I do agree that the O-line should be released they are the worse I’ve seen in a long time.

  • AR

    Great Game, eh?

  • ramon

    Tim —
    What positives signs can Harbaugh take away from this game???

  • Milpitas Jim

    The worst part of the whole pre-season has been hearing Tim & Dennis with all the excuses for the 49ers. PLEASE stop with the excuses for every little thing! Suddenly I am finding the mute button very useful.

  • Sam White

    All of those people who are expecting too much from the Niners need to tone it down a notch. We have a first year head coach and a rebuilding franchise. Rome wasn’t built in a day people. GIVE IT TIME!!!

    • jake

      Preach it Brotha!!

    • henry

      U sure know what ur talkin bout. Speak the Truth Bruh!

    • Brian


    • cook

      wake up..the organization from the top to the bottom is out of order…;-)

  • Makia

    Is Harbaugh for real or is he just another college coach who is not gonna cut it in the NFL?

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