San Jose Police Identify Officer Who Killed Armed Suspect

SAN JOSE (KCBS) – San Jose police have identified the officer who shot an armed suspect to death Monday, but withheld the dead man’s name to investigate a possible connection to an earlier shooting.

“There are potential witnesses that are possibly still out that we have not interviewed and so we want to make sure that we don’t taint the investigation in any manner,” said Officer Jose Garcia, spokesman for the San Jose Police Department.

The officer who pulled the trigger during the deadly confrontation near the Central County Occupational Center has been identified as 39-year-old Jeff Harwell, who’s been on the force since 2006.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

Harwell’s attorney told a newspaper the officer gave the suspect “every possible last second to surrender.”

Garcia would not elaborate on the ink between the dead man and an earlier shooting in the nearby Communications Hill area where several rounds were fired into a parked car.

The suspect was wearing shorts and no shirt at the time he was killed, despite the overcast weather conditions. Garcia said it’s too early to know whether that attire indicates anything about the suspect’s state of mind before or during the confrontation.

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  • Matthew Rodriguez

    i like how this guys writes his news articles as if they were suspense novels!

  • Reality Check

    If Matt Bigler wrote this pathetic story he should be fired. CBS5’s reporting has degenerated and is pathetic. You make it sound as though the police are out to kill and brutalize the citizens. This San Jose officer was responding to a report and ended up stopping the threat this armed suspect posed to the community. Good job Officer Harwell!!! Bad job CBS5. :(

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  • Bad job Harwell

    More like. Bad job citizen killer Jeff Harwell. News outlets are supposed to report government misconduct. I’m sorry to hear that Reality Check wants government secrecy and abuse to be the practice of the day.

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