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Best Places To Wait Out The Rapture

May 19, 2011 12:33 PM

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A billboard paid for by Family Radio of Oakland, claiming Judgment Day will take place on May 21, 2011. (CBS)

A billboard paid for by Family Radio of Oakland, claiming Judgment Day will take place on May 21, 2011. (CBS)

According to 89-year-old Oakland preacher Harold Camping, the end is near… REALLY NEAR. It’ll start with an earthquake in New Zealand around 6 p.m. PST on Friday and spread through the world according to time zones (you can’t make something like that up). Of course, you probably know this as the billboards are EVERYWHERE in the Bay. Read CBS’s coverage right here.
So where should you spend your last hours on Earth? Here are some suggestions… Enjoy (and repent)!

Family Stations Inc
290 Hegenberger Rd.,
Oakland, CA 94621
Family Stations

If you want to atone (or more accurately party with atheists and heathens), head down to the epicenter of this movement at the Family Radio headquarters in Oakland. And while Harold Camping is encouraging HIS followers to pray with their families at home, you can party with new friends and mischief makers. Party details can be found HERE.

Maddie’s Adoption Center
250 Florida Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Maddie’s Adoption Center

If the righteous are taken away, what will happen to their pets? And how can you help? Hopefully the San Francisco SPCA will have some answers. And odds are, they’ll need help in rounding up the beloved animals that were Left Behind.

Ocean Beach
Point Lobos Avenue/Great Highway
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 561-4323
Ocean Beach

A pretty obvious place to see what may be your very last sunset. Of course, if the predicted wave of earthquakes DO take place, odds are a tsunami will strike you dead. Best to check it out on Friday or so… and bring water wings just in case.

Grant and Green Saloon
1371 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, CA, 94133
Grant and Green

This Telegraph Hill bar is throwing a free party around 9 p.m. on Friday night for those who want to party away their final hours. And, if there are people ascending, you might get a free drink!

The Tonga Room
950 Mason St
San Francisco, California 94108
(415) 772-5278
The Tonga Room

Seriously, if the world is ending, you’ll probably want alcohol and lots of it. And if you like your alcohol served in coconuts at a bar that rains as a cover band sings, “My Heart Will Go On”, this should be your final destination.

Best Buy
2675 Geary Blvd, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94118
Best Buy

We don’t advocate looting. But some of us could really use a nice flat screen TV. Stealing is a sin, so buy the TV early to watch the destruction from your home.

35 Post Street
San Francisco, California 94108

You know what would go well with that flat screen you totally paid for? A nice, comfortable, expensive couch.

-Lizz Westman

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  • D-Pat

    Harold is 89 so his end is coming rather quickly I’d guess but to have him take everyone else with him? Sounds like a Jim Jones moment to me. I just hope he hasn’t got easy access to a big stash of

  • tn

    Did Harold Cramping think or hear, “The end is rear?” Better check Harold’s hearing, or maybe he needs more fiber.

  • Clarence

    Well ….. Since he won’t be needing the radio station after May 22’nd …… would he be willing to “donate” the radio station and all of it’s assets to me???? (along with his home, car, and other such “stuff”” ot chariity???)

  • djasmin3f

    perfumy dla ciebie

  • Mortal

    Harold. How were your math skills in school?

  • Beverley

    Only God knows.

  • Derek Spencer

    First of all we should thank God that Mr. Camping was wrong. Secondly, I don’t think Mr. Camping should be totally condemned for causing all of us to take a moment to reflect on our relationship with God.

    • TNJ

      I definitely agree with you on this one. We all are going to have our judgement day come whether it be now or later. No one is promised tomorrow and we all must be ready. I’m glad he was wrong also because I know I still have a lot of shaping up to do as far as my relationship with God and I wouldn’t have been ready to go home with God. So it was definitely an eye opener for me. Maybe that was a sign that we need to get ready for his return because you never know. Judgement day is not just one day. You have people leaving this earth every day. Judgement day is everyday for someone out here. We just don’t know when our day will be.

  • cathy laughren

    I agree with Derek Spencer. I am DEFINITELY thankful that Mr. Camping’s dates were wrong because I am not ready to leave yet, or any time in the near future but I have to say the fear that myself and my children and friends felt due to this prediction actually made us realize that we weren’t just “planted” here on earth. God did create us and I think the majority of us take our lives and every breath we take for granted.

    • cmn

      you were frightened ? why but we knew this was an hoax, Camping’s end is really near, after all he is 89 !!. Scientist should use his brains for sturdy of effects of aging and dogmatism

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