Novato Police Step Up Patrols As Number of Arson Fires Grows

NOVATO (KCBS) – Authorities were searching for at least one person – if not more – believed responsible for lighting fires in grassy areas of Novato since the weekend.

Police said they were beefing up their efforts to catch anyone involved, following this series of small arson blazes, numbering about 55 as of Monday evening.

Arson investigators determined that some of the small fires set had burned together into several larger fires at Redwood Blvd. and Sequoia Glen Lane, described as a residential area dotted with low-rise condos.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

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  • NRA Life Member

    Why not ban matches and lighters? Go after the tools that criminals use to commit these crimes. Don’t you think that will prevent these crimes?

    If someone is shot by a criminal, you “want all the guns off the street”. The criminal seems to be secondary in your outrage. A firearm possessed by a law abiding citizen will never be used in a crime. There are millions of law abiding gun owners out there. They are no threat to you, unless you are a criminal bent on doing them harm.

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