OAKLAND (CBS / AP) — Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore addressed hundreds of anti-Wall Street protesters in front of Oakland’s City Hall, saying the events there over the past week have helped change the national discussion about the movement.

Moore, who flew in from New York on Friday, said the Occupy demonstrations are “a movement of equals,” and that everyone had something to offer.

Speaking at Frank Ogawa Plaza, where tents have again sprung up, Moore said people throughout the U.S. were “disgusted” and “horrified” when police fired tear gas and bean bags and took other aggressive actions against protesters Tuesday night.

Although police cleared protesters and their tents from the plaza Tuesday morning, the protesters and their tents returned the next day.

Wearing blue shorts, a blue hooded sweatshirt and a gray hat, Moore told the crowd, “Millions have seen this and are inspired by you because you came back the next night.”

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He said, “This week in Oakland, California, will go down as a watershed moment” in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

Moore said the protest is growing quickly across the country, saying, “I’ve never seen a movement take form so fast.”

Moore rhetorically asked the crowd, “There’s no turning back, is there?” and the crowd answered with a loud “No!”

He said the movement has already had “a number of victories in our first six weeks,” saying, “We’ve killed despair across the country and we’ve killed apathy.”

Moore, who has visited many “Occupy Wall Street” protests across the U.S., said the national discussion six weeks ago was the debt ceiling and the deficit but “this movement shut down that discussion,” using a profanity to describe talk about those subjects.

The director of “Fahrenheit 9/11” and “Bowling for Columbine” said the movement will not tolerate violence against demonstrators, referring to Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen, who was badly injured during a clash between protesters and police.

Moore asked for a moment of silence for Olsen “in his honor and in hope that he will recover quickly from his injuries.”

Moore said, “It’s absolutely criminal that this young man went to Iraq for a war he didn’t agree with and the only place he had to worry about was here in his own country, in Oakland, California.”

Moore urged the protesters, many of whom are demonstrating against what they see as a growing disparity between rich and poor, to continue their movement until they run the country.

Moore said he hopes he can talk to Oakland Mayor Jean Quan to ask why police responded so aggressively to protesters but he hasn’t yet heard from her.

At least three Oakland City Council members were among the crowd listening to Moore: Rebecca Kaplan, Jane Brunner and Desley Brooks.

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Comments (27)
  1. an oakland taxpayer says:

    what about the Oakland taxpayers? Why has this occupy “wall street’ become an occupy “Oakland?” Small businesses are paying a loss, taxpayers foot the bill, and Michael Moore comes with his own body guards. I respect Michael Moore, but something is wrong with this picture. What does Oakland, a progressive yet cashed strapped city have to do with New York’s wall street?

  2. BudM says:

    This is real funny, this Millionaire comes to town to talk about the growing disparity between rich and poor. Why don’t you pay your fair share of the taxes, Mr. Moore? Do you need those millions you made?

  3. EViL_STeVeNson says:


    Join the “Bowel Movement”!
    Occupy restrooms.


  4. tedm says:

    you mean to tell me that michael moore is still still has not killed himself…what a shame. we have food shortages all over the world with people staving to death, yet this fat pig continues to bloat himself.

    1. test says:

      tedm you are truly a moron.

  5. mik says:

    looking at the picture, michael look more like a really ugly michelle

  6. Hungry Howie says:

    Feed Moore to the protesters and they will never go hungry.

    1. toniosf says:

      What a childish and ignorant comment

      1. CHIEFJOESPH says:

        You must be one of those Bezerkely socialist that love to picket for stupid reasons and call others names when you don’t like what they say and you can’t think if a thoughtful alternative.

  7. jaschar says:

    It’s sad to see Oakland punished for the sins of Wall Street. There are no protests and calls to shut down Hayward, Fremont, Cupertino, or Palo Alto! Somebody explain what we did? If Oakland’s struggling port is shut down, even for a day, businesses that use it (and I’m one of them), will divert future shipments other ports to address uncertainty in Oakland. And local businesses, small and large will think twice about renewing their leases in an area where protest marches and violence are a regular occurrence (I’ve seen protestors now and in prior marches use violence and vandalism with glee).

    1. CHIEFJOESPH says:

      any one wanting to open a business in Joakland must have rocks in their head

    2. roger says:

      Here is hoping noone is foolish enough to ever open a business in California again! Let the socialist eat each other like the do it N-Korea!

  8. Wolfgang Martini says:

    The main problem with this movement is that its ultimate aims are not clearly-defined.

    1. CHIEFJOESPH says:

      Naw ,shelooks a little better,but not by much.

  9. Paul Brewer says:

    If it weren’t for CORPORATIONS Mr. ” MORE ” wouldn’t have had transportation to Oakland. Further, these CORPORATIONS will be developing, transporting, and making available the medicine he will soon be needing for the diabetes and heart disease right around the corner.

    1. wrong_again says:

      Paul Brewer – Corporations per se are benevolent. But, they certainly are **not** “persons”, and they should not have the right to BUY the legislation they want. That’s the real cause for concern – It’s no longer a government “By the people, for the people and of the people. Everything is about profit, and that is wrong.

  10. Donald Sandri says:

    Occupy what? Seriously what are they protesting? Why don’t they go occupy the State Capital or the White House or Congress where the mindless politicians sold this country down the river..

    1. CHIEFJOESPH says:

      Because they are to dumb to realize that until they picket the White house and the congress, nothing will happen. You will see mealy mouthed politicians spouting all kinds of garbage, PICKET THE WHITE HOUSE, PICKET JERRY BROWN, PICKET THE STATE LEGISLATURE, PICKET FEINSTEIN, BOXER,STARK,PELOSI. IF they don’t listen than vote them out.

  11. ABCrane says:

    start a green business and occupy your mind with it. Wall Street is a back alley to a huge world. the true march is the march down Innovation Lane.

  12. Me says:

    To quote a line from Family Guy: “Peter! I see you are still fatter than holy hell!.”
    Just replace Peter with Michael.

    But seriously, the spokesman matches the message.

  13. roger says:

    What did Moore fly in on a C130 Cargo Ship?

    Also worth mentioning is that “Wall Street” had itself a history making month… profit wise! ooops! 🙂

    Another thing: The internet now allows people to exercise freedom of speech anytime they wish. Why are these people allowed to threaten violence and mayhem by their constant presence and social interruptions? That’s not speech! That’s harassment and obstructionism. Not to mention the huge amounts of money they cost the cities! Use the internet for your “speech”, the 60s are long over. There is technology now!

    Send these spoiled kids and “rent-a-mobs” home.

    Next time, before you believe some college (who wants your money), do your own research… It not rocket science to see that 90% of these college degrees aren’t really worth squat in the $marketplace$! It’s not OUR fault you were stupid enough to believe a liberal arts degree was worth more than the paper printed upon. And let’s not forget ethnic and gender studies, the “value” those subjects must hold to society are priceless! *mock*

    I guess science is too hard and thus any degree will do?? lol

    Grow up please, tyvm

    1. Newbern W Johnson says:

      No, he flew first class. He is worth $50 million net and so is one of the 1% that the protesters claim to detest.
      He is a hypocrite and they are fools not to realize it.

  14. HPS says:

    Have to ask did MICHEAL finally tell the protesters he is in fact part of that 1%.. this was recently pointed out to him on national television.. he denied it at first but had to admit with 50 Mil he is.. NOW the OCCUPIERS are not just useful idiots for the left they are useful idiots for MICHEAL’S NEW movie.. and the EGO’S of these OCCUPIERS is so large they will actually sign off on everything to see their faces on the screen..IF I were a parent PAYING for my kids education (and that is who’s out there besides the THUGS, GANG BANGERS and MISFITS) I would ask for my money back cause these kids are a DUMB as a BOX of ROCKS…

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