By Clark Judge, CBS Sports

OAKLAND (CBS Sports) — Now the question: Who succeeds Al Davis?

That’s been a lingering for years, or at least while Davis’ health has declined. The obvious successor is his son, Marc, but there has always been a feeling that he’s not interested. He and Davis’ wife are the direct heirs.

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So who? There are strong personalities within the organization, with CEO Amy Trask the most noteworthy. She represents the Raiders at league meetings and was a confidante of the owner.

But people who know tell me there never was a frontrunner, nor were they sure Davis’ majority share in the Raiders would not be sold when he was gone.

What is clear is that, no matter the successor, there will be a void. There was no owner who was more involved in the day-to-day decisions of the club than Davis.

Now there is a hole, with the Raiders moving on without the man who made them.

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