Best Bay Area Music Connoisseurs To Follow On Twitter

February 14, 2013 5:00 AM

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Are you a dedicated music buff, always looking for the next new thing? The music world moves fast and if you don’t stay on track with it, it’ll leave you behind. You need an inside track, a ticket for the train. Follow these folks on Twitter and you won’t get left waiting at the station. 

Jessie Woletz

When Jessie Woletz arrived in San Francisco, she relied on her fellow music fans for community. Just a couple of years later, this tornado of a music booster founded Seaweed Sway, which is now a major player in the local music scene. Seaweed Sway produces multiple live showcases as a means of promoting all kinds of events in the Bay Area music scene. Nobody is more connected than Jessie, and folks who want to know what’s happening musically in the area rely on her to stay connected. As an added bonus, Jessie covers some of her other interests as well, such as yoga and dance. There is very little that gets past Seawood Sway.

UnderCover Presents

Several times a year, UnderCover produces an unusual project. It selects an influential album and then books local bands to cover it with original interpretations and arrangements. The bands are, therefore, “undercover.” This project has gained more than a little attention from the local press. If you want to go to a single event to hear a wide selection of local bands and hang out with a huge cross section of fans, you should know about UnderCover. Past shows have included a wide range of inspirations from Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” to Joni Mitchell’s “Blue.” This is music networking at its best.

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The Bay Bridged

The Bay Bridged has won just about every Bay Area award possible for music coverage. Its activities include an online magazine, a podcast and a monthly series of concerts. The calendar on its website is possibly the most thorough database available for the Bay music scene. Although it has only been around since 2006, this can-do organization has already worked on projects with major music organizations such as Noise Pop, Mission Creek and the Treasure Island Music Festivals. In addition to everything else it does, its podcasts are reputed to be simply amazing. The Bay Bridged followers are definitely in the know.

Noise Pop Festival

Noise Pop has been around since 1983 and is still going strong. It produces an annual music festival every spring that continues for six days of excitement in venues all over San Francisco. It is, quite simply, heaven for local music lovers. Noise Pop is also involved with all other areas of the arts scene from visual arts to dance to theatre. It produces a regular series “Under The Green Roof” at the California Academy of Sciences and Noise Pop tweets are among the most informative around. It is already lining up acts for this spring’s festival. Follow this Twitter account so you don’t miss out.


Naturally, you won’t want to neglect your local CBS radio station for some of the best, most professional coverage of the music scene. Alice Radio plays an eclectic mix of contemporary popular and alternative music from the 1990s through the present. This is local music, plus national, to help you keep up with the latest trends and activity in the music world.

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Charles Kruger is well known in the Bay area as “The Storming Bohemian” ever since he entered the Bay Area cultural scene in the summer of 2009, attending 90 cultural events in 90 days and blogging about it. This project was successful enough to warrant a mention in The New York Times. His coverage of Bay ara theatre can be found at

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