LOS ANGELES (CBS SF) ― A San Francisco Giants fan who was beaten and badly injured at Dodger Stadium showed “evidence of brain injury and dysfunction” and remained hospitalized in critical but guarded condition, doctors said Tuesday.

Dr. Gabriel Zada, a Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center neurosurgeon, indicated that Bryan Stow, 42, of Santa Cruz, likely suffered brain damage – that could affect memory, thinking ability and even personality – as a result of a severe skull fracture and bad bruising to his frontal lobe.

“He does remain in critical condition and over the next week or so, we’ll be able to make a better assessment,” said Zada. “At this time, the prognosis remains guarded. It’s going to be a long recovery process.”

At one point, doctors had to remove the entire left side of Stow’s skull to ease pressure on his brain. The pressure was now normal but Stow remained in a coma from his injuries and from sedation to reduce his brain activity, Zada said.

A website, www.support4stow.blogspot.com, was set up for people wishing to donate money to a fund to help Stow’s family pay his medical bills.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Police Det. Jose Carrillo said investigators had several leads and some evidence that was recovered at the scene, but he did not provide details.

Stow’s relatives said they did not blame Dodger fans for the attack.

“My family and I just want to express that we have no animosity towards the people of Los Angeles,” said Erin Collins, Stow’s sister. “We’ve been received with open arms and love.”

Of the attackers, she said, “They weren’t true Dodger fans.”

Reporter Ed Mertz For KCBS:

Added cousin John Stow: “Though this has been a terrible tragedy done by cowardly people, it is reassuring to know that good people are speaking out and are appalled.”

Stow, who is a father of two and works as a paramedic in Santa Clara County, was hospitalized after two attackers kicked him repeatedly in the stadium’s F2 parking lot following last Thursday’s season opener, which the Giants lost 2-1 to the Dodgers, the LAPD said.

A reward had now grown to $100,000 for information leading to the arrests of Stow’s attackers, who remained at-large Tuesday.

The L.A. City Council on Tuesday afternoon voted to add $50,000 to the reward pool that also included offerings from L.A. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, $10,000; the Dodgers organization, $25,000; the Giants, $10,000; and American Medical Response – Stow’s employer – $5,000.

Police sketches of beating suspects. (CBS)
The LAPD previously released sketches of the two suspects, described as Hispanic men between 18 and 25 years old who were wearing Dodgers clothing. The police urged anyone with information about the attack to call them at (877) 527-3247.

The suspects approached Stow, who was wearing Giants gear, from behind and first taunted him before hitting him and knocking him to the ground, where he hit his head on the pavement and was then kicked repeatedly in the head and body.

They then fled in a four-door sedan driven by a woman who had a boy with her, the LAPD said.

Detectives estimated that out of some 40,000 people who streamed into the parking lot after the game, at least 100 probably were near enough to see the attack and he urged them to contact police. It was too dark for video surveillance camera to provide clear images, police said.

Investigators indicated they were also checking an unconfirmed report that three men in Giants gear were punched by the same attackers only minutes before Stow was attacked.

Stow, an enthusiastic Giants fan, was attending his first game at Dodgers Stadium and had looked forward to the game all year, his cousin said.

However, he may have had some worries after arriving.

“During the game, my wife received a text message from him … He basically said he was scared inside the stadium,” John Stow said, adding that his cousin did not usually make such comments lightly.

Stow’s parents, two sisters and other relatives attended a news conference at the hospital.

John Stow, who wore a Giants hat and jersey at a news conference with relatives at the hospital, called the attackers thugs who should give themselves up and “have the courage to face the facts and face the book for what you’ve done here.”

Back in San Francisco, the Giants and the San Francisco Police Department announced that extra security would be in place at AT&T Park next week when the Giants host the Dodgers.

“We want to make sure that everyone’s safe and there are officers there to deal with whatever should arise, if anything should arise,” said SFPD Lt. Troy Dangerfield.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

San Francisco Giants spokesperson Staci Slaughter said the team would pay tribute to Stow at Friday’s home opener and hold a fundraiser for Stow’s family on Monday, the first game of the Dodgers series.

“The goal is to have about a hundred paramedics in uniform asking fans to make a donation at whatever level they can,” she said, adding that the team had been inundated with phone calls and e-mails from fans who wanted to help.

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Wire services may have contributed to this report.)

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  1. wjsierra says:

    Correction: He lives in Santa Cruz but works in Santa Clara County

    1. Tarzana Tom says:

      Messed up!

      1. icetrout says:

        More than messed up!!! Time to get ALL THE ILLEGALS OUT OF AMERICA NOW !!! PAYBACK IS GOING TO BE HELL!!! :X

      2. California Decline says:

        Wow, these ‘Hispanics’ single-handedly may have started a movement to deport all illegals outta here. We need to have California pass a law to show I.D. to vote in the elections. Texas just passed that law and it wasn’t labeled racist by the media, hell it wasn’t even covered by the media. Why? Because they don’t want word to get out so that other states pass similar laws. The Democrats have over played their hand calling such measures racist and people won’t put up with it anymore. Please catch these evil 3rd world thugs and make examples out of them.

      3. Josiah says:

        Here is the bottom line. These individuals who committed this cowardly act were either one or two things; Drunk looking for trouble and or; there has been a long rival not only with giants and dodgers fans, but there has been a long rival with southern Hispanic gang affiliated members and northern Hispanic members. It’s safe to say by the sketch given by LAPD these individuals were most likely affiliated with a southern Hispanic gang and with such ignorance they felt like instead of being a dodger fan they were representing L.A. in a ignorant thug mentality kind of way by showing some kind of pride for there so called gang of L.A……Simply ignorant and they will get what they deserve. My prayers are with the Stow family. F.Y.I If you are a dodger fan and your thinking of heading to SF be smart and do not wear dodger blue.

      4. Canadien says:

        “Rachel Is Lame” is completely right! What on earth does race have to do with this??? I am a montreal canadiens fan and have had my life threatened and have had all types of things thrown at me by “those crazy Irish bruins fans” They are legal “true americans” why don’t we go ahead and send them all back to Ireland!?!?! that’s what they deserve they are chanting USA USA!!! at the game and trying to beat the life out of us white canadiens fans. Wow people in the US really need a reality check and need to stop being ignorant racist fools!

      5. Ernie says:

        What on earth does race have to do with this??? I am a montreal canadiens fan and have had my life threatened and have had all types of things thrown at me by “those crazy Irish bruins fans” They are legal “true americans” why don’t we go ahead and send them all back to Ireland!?!?! that’s what they deserve they are chanting USA USA!!! at the game and trying to beat the life out of us white canadiens fans. Wow people in the US really need a reality check and need to stop being ignorant racist fools

    2. villaraigosa says:

      This seems to be more common when people are drinking. When did weed ever lead to this kind of brutality??? Legalize it! It’s time.

      1. Rachel says:

        Bull!! They have served alcohol at games for ages…and people didn’t behave like THIS. This isn’t an alcohol problem…it’s a cultural problem. These Mexican thugs have no respect for anyone or anything. These ANIMALS should be banned from the games. Hell, forget banning them…they should be rounded up and deported, right after they serve their prison term.


      2. Scott B. says:

        I agree 1000%! Try going to Mexico and raising hell, driving drunk, speaking English only, beating up Mexicans – you would be thrown in jail so quickly! Not talking about legal hispanics or anyone legal…but the day America actually deports these ILLEGAL losers, America will be a much safer place to live!!

      3. Rachel Is Lame says:

        Really? How stupid ARE you, lady? People have been getting the sh!t kicked out of them at sporting events by drunken losers for longer than you’ve been alive. You just choose not to notice when the aggressors race isn’t the *wrong* one. You’re a straight up racist, simple and plain. Yeah, those guys ARE thugs. But the fact of the matter is… thugs come in all colors. And booze brings out the thug in more people than you could ever imagine in your myopic, tiny world.

        Because you seem to lack the ability to use the internet, let me direct you to this tidbit: http://www.delcotimes.com/articles/2009/07/26/news/doc4a6c3f2b7128e625745747.txt

        Some white guys, killing another white guy at a sporting event. Should we deport some Mexicans in their stead? You pathetic, scared simpleton… I pity you.

      4. Guess Who says:

        I’m racist and proud of it. There’s nothing wrong with standing up for your own. What do you think La Raza does?

      5. Victor Velo says:

        Amen Rachel

      6. Jack Wibby says:

        What a stupid thing to try to work into this story. Shut up pothead loser.

      7. Fumi says:

        Alcohol has destroyed the most families and lives of any drug known to man.

      8. Daniel says:

        Legalizing pot, a weed, is not the answer to man’s ills. God is the answer. Were these two in the Spirit of Christ they would not have done what they did.

      9. Holly says:

        At least if you build your wall it will keep all of you racists in and out of my country!

    3. Kim Thelen says:

      This is a tragic event. I am equally appalled that the act of two miscreants is now negatively labeling a whole race of people. We dont know that the perpetrators are not legal american citizens, yet I am reading some racist statements about illegal aliens and how mexicans should all be deported. If all mexicans should be deported, I say all non native americans should get out too. Love to the Stow family, and my prayers for healing.

      1. luna says:

        which means… EVERYONE should be deported if that’s the case!! THE ONLY LEGAL PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY WERE AND ARE THE NATIVE AMERICANS… everyone else came here illegally…..

      2. Holly says:

        Amen Luna!

    4. Jerry says:

      did we not already know before the description who did this? I knew as soon as I heard. @ young hispanic male gang bangers that are also Raider fans. Notice how it ALWAYS takes more than one or a weapon. Dirt bags

  2. jeff says:

    Just….wow. My best wishes for Bryan’s recovery.

    I read about foreign wars and armed rebellions against dictators and I think how lucky we are to live in this country. And yet we have sub-humans right here among us that can do this to an innocent human being. Not for any noble cause, not for self-defense….just because they are empty shells of garbage, lower than any animal. I pray they are caught and justice is doled out.

    1. Rodriguiz says:

      These sub-humans are among us and they are the Hispanics that come here and don’t follow our tules. When my dad come here 20 years ago, he waited 3 years for our papers to come through. Lets see the papers of these thugs, and half of LA! Deport them all, they don’t deserve it.

      1. chrism says:

        then they come back 2 weeks later, with a different name and number
        sorry to say, but they are long gone they went back to Mexico where they can hide.

      2. Mike says:

        Many illegals are caught committing various criminal acts but these days the prisons are so crowded with them that unless it’s murder or rape they’re let go and not even processed for deportation. Why not PAY MEXICO half of what it would cost to incarcerate them here in the US and hand them over to Mexico? Criminals who realize they might end up in a Mexican prison for a crime in the US just might not be as compelled to come here to commit crime as they are now where inside a US prison is better than outside of one in Mexico.

      3. lulu says:

        Wow can you say racism much? How do we even know these men are illegals? There are plenty of Hispanics who come here legally and through the proper channels so don’t blame an entire race over a few bad apples. Its ignorant racists like you that are turning this country into a warzone. Plenty of American born Caucasians cause unnecessary violence everyday so don’t try and blame it all on one race.

      4. Andrea says:

        Your logic is so full of holes. These “sub-humans” can be of ANY RACE. And how dare you assume that they are illegally here? They just as well could have been born and raised here. Are you of the notion that people born outside the United States are sub-human? You disgust me just as much as the above story did. Way to be sub-human yourself, you racist (and yes, I recognize that you are Hispanic)
        (P.S. Just because you wait for papers doesn’t mean you are a good, nice person, and just because you don’t have papers doesn’t mean you are a horrible monster. Some people without papers were brought over illegally at very young ages. Did you think about that?)

      5. BM says:

        Yes LULU, You will be yelling racist if the victim is Hispanic that got beaten by white men.
        I hear Hispanic blaming white men all the time for all the things that go wrong in their life, I guess it must be OK with you to blame white men.

      6. curly says:

        @ lulu – no one is blaming the Mexican “race”, as you put it. (I think that is actually a nationality, though) It says in the article that it was 2 Hispanic men that attacked him, and it would be logical to say that they are probably illegals, and probably even in a gang. It’s a safe bet that someone here legally probably isn’t as likely to be out beating people to death at baseball games! Get over yourself and your “perfect world” bs. Yes Caucasians commit violent crimes every day. So do Black, Asian, and many other people. No one argued that they did not. It is pretty evident in this case however, that Hispanic men, probably gang banging, illegal immigrants from Mexico, given their attire and location of the crime, committed this horrific act of violence.

      7. Andrea says:

        @ Curly “it would be logical to say that they are probably illegals, and probably even in a gang. It’s a safe bet that someone here legally probably isn’t as likely to be out beating people to death at baseball games!”

        NO, the answer is that it would NOT be logical. Go look up the word “logical” in a dictionary and come back. This is a hasty generalization (go ahead and look that up, too) and it is not probable that they are illegal and in a gang. Where are you from? Are you aware of just how many perfectly legal citizens who look and dress just like that live in southern California in general and AREN’T in gangs and are productive members of society? Holy hell, you people are closed-minded racists. (Sorry to Rodriguiz, this comment is not intended for you.)

      8. Holly says:

        Thank you Andrea fro saying something, my blood was boiling there.

    2. rachel says:

      Where is Charles Bronson when we need him? These gangs could use a little good ol vigilante justice, since our idiot PC courts don’t dispense justice anymore. And the cops are afraid to do squat, because if one of those vicious little Mexican darlings gets hurt, the cops get sued and the taxpayers get dinged for millions.
      If you become a victim of gang crime, you will also become a victim of the justice system.

      1. ADM says:

        My best wishes for Bryan Stow’s recovery. If his assailants are caught, I hope they are tried for attempted murder and not assault.

    3. Jonathan says:

      Don’t worry Jeff. Those union thugs in Wisconsin aren’t going to get away with hijacking the taxpayers for much longer. Thanks for your support. We’re standing up against them 24/7.

    4. Andrea says:

      Sadly true. I tend to lose faith in humanity when I hear about stories like this. Why can’t we at least be decent to one another? But it’s good to know that for every rotten soul, there are more good, caring people to help soothe the harm they cause.

  3. SFCARE says:

    can not wait to read “arrested”

    1. bob says:

      Can’t wait to read, arrested, tried, convicted, shanked in prison and their families deported. The Hispanic community should be disgusted with itself for not coughing up these two vermin.

      1. Sean "The Proud American" says:

        Why can’t we make this an ALL WHITE country like it should have been.
        I’ve never heard of my fellow whites committing such heinous acts.

        Yeah, we might cheat on our taxes and break a few white collar crimes, but White people are never involved in evil stuff like this!

        These people should all be deported. Anchor babies should ALL be deported!

        Whichever presidential contender says this will get MY vote!

      2. Frank says:

        Bob, you are a racist pig. White, black or brown… they should be held 100% accountable for their actions! Deport their families ???? How do you know they are not 7th generation Cali? Wake up white trash!

      3. Great Scott says:

        Finally someone makes sense.

        My fellow white brothers and sisters…lets start buying some more ammo…
        Even though we live pretty far from the city violence. Lets pack up on extra
        shells so we can feel tougher than these minorities.

        This is of course a HATE crime.

        The race wars are coming everyone. This is just the start.

        I’m headed over to walmart to buy a few more shells for my

        Lets see on of them mexicans try to enter my ranch… Lets see
        what will happen then!!!

      4. Garrick says:


        You are a self-deluded moron.

        Or just a typical hater of whites.

      5. Z-man says:

        Hey Sean: Ever heard of Timothy McVeigh, Jeffrey Dalmer, and Hitler? All white people…guess your theory is totally bunk! But hey your a racist fool so a logical and correct argument like the one I just posed is going to have no impact on your opinion. So go on and be willfully stupid and I will just be happy that I am not your neighbor

      6. Fumi says:

        Sean “The Proud American”… the PROUD EMBARRASSMENT

      7. Darrell says:


        You should come out of your trailer. A LOT has changed in the last 50 years.

        Actually, on second thought, it would probably be best if you just stayed in your trailer, nursing your paranoid fantasies.

      8. jeannelli says:

        Amen! The U.S. is under seige by illegals and criminals from other countries! Isn’t it time for citizens to say,”enough is enough”? We wouldn’t stand for taxation without representation and yet our country is in dire need of another”revolution” to save it!

      9. neimie says:

        GO SEAN!!!

      10. Holly says:

        Sean “The Proud American”
        You said “I’ve never heard of my fellow whites committing such heinous acts”
        The following people are white and have committed unforgivable attrocities.
        -Jeffrey Dahmer
        -Charles Manson
        -Ted Bundy
        …just to name a few and lets not forget good ole’ Adolph!
        Hitler was white and committed the most heinous attrocities we have seen this century.
        I am white, i do not hate my race…only the ignorant people in it.
        OH look up serial killers, they are mostly white males.
        Do the world a favour and read a book.

    2. Ashley says:

      To “Sean the Proud American”… that is an incredibly ignorant statement, unless it was an entirely sarcastic response. Two years ago my boyfriend was viciously attacked in this same manner by a group of 6 or 7 men, with me present, who were mainly white and Asian-american. In my area there are tons of white males on the sexual predator list. But no, ALL Caucasians may as well be guilt free! I am a Caucasian woman, and by no means PC. I am all for deportation of ILLEGAL immigrants, but I am also for legal immigration. One’s skin color does not indicate one’s character, good or evil.

      1. Guess Who says:

        You’re a deluded idiot. Enjoy your new America, I pray for your grandchildren.

      2. able aryan says:

        orientals arent white

      3. Ashley says:

        How am I deluded exactly? And I did not say say orientals are white. Learn to read and comprehend.

      4. Andrea says:

        I’m positive that Sean “The Proud American” was being satirical.

  4. bat justice says:

    these two “shells of garbage” were no way baseball fans, but gang-bangers! justice when caught? two baseball bats!! finding batters? plenty will want to be on deck for a chance to whack!!! no trial, no tax monies, no defense attorney, no plea-deals, no free room and board in jail. dump in landfill.

  5. Monique says:

    … I think someone will turn these cowardly, despicable, low life, human anomalies in for the $$. Can’t wait to see them in jail at least.

  6. Dry State says:

    So when are the geniuses that own these sports venues going to figure out that most of their patrons are completely inebriated when they leave at the end of the game? I hope the family of this poor guy sues the owners of the stadium, and/or the Dodgers, for enabling this drunken behavior. Every motorist hit by a drunken sports fan on his way home from a booze-filled stadium should aim for those deep sports-arena pockets, as well. They are the cause. It’s about time alcohol at sporting events was banned. BOOZE + TESTOSTERONE = EXTREME STUPIDITY.

    1. Dry State says:

      You are delusional. This has nothing to do with booze. This has everything to do with being Hispanic and being in the US wihtout any enforcement. If these guys commit murder, they can slip across the line and avoid punishment. If Bryan would have died, the Mexican Ambassador would be saying that his attackers are safe in Mexico City away from all the hate crime policing. When can we get serious. How many citizens have to die. If you want to be an American, wait in line, pay the fee and follow the rules.

  7. kac says:

    So his family is footing the bill..it’s gotta be a couple hundred thousand by now, easily… sure would be nice if the Dodger organization offered something towards his expenses.

  8. wmmorgan says:

    “It was too dark for video surveillance camera to provide clear images.” When are they going to make surveillance cameras that work worth a damn?

    1. David Johnson says:

      I work in Security and to read that it was too dark for the cameras to provide clear images is very disturbing to me. Low light cameras are inexpensive and if Dodger stadium doesn’t have them then all games there should be played during the day. However, I pray that these two thugs are caught and forced to pay restitution to their victim and his family for the remainder of their pathetic lives.

      1. klesb says:

        You expect the McCourts to pay for inexpensive low-light cameras? You are kidding? Maybe the new owners will provide them. There will be new owners – right?

      2. David Johnson says:

        Nobody is paying anything. These illegal immigrants are laughing at our country for the way they can walk in. I dare anyone to claim to be a honduran and try to sneak across the Mexican Border (Rape Central). Yet when the USA tries to enforce the same laws that Mexico enforces with Rape Groups, we are somehow the bad guys… I say, deport them all… anyone that wants to be an American, fly the flag, get in line, pay the fees and become a citizen

    2. BUSH COUNTRY says:





      1. cagliostro says:

        I’m not surprised by some of the comments here, what more would you expect from imbeciles who made their way here via the DRUDGE REPORT
        …’nuff said

      2. Jo says:

        amen brother. dont mind the anti White racists who enjoy seeing a White man nearly murdered for the “crime” of being of european descent. The racism of these anti _White bigots and haters is sickening and should be prosecuted!

  9. Nick says:

    Did we REALLY need the police artist drawing of the suspects? Of course they were your typical CHOLOS. Stupid with “machismo” attitdues… especially when no police are around. COWARDS.

    1. polydb says:

      I have some friends that are Mexpanic and I would eagerly condone their return to Mexico if it ment they all would leave!!

  10. Mike_88 says:

    I can’t wait till they catch these guys. $100,000 reward is up right now.

  11. Concerned Citizen says:

    Who said they were drunk? These are typical “my team is better than your team” sports fanatics. And of course they are mexicans. For the wife to cow down and claim that they are not real dodger fans is sad…. They are just that “Real dodger fans”

  12. Don says:

    Illegal immigrants?

    1. Andrea says:

      No. How did you deduce that?

  13. Andy Chan says:

    I’m sure there will be a revenge fight by Giants fans against some innocent Dodgers fan. The fact that people can get so enraged over a simple team is ridiculous, and needs to be ended.

    1. Andy Chan says:

      Show me how this happens. Your moral equivalence is disgusiting. This was a plain case of latinos beating up on a citizen.

  14. dmd says:

    Anchor Babies all grown up..

    1. Distillerman says:

      You are so right. I left that cesspool 18 years ago, after the Rodney King riots. The place is a toilet.

      1. Dan says:

        Same here

      2. Rachel says:

        I’m still here, but wishing I wasn’t. I sure as hell don’t go to Dodger games anymore because of these Mexican gang animals with their lowlife behavior…between hassling people, and dropping the f-bomb continuously, who needs it? I don’t know why ANYONE goes anymore. They are lower than whale dung and that’s at the bottom of the ocean!

        The more people who quit going to the games, the sooner the Dodgers will DO something about these animals.

  15. lasucks says:

    baseball is supposed to be a family friendly game. But with costs out of control and family safety in question, what’s the point. they pay a single pitcher 20 million bucks a year but won’t spend a one time cost of 100,000 worth of cameras to properly secure the facility. The guy didn’t feel safe at the game.. more than likely these two pieces of human garbage were sitting a couple rows behind him. If a couple LA fans can’t come forward to testify against these murderers if the family won’t blame the city I will. The only surprising thing in this to me is that something like this didn’t happen first at a Raiders game, those “fans” are imbred violent drunks.

    1. Chris says:

      Maybe the Dodgers should move back to Brooklyn. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about illegal aliens and foul-mouthed fans. Oh wait… Nevermind…

  16. mcw1142 says:

    Two hispanics beat up a white man. Shouldn’t this be a hate crime.
    The article tells us where we can donate to help his family. How do we donate to have these two thugs beat to a pulp.

    1. Guess Who says:

      Eric Holder said hate crime laws don’t apply to YT.

  17. Jim Dandy says:

    If they are caught, their lawyers will say they were “provoked”

  18. Minister Hank says:

    Anyone that knows who did this (and not come forward), including this woman driverwith the child should get life in prison. Many know who these cowards are. Those 2 Monsters should have convicted murderer, HIV Positive Giants fans as Cellmates.

  19. lasucks says:

    If that reward gets big enough you can bet that driver will come forward… maybe some of the LA players could come forward and donate 1% of their salary to make this happen?

    1. CMD says:

      Well, you would think so but according to the law, the driver involved had participated in the commission of a crime and is as guilty as those sub-human parasites who did this heinous crime. Let’s all hope that someone comes forward and can identify these idiots without any question or at least can give a full or partial license plate..

  20. Distillerman says:

    Over the past 25 years, Dodger Stadium has turned into a haven for pathetic “no-nothing” gangsta fans who make the visit to the ball park a risky adventure. It speaks to the demise of the once great city, with the cesspool tide of a culture that does not understand nor embrace respect. I saw the Dodgers in the Coliseum from ’58 to 61 and then to Dodger Stadium in 1962 thereafter. Koufax, Drysdale, Snider, Wills, Roseboro, Hershiser and Fernando would all cringe at this news. Gone are the great days of baseball…..and likely, humanity.

  21. Paul Kresco says:

    This is what happens when the people who ‘own’ the Dodgers don’t provide proper security. The McCourts’ can’t afford the Dodgers, and are out of their league financially and professionally.

    We will NOT be bringing our children to this environment. They need to sell the team, take the proceeds and support this family.

    1. CMD says:

      So totally, totally agree with you!

  22. CW says:

    I can only imagine if this happened in Philadelphia what the reaction would be. This guy was an innocent fan and was beaten senseless by LA fans. If this happened in Philadelphia the national media would come down on the city as a brutal, vicious city. That this happened in LA, not a word from the media. Go figure. Truly disgusting and LA should be ashamed.

    1. Rachel says:

      Excuse me…..this crime was not done by “LA FANS”…it was done by Mexican gang thugs who commit crimes all over the city all the time. What’s truly disgusting and LA should be ashamed of is that they support being a “sanctuary city” so that illegal alien animals like this can stay here and prey on innocent citizens.

      And the media never talks bad about Democrat strongholds like L.A….they whitewash everything. You know…because the Democrats have done such a GREAT job with this city…the public schools get a ton of money but don’t educate, and they drive out businesspeople and productive citizens. The lunatics are running the asylum.

    2. Andrea says:

      Right, “not a word from the media” and so therefore “LA should be ashamed”? Do you see how that logic doesn’t match up? It seems your problem is with the media. What exactly do you expect the citizens of Los Angeles to do? Any suggestions?

  23. Upstater says:

    Good question: would the usual suspects be out calling this a hate crime if the situation were reversed?

  24. Distillerman says:

    MEMO to lasucks. This sort of thing DID happen at a Raiders game when they played in the Coliseum in the ’90s. Some clown beat a Steelers fan to near death in September of 1990. Thugs never change.

  25. jim says:

    Of course it’s not a hate crime. It’s only a hate crime when whites are the perpetrators, not when they are victims.

    Just another white man beaten to a pulp by hispanics, nothing to see here, move along.

    1. Yukon says:

      You are exactly right, Jim.

    2. Shenia says:

      White or black, the Hispanics bring votes for the donks. Cali is full of anchor babies,teens and adults. Take note of all the mexican killing black Americans. Nobody is doing anything, oddly enough, not even Jessie Jack@ss or soapbox sharpton, but then, they don’t care about any color but green, they just play off the victim hood of the blacks.

  26. Dan says:

    Look like illegal mexicans having fun. Even if caught, we’ll just send them back to Mexico with no jail time.

    1. joey says:

      They won’t send them to jail because they have civil rights and a special program called WELEFARE. Your tax dollars hard at work!

      You don’t want to be in California when they start cutting benefits to these people. They can;t survive on theri own!!

  27. mada kemp says:

    typical mexican thug losers…would you expect anything else from this trash?

  28. Woody Wilson says:

    I suspect the brain damage was a preexisting condition. That’s why he was at a football game to begin with.

    1. Angie says:

      Football?? It appears you are the one with preexisting brain damage sir.

    2. tricia says:

      Wow you’re a real genius, Woody

  29. joe says:

    Look for them in Mexico or parts south of there cause I would bet the house says that’s where they came from recently.But they are only here to work,right?

  30. Hector Headcheese says:

    Sounds like a hate crime. Where are you Eric Holder? The silence is deafening. Just like it was when the two Black Panther slime balls showed up with Billy clubs at a polling place in Philly. Wow can you imagine the outcry if the thugs were white males? We would see candle light vigils and ACLU lawyers everywhere. These two pieces of garbage need to be exterminated.

  31. old guy says:

    I would rather do yoga but every time i see this stuff I realize i have to learn every effing trick from my kung fu videos instead… i have no time for that though.

  32. joe says:


    1. CMD says:

      Joe – I was thinking the same thing!

  33. Eric says:

    Hmmm… Where is the ACLU on this one? I know that this has to be a hate crime… Oh wait, the victim was just a white guy. Yeah, thats OK right? Freekin racist mexicans!

  34. Mune Shadowe says:

    Let me see…..
    A stupid game played by a bunch of millionaires and the fanatics ruin it for everyone by kicking the living daylights out of someone trying to enjoy the game.
    So very sad.

  35. Mary Vol says:

    They’re just doing a job Americans won’t do.

    1. chrism says:

      whats that?oh!! yea!! your can I don’t see you doing it.even if your 30 geneations your still a spick.

      1. Sarah says:


  36. Michael D. says:

    Being from Boston, Ma. there is a taunt of, N.Y. S****! This is awkward. We are a nation, and if we can’t get it together at a ball game, God only knows how weak the fabric of this nation really is.

    Let me let you in on something…

    When the Berlin Wall fell… during the Regan era, a Russian General was quoted by A.P., I think, and he said… “You will not have us to hate anymore… we will watch you kill yourselves”.

    President George Washington is quoted as saying, after his second term as president… that after all his work for this nation, that the worst thing that could happen, was a 2 party system.

    In the Middle East, there is a saying… I will hate you, then my neighbor, then my brother…

    We have a dark picture brewing…. only God can save us… hence the Hope of Israel and the return of the Messiah…

  37. Debbie P says:

    Everytime I hear or read about Bryan my heart breaks and my eyes tear up. It is hard to comprehend how people can be this way. Well maybe that’s because these attackers are not people, they are savage animals. I hope when they get arrested, or shall I say caught, because they are running and hiding, that our justice system locks them up in prison for a very long time, and what goes around comes around to them. They are nothing but “COWARDS” of the worse kind. I’m sure I speak for many of us, we cannot wait until they get caught. Although we do not know Bryan, we feel a large connection to him. Bryan represents each and everyone of us who enjoys going to a game. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. I hope and pray that he gets well soon and maybe one day he can come to AT&T Park and we the fans can give him a standing ovation for his courage. Get well soon Bryan!!!

  38. Goerge says:

    @Eric, Usually hate crimes are not defined by allegiance to a sports team. If you can come up with one case successfully prosecuted as a hate crime because of someone being a sports team fan I will be surprised. But why use logic and reasoning when you can use ignorance to bash Mexicans and the ACLU? Idiot.

    1. Sancho Skanklover says:

      Dude just because this happened at a sporting event doesnt mean it couldn’t be prosecuted as a “hate crime”. A hate crime refers to any act committed against another because of race religion gender etc. The fact that the guy is a Giants fan is irrelevant. Then again you sound like the kind of moron that thinks you know the REAL intentions of the two dirtbags. They are just misunderstood right? We just need to show them a little more love and compassion. After all, it’s really all of our fault. You and the ACLU have it all figured out. Go to h*ll!

    2. Chris says:

      @ ERIC, If the crime was inspired by malice toward a specific group (in this case a sports team) why then shouldn’t it be considered a hate crime. They singled an individual out based on his beliefs and beat him. Why are minorities and gays the only one afforded special protection, aren’t we all equal in the eyes of the law.

  39. P3 says:

    Why is this not a hate crime? Oh because the victim is white. I get it, only white people are capable of hate crimes right?

  40. Alicat2441 says:

    Would like to know if this would have happened if California was a carry and conceal state? Probably not.

  41. P3 says:

    @ Goerge, if a white man had done this regardless of allegiance to a team, he would be charged with a hate crime. And how come you resort to calling people hateful names when you do nat agree with a post?

  42. George says:

    There is nothing to indicate that this crime had anything to do with race. These guys apparently messed with other Giants fans as well. Why are you guys trying to turn this into some reverse racism hate crime bull****?

    It seems like someone would have to have some racial prejudices themselves to automatically assume this was racially related despite all the evidence to the contrary.

  43. George says:

    If you seriously think that every time a white man beats the hell out of someone who is not white it is considered a hate crime you are completely ignorant. Also, calling someone an idiot is not “hateful.”

    As a white man, I am sick of white men complaining about the plight of other white men, the most privileged racial and sex of modern society.

    What these guys did to Bryan is disgusting and I personally think they deserve to be beaten to death, but just because they are Mexican doesn’t make it a hate crime. You guys are using the exact same faulty logic that you accuse the justice system of being guilty of.

    1. FU says:


  44. George says:

    My bad for grammatical errors in my last post, it is late and I am tired.

    1. Guess Who says:

      Your bad what?

  45. solo_poke says:

    This is the reason we have police, and the justice system to deal with crime that affects people in the worst way possible.

    Police can gain a lot of respect from people, by helping victims rather then creating more victims.

    Let’s hope somebody knows and turns in these two viiolent idiots. These are the type of people jails were supposed to be for, if we quit crimminalizing pot smokers, perhaps there will be enough space in jails for the violent offenders

  46. Real Rick says:

    Arm up America! ARM UP!!!

    1. TJ Jackson says:

      If this would have happened in the parking lot of a Diamondbacks game the outcome would have been different. About a third of the fans are packing. An armed society is a polite society. Power to the people..!

  47. joey says:

    Typical mexicans

    1. frank says:

      Typical racist!!!

      1. Mary says:

        Typical Mexican response

      2. polydb says:

        Frank, What’s your last name ese?

  48. Fed Officer says:

    If an American vistis Europe and stays one minute past their departing flight time, they get a visit at their hotel from the authorities. In America, the vast majority of criminals in Southern California are overstaying their visas and we are afraid to say it. I am not afraid: You are here illegally, quit taking our jobs, quit committing crimes. The US constitution is written for people here legally. We welcome the 30,000 Mexicans and 20,000 other Latin Americans that actually follow the laws like my grandfather did and apply, wait the time, and immigate. You are lawbreakers, you are a shame to your home country, that is why they don’t want you either

    1. Andrea says:

      I agree completely that people outstaying their visas should definitely not be here. However, you have no standing to say anything about whether or not these thugs immigrated here or how they did, if that’s even the case. For all you know they are American citizens who are taking Your jobs and committing crimes.

      At any rate, this story has nothing to do with illegal immigrants. It is about an act of violence committed by idiot baseball fans to a baseball fan of the opposing team, outside of a baseball stadium, after a baseball game. Only racist idiots (redundant, I know) are bringing race into this.

  49. Fed up with gang bangers says:

    They should round up all the Mexican gang bangers, ship them to a deserted island and then blow the island up!!!!!

  50. Latinos4ever says:

    These people are not humans, they are latinos!

    1. Bill Bohnner says:

      Yes i AGREE 100%.

      These Latinos should be dragged from their homes and sent to
      prison. They are ALL illegal. I see how they look at my wife.

      Take them away quick.

  51. Mike says:

    These thugs will not turn themselves in, they’re cowards.
    Hopefully someone will come forward with information which will lead to their arrest, conviction, and incarceration!

  52. Matt Wetta says:

    Arm yourselves, protect yourselves, avoid being a victim of brutality. Sue the City for right to carry firearms.

  53. U Luv LA says:

    Isn’t diversity awesome? Increased DUI’s, violence and run-down cities around LA. Isn’t is great seeing LA go the same direction as Tijuana? Yes, this diversity is super. Just keep the borders open and giving citizenship to anchor babies and pressing “1” for English.

  54. EyeH8Spics says:

    God, even the get-away is so typically hispanic: Got the mother-with-kid driving the getaway car! Proabably 8 months pregnant with another little criminal on the way.

  55. Inosolent Lush says:

    GOOD GOD, IT’S ONLY A GAME. Are we turning into those eruo-trash soccer fans

  56. AFractoid says:

    Gang bangers. No doubt about it. I hope that he recovers.

    rightwinginc . com – Anti Obama stuff

  57. JR says:

    Wake up White People!!!

  58. george says:

    On second thought, you guys are right. This is all because the perps are Mexican. There is nothing to blame for this other than people of Mexican ethnicity. That makes perfect sense. Despite the fact that the USA has an insanely high violent crime rate due to a variety of socioeconomic conditions, this is purely because of those damn dirty Mexicans crossin our border. Damned illegals! No one knows if the perps are illegals and statistically they probably aren’t, but this happened because of illegal immigration. I am running out of idiotic, baseless, and racist assumptions to make but you can be damned sure I am pro America! Nevermind that America was populated by the same people as Mexico before white people came over and murdered and raped all of them. White Powah!! White people killing all the natives was the natives fault! Can I get an Amen!?!?! Amen! (Obvious sarcasm is obvious (hopefully))

  59. Undettered says:

    Sad so much anger directed at Hispanics. We have no knowledge that these two animals were here legally or not, If they are citizens they are entitled to the full benefit of the law, up to receiving a red hot needle in the arm if Bryan Stow dies. If they are here illegally they should be locked up in prison and their families contacted to provide shipments of food and toilet paper just like U.S. prisoners must do if locked up in a Mexican prison.

    Please don’t make the mistake of looking at “The Rodriguez family” next door as criminals at large. In California they may have a family heritage that extends back in time to when this bit of land became a state. “The Martinez” family a block away may be grieving for their son that made his sacrifice as a U.S. Marine fighting in Obama’s war for heroine in Afghanistan or oil in Libya. By the way, no one can blame Bush for Iraq or Afghanistan they are entirely Big O’s war since he took the oath of office.

    1. Deterred says:

      For every law abiding citizen you cite in your little fairy tale, there are twenty criminals with the same last name committing a crime right now with your name on it. Wouldn’t it be better to actually arrest the lawbreakers whatever their nationality and then sort them out? Nope, you’d rather find the one needle in a haystack and then say the haystack isn’t rotten.

  60. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Open carry repels degenerates before they even have the thought of attacking you or anyone else.

    You are unarmed victims waiting to be picked off by today’s predators otherwise and good luck in calling a cop as you are being pummeled.


  61. jc says:

    Welcome to LA gangland where US tax payers support another failing sanctuary city which costs the US tax payers over $1.5 billion dollars a year. The State of California better known as Mexifornia has been invaded by millions of illegal aliens and our government will do nothing to stop it. Please make sure to thank your friendly city councilmen, mayor, congressmen, senator, local and federal politicians for allowing the invasion into your Country all for a cheap vote.

    Don’t worry its not a hate crime because the victim is white.

  62. jefyuaz says:

    It’s symptomatic of what is goint on in our society. I was appalled at the punks I saw at a DBacks play-off game a few years ago. I was jostled by someone half my age and we almost had it out. You have to be very careful no matter where you are anymore.

  63. inez says:

    I’m so sorry for this man and his family. I pray that they get justice and these losers rott in prison.

  64. juan valdez says:

    No need to deport them if you just send the national guard in to start taking them all out one-by-one in every city across the nation. They will shortly deport themselves and will never return. No need for a wall; they will all be running back the other direction.

  65. George says:

    Good idea “juan valdez.” But by that logic the National Guard would also have to kill everyone else in the country who is not Native American. I don’t think genocide is the answer to anyone’s problems, anywhere.

    1. texasnewt says:

      “Native Americans” are no more “Native” than anyone else — they immigrated here aeons ago, just as Europeans did later. It modern America, the leitimate issue isn’t race (that’s a tribal mentality), but rather one of citizenship. Citizenship, being a party to this nation’s social contract is the basis of our national sovereignty — if we fixate on ethnicity or mere race, then America is doomed to be nothing but factions of warring tribes. As a citizen, one is a party to the social contract, and, therefore, has rights and responsibilities — an illegal alien has neither, nor any loyalty to the country.

      1. who cares about race says:

        I agree with what you say about not fixating on race. Racism occurs in the less developed mind and the result is mindless violence and hatred, and progress as a society being undone. This story is about two stupid thugs who attacked a fan of the opposing team, and everyone is turning it into a race and citizenship issue! It’s like they’re just looking for any reason to unleash their bigoted hatred.

        (Unrelated: Native Americans would not be considered to be immigrants, as the definition of “immigrate” is ‘to come into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence’. During the eons ago in which Native Americans began to live here, there were no such thing as countries, citizenship or “residence” as the current meaning of the word holds. They could be said to have migrated, in the anthropological sense, which is quite different.)

    2. polydb says:

      Jorge, you idiot. Whats it gonna take…you or your FAMILY to be a victim before we get rid of these idiots.

  66. Anthony Summers says:

    San Fransico is in a hurry to fing them and offer them sanctuary.

  67. williamgayleysimpson says:

    The Race War as predicted by Thomas Chittum is at your door, White Man.

    Which Way Western Man?

  68. Richard says:

    It’s easy for some folks to reduce the motive for this crime down to “illegals” and “Mexicans” but let’s be intellectually honest by admitting the issues are complex. Instinct and experience tells me it probably is rooted in cultural differences. That’s the dark side of social diversity which is politically incorrect for the mainstream. Regardless, the same type of fear based reactions which are likely responsible for this crime also fuel the unhelpful rhetoric common throughout these responses.

    Beside the perps being caught and going to prison, I hope the Dodger franchise is sued into oblivion in order to drill some accountability into the organization. This sort of ghetto activity has been going on at that stadium for quite some time.

    1. Andrea says:

      Thank you thank you thank you. Everything you said.

  69. Halo9x says:

    This isn’t about Hispanics or drugs, it’s about common decency. While I agree that illegals need to go back to Mexico and come here when they want to become Americans, not all hispanics are like this. However, as LA and California continue to be “Sanctuary” cities and state one can probably expect more of this type of activity. Why? Just look at how things are on the Mexican side. The problem has been allowed to grow worse since 2001 as it has been ignored by both Presidents Bush and Obama. In truth, the problem did not start even with them but has been building for a very long time. Either we get someone to start controlling our southern border or we will see these kinds of things getting worse. At what point will people in California say enough is enough???

  70. Mike says:

    after this horrific tragedy, one that Tony Bruno predicted, I don’t want to hear one more time that Philadelphia fans are the worst. This LA stuff has happened before and will happen again. A few nice mega verdicts against the Dodgers for their failure to provide proper security for all fans will help. No chance of getting a dime from these criminals.

  71. MAC says:

    If a couple of white Giants fans beat a Mexican Dodgers fan people would be screaming bloody murder.

    Apparently it’s never a hate crime when it happens to white people.

    1. polydb says:

      Mac, you idiot. What will it take for you to wake up. You may need to actually experience being a victim (or your FAMILY) before you see how these morally depraved people have negatively effected our Country.

  72. American says:

    this guy needed a guard,cuz white people cant have handguns in calif …….. only the professional victims/criminals

    target rich environment

  73. Arizona Insurgent says:

    Recognize Diworsity! End the Multicultural Empire! Restore the Republic!!

  74. hogtrashhd says:

    why did I know it was mexicans or blacks that did this?/??? answer that Holder

    1. hogtrashhd says:

      I forgot to say.. we white americans are armed and loaded.. stop picking on one white person at a time (usually old grandmas at that).. one and all bring it on you cowards..we’ve been waiting a loooong time .. we will see who is the last one standing… and it won’t be you asshats.. white people rule… always have and always will.. whatchagonnadoaboutit you third world country dirt cookie eating cowards????

      1. Racists Have Low IQs says:

        “always have and always will” Hahaha. This is good stuff. You should try doing stand-up.

  75. Chuck says:

    These violent trouble makers need to be caught, charged with attempted murder, convicted and sent to Prison for a few years. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. Not in any city, not in any Baseball or any other kind of sport facility, ever again. God bless this poor man and may he be healed in the name of Jesus Christ. I rebuke the demonic forces at work, in the name of Jesus!

  76. Charlie Potts says:

    Ever go to a Dodger game? It’s all gang bangers now.

  77. ginger says:

    We are Giants fans and the last season Bonds played we went to see them at Dodger Stadium. My son had his SF hat on and about 3 Mexican guys made some comment to us like, “F*** the Giants”. I am a mom and had 2 of my boys with me that were about 20 and 22 at the time. It scared me and I haven’t been back since. Last week I asked my son if he wanted to go to the opening day game and I could get us tickets and he said no, because we would probably run into trouble with some Mexican Dodger fans.

  78. backtoeurope says:

    Whites should go after the traitors of the race traitors and kill their children and spouses. We all know this isn’t America anymore and will fail. Let’s exact justice and torch the place on our way out the door.

    1. Guess Who says:

      Let’s start with Congress and Soros. This didn’t happen by accident.

  79. Rachel says:

    Let’s leave our borders open so we can let in more of these animals to ruin our country. I hope the police find them and hang them. Who would bring their kid to a Dodger game anymore when the authorities have let these thugs take over the place? DISGUSTING. The Dodgers need to do something about them. Every Dodger fan who goes to a game should start wearing the colors of the opposing theme…these lowlife thugs can’t assault everyone in the place.

    1. Rachel's going to Hell says:

      You’re doing a fine job ruining it by yourself, honeytits.

      American citizens are so pure and holy, aren’t they?

  80. Truth says:

    No one gets something for nothing…he must have done something to deserve it. No one is innocent. We are all responsible for what we make happen, and what happens to us.

    1. rachel says:

      These animals have been beating up on people, peeing on people’s cars, there have been stabbings, robberies, all kinds of criminal behavior. The victims didn’t do anything wrong except show up to a game and NOT belong to their gang. Moron.

    2. mada kemp says:

      You are an idiot.

  81. Cracka Lacka says:

    RACE WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. TJ says:

    Folks, no need to make this a race war. Maybe none of you have worked Law or EMS, tragedies of this nature occurs with all colors. This tragedy happens to hit the front page, What is important here is everyone praying for Bryans speedy recovery and the low life culprits are brought to justice.

  83. Jim says:

    That’s what you get when you give away FREE tickets to the ghetto thugs that live around the stadium. That 100+ mob around the fight were PROTECTING the attackers, because they’re all gang members, and they know this sh** happens all the time. Too bad they stomped Bryan when he went down unconscious… after they were stomping him, everyone using cel phones to film stopped, because other thugs were taking the phones away from people and threatening them. This was thug central… that’s what Dodger stadium has become.

  84. Jim says:

    You wonder why no one has a cel phone video of the fight, and no one has put it up on Youtube? Yet every single person in the crowd had a cell phone, and probably started taping it. I’m telling you, these two were gang members, and anyone close to seeing the actual fight was either threatened or their phone was taken. Anyone with a cell phone image is NOT coming forward. Wise up, people… the ghetto has come to your neighborhood ball park. Sports venues are breeding grounds for gang violence, any excuse they have to get drunk and beat someone. They were trying to kill Bryan. Let’s call a spade a spade. This was hard core territorial brutality.

  85. Jimmy says:

    The Cowards in the mainstream media don’t have the guts to call this a “HATE CRIME” – There is some kind of idiotic fear on the part of Whites to take on these “oniion head” gang bangers once and for all. I guess when Mexico comes unglued (coming soon) then we’ll have our chance to set the record straight.

  86. James says:

    two white men could not get away with beating a mexican around mexicans or blacks around other blacks, But rest assured if a black or mexican starts beating Whites, not a White person would come to their aid until the attackers have left. Whats happend to your race? cowards. Fight for America like you fight for iraq and afghanistan .

  87. Charles says:

    I hope these two sculpture bags get caught and face serious time. Hopefully they get rear plug in jail. All the wetbags and N I GGA belong in cage and should be treated like animal.

  88. America First says:

    Los Angeles elected officials are desperate to find these 2 attackers……………………………………………………………to give them sanctuary and extensive legal support.

  89. rob says:

    my prayers go out to him and his family,that’s what all comments should read don’t take this time to air out your meaningless points of views.peace and love to all

  90. John B says:

    Of course most Mexicans will defend the actions of Mexicans regardless, which makes THEM racist pigs. You see…what we civilized people are seeing is the end of the great decent society that built this once great nation. It is being taken over by the same violent low life garbage that oozes out of a violent decrepit Mexico into the USA. Instead of being grateful for being accepted here, these malcontents are viciously attacking like wild animals – for no reason other than to feel powerful to kill “gringos”. That folks is pure evil – it is on our doorstep and someday we will address it with or without our stupid government. What good Mexicans who are here legally need to do is identify themselves as Americans FIRST and separate themselves from the trash we will have to clean up.

    1. Morons Never Surprise says:

      Every time I wonder how stupid people can be… along comes someone like John B. to lower the bar. Good lord how much did your mother drink and smoke while you were in the womb?

    2. Sarah says:

      Wow, from your long discourse all that I got was how truly ignorant you are. You “civilized”??? A civilized man, as you call yourself distinguishes himself by his intellect, something you seem to lack! if you “white” people are so offended by the presence of other people, gather your belongings get back on the Mayflower and return to whence you came from. You, like the rest of the other ignorant people posting racially charged comments make humanity an embarrasement

  91. Jimmy Brown says:

    I got confronted in a target parking lot last week by a tattooed illegal doing the swinging monkey arms gang thing. Sorry Cali, I moved out and visit less and less. The place is ruined. It will never be the same, and there is nothing anyone can do at this point. California is no more.

  92. Jose says:

    I wish i could do the same to those thugs …but longer and worse!

  93. Leroy Whitby says:

    It’s a race thing. This was a hispanic thug beat down of a white guy. La Raza sucks.

  94. Frank says:

    It was an “evil” thing. There’s only one father of evli and lies. and, hate doesn’t really change no matter what face you put on it or reason give have for it. Hoping the man recovers fully and that the attackers are brought to true justice, whether here or in eternity.

  95. Robert says:

    He was wearing the wrong colors in a GANG city. Sad fact of life

  96. Theduck6 says:

    Not true Dodger fans but he felt scared in the stadium?
    Sounds like the “City of A&&holes” more than angels.

  97. stop2think says:

    I am a Phillies fan and travel the country following them. I was in LA last year and did not wear Phillies apparel at the game b/c I feared this very thing. Yet, in San Diego I wore a Phillies shirt and the SD fans were very gracious towards me. It is sad when a fan cannot cheer his team in an oppossing team’s stadium without fear of coming home with a broken brain. This victim is no different from me. Ten to one the thugs were illegals. But, hey, they have rights too, right?

  98. Gdub says:

    Blame our government especially our Presidents for not fixing the border problem.

  99. Agent Mom says:

    They were probably illeagals and have ran back to Mexico. In Mexico, like the rest of the world, they are used to beating each other up during soccer matches. So, open the flood gates and let illegals across the border. It doesn’t hurt anyone, right? Tell that to the Stow family!

  100. DodgerMan says:

    how can you be a Giants fan? how do we know there was not some damage before….

  101. moonmac says:

    Violent animal Gang Bangers created by our Drug War! Thanks Drug Zealots who’ve helped murder over a million innocent people!

  102. Guess Who says:

    This is the fact of the new America. Did you vote for this, White man?

    1. Guess Who says:

      Excuse the typo. The word should be “face”.

    2. Sarah says:

      Are you still wearing your clansmen robe, or are you dry cleaning it, to put it on tomorrow?

  103. Hank Warren says:

    Uncontrolled violent illegals, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  104. atlnata says:

    60% chance that they are illegals and are now back in mexicaoi

  105. Bill Cabot says:

    Real Dodger fans are civilized and we never had these problems when they were in Brooklyn…A pox on the O’Malleys

  106. MoonbatMan says:

    All you hatahz are wrong! These attackers could not have been CRIMINAL aliens. All of those people come here for a better life and to work and don’t have the time to take off to watch a professional baseball game. They could have been Tea Party thigs made up to look hispanic!! And I don’t care what Michael Savage says…Liberalism is NOT a mental disorder!!!! It’s not!!! IT’S NOT!!!! IT’S NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Anthony Summers says:

    We need more diversity!

  108. Alina Dominguez says:

    They only doing the jobs Americans don’t want to do……….and look,….this event stimulated business for the medical profession…..

  109. ricado maxwell says:

    It’s time to solve the illegal immigrant and hispanic gang problem NOW. And while we are at it, let’s also solve the Democrat Obama problem that’s causing all the other problems. Elect no more Democrats and no more lawyers.

    1. cagliostro says:

      pretty funny coming from someone who gets all their “news” from Fox and MATT DRUDGE

  110. tiredofthismadness says:

    When did sports become something worth beating someone over? Wake up America! This violence is unacceptable and we sit by and watch these things happen every day! IT”S A GAME! IT”S SUPPOSE TO BE FUN! I have seen dad’s fight over calls in little league games! It is ridiculous.

  111. sesails says:

    Californians are getting what they richly deserve. Pelosi and Boxer will fix the problem…

  112. cagliostro says:

    I find it both sad and sickly amusing that most of cavemen commenting here about illegals, Mexicans, etc, found their way here to spout their racist BS from the DRUDGE REPORT…’nuuff said

  113. Jeff says:

    If California had permitted him to carry a concealed weapon — like the Beretta .25 cal. automatic I carry here in Arizona without any permit required — then the unfortunate Mr. Stow would still be in fine condition. His attackers would either have fled or would be in serious condition, instead of Mr. Stow.

    Gun laws like California’s only protect thugs.

  114. compassionate one says:

    After what White Spain did to Mexico during “El Holocausta”, I think it’s completely understandable the these victims lash out.

  115. Tim says:

    Let’s not be blinded by political correctness. These are thuggish, Mexican gang bangers, plain and simple. LA Mayor Tony Villar and the multicultural cronies before him have welcomed their ilk into the LA area with open arms for way too long, and we’re seeing the result come to pass. This isn’t an issue of good, Hispanic families who have come to America and are enjoying the fruits of their labor. These are primitive, thugs who don’t give a rat’s rear end about American laws, culture, or enhancing the quality of live in their city.

  116. Mikey Danneskjold says:

    Bring our troops home from the Middle East and invade Mexico. They have shown they have no regard for our laws. They have illegally invaded the U.S., and a counter attack is warranted. Their corrupt government should be brought down and we can install a new one.

    1. cagliostro says:

      another Drudge fan, can smell ’em a mile away

    2. Invade Mexico says:

      Amen, I have been saying this for years Mikey. I don’t give a damn about the Middle East but I do care about our border states and the entire U.S. At this point the immigration problem is unavoidable and Bryan Stow is just another victim of the problems coming up from Mexico. Time for a big, big change…

  117. jerry says:

    A couple of dirty ass Hispanics, I would love to confront these two punks in a dark ally….life the way they know it would change forever….. Funny,…a Black Yale professor gets questioned by white cops about possibly breaking into his own house and obama sticks his nose in it, a white guy get beat to a pulp by Hispanics and obama is no where to be seen,,,… I think we have the most racist President in our countries history!!!!

    1. cagliostro says:

      since when did the US become multiple “countries”?
      and let me guess–you get here via Drudge Report? that would certainly explain a lot…

    2. FU says:

      Why don’t you call the rest of your clansmen buddies and have them do something about it…since it seems you’re so upset!!

  118. jerry says:

    This is defiantly a Mexican problem that no one wants to talk about, not our politicians, no one,….they will blame booze to deflect the illegal Mexican disaster but we all know better….get all of them the hell out of this country and keep them out,,,,….

  119. jerry says:

    This is an illegal Mexican Problem……We Must Fix This!!!

    1. cagliostro says:

      very sad that you get all yr news from Matt Drudge

      1. Chris says:

        Very sad that this is the only repeated comment you are capable of, etc., etc., ad nauseam…

        Pretty laughable and pathetic, actually.

        By the way, ad hominem is a fallacious argument (in case you didn’t know…which it doesn’t look like you do).

      2. cagliostro says:

        yup, you really put me in my place chris, gonna go and have a cry in the shower now, feels good don’t it?
        I bow to your clearly superior knowledge of all things logical and argumentative
        MATT DRUDGE, MATT DRUDGE, matt drudge!!

        AKK!! ARGGH!! MY HEAD IS EXPLODING! matt drudge!!
        you are all a bunch of characters, bless you for it
        gotta love the internet

        93/93 love is the law, love under will


      3. Chris says:

        That was exactly the quality of response I was expecting from you. Obviously, my expectations were not very high.

        Thank you for confirming my expectations!!

  120. 12345 says:

    Wow! So apparently, this website is a platform for out right racism. Everyone seems so intent on voicing there opinion about Mexicans and Whites being the problem. Some how this crime has given more people, more reason to hate, that’s just wrong. I am not sure but I would have to say that the Whites know some Mexicans in real life and vice versa, so do you only post these comments on here cause you can’t tell them to each other, or are you all just crazy? Regardless I have to say Mr. Stow saves peoples lives as an EMT no matter who they are, and that I hope he recovers soon.

    1. cagliostro says:

      it isn’t this particular website that is a sounding board for the wingnuts, it is the simple fact that they all arrived here via the DRUDGE REPORT, that explains everything
      sad, hysterically funny, and deeply deeply disturbing all at the same time

      1. Guess Who says:

        It takes one to know one.

  121. jerry says:

    I build houses and I do not Hire illegals but others do, and when a patrol car happens to come down the street all the illegal ones run in the woods to hide, this is in the Northeast, I could not imagine what its like on one of our Southern boarder States…..When are we going to wake the hell up and fix this problem!!!……Hello Politicians are YOU There?

  122. jerry says:

    Weather you hate or not , illegals are illegals and we are doing absolutely nothing about it>>>>facts are facts!!!!!

    1. cagliostro says:

      go back to the drudge report and stop yer whinging, it is embarassing

  123. Emery says:

    Brown on white violence? Well thats what you get for wasting your money on a game played by overpaid cry babies…..

  124. jerry says:

    We must clean the filth out of this country,, …let’s start with the obvious…11 million illegal Mexicans that are wondering around our Country, what do you think the Mexican Government would do if they had 11 million illegal Americans wondering around Mexico? Hmmmm……

    1. cagliostro says:

      are you for real?!? or are you just pulling our collective leg? pretty funny stuff regardless of intent
      goes to show that the Drudge Report brings out our country’s (see how I spelled that? the US ain’t plural sunshine) finest humans

  125. Oscar of the Waldorf says:

    Thanks Babs! Thanks Diane! Thanks Jerry! Thanks, modern liberalism!!

    1. cagliostro says:

      Thanks Matt Drudge!!

      1. Grape Ape says:

        Spam spam spam spam!

  126. Ames Wolf says:

    The woman who was driving needs to come forward and identify these thugs and collect her reward. Then, she and her little boy can have a better life outside the company of these two wanted men. Come forward lady! It’s not only good for justice it’s good for you and your little one!

  127. ricardo maxwell says:

    that’s right castratiostro, Drudge made those Hispanics beat that man and destroy his life. Democrats advocating open borders and allowing any and all trash to enter and even gain citizenship does absolutely NO HARM AT ALL! Right? And you call others cavemen? Pathetic.

    1. cagliostro says:

      your ad hominem logic is hysterically flawed, not really very bright are you?
      did you or did you not arrive on the SF-based news site via Matt Drudge?
      my point is that those who get all of their news from DRUDGE have a very slanted view of the world and anyone with intact critical thinking skills will very likely agree I would venture to guess

      1. Chris says:

        LOL!!! That is friggin hilarious!!

        I just left you a comment (about 10 of your IDENTICAL posts ago) about YOUR use of AD HOMINEM!!

        You are obviously an idiot. Don’t you know that your repeated attempts to discredit a source are…(wait for it)…AD HOMINEM!!!! LOL!!!

        Get a clue, lol.

    2. cagliostro says:

      ohh, daddy gimme more
      feeling better now?

      1. Chris says:

        I felt perfectly fine laughing at you 🙂

        Carry on…
        (glorying and reveling in your own ignorance).

  128. ricardo maxwell says:

    It looks as though we can make castratediolgi’s (or whatever he calls himself) head explode if we keep posting logical and rational comments concerning the vermin that committed this heinous act and the Liberals that support illegal immigration. Keep posting and let’s watch this wacky poster go nuts.

    1. cagliostro says:

      you really know very little about logic my small-minded friend, and it shines through in everything you post
      this is all fun and games for me, no need to worry your little bald head about me, I’m having a blast here

  129. nova says:

    As others stated it was a cowardly crime and the 2 spics that did it should be hung by their entrails. I say that and my wife is colombian but that doesn’t mean that I don’t see most mexicans here for what they are which is illegal parasites whether they are here with good intentions or not, it doesn’t matter they are destoying the culural fabric of our nation. For anyone (especially white) that stood and watched this happen, then you are a coward and no better than those who did it.

  130. nothingtodowithracebutculture says:

    All I have to say is look at the 50 Most Wanted on Washington State Patrol’s Website


  131. bocephus jones says:

    unfortunately dodger stadium is now home to mexican savages. if you guys up in sf go to raider games you know what i mean. i am sorry about the beating. if this was a white guy beating a mexican into a coma it would be a hate crime. but the cops like our elected officials have no balls when it comes to dealing with mexicans.

  132. Delmar Jackson says:

    Eric Holder says all white American men are open season for ethnic thugs as they are not protected under hate crime laws and deserve no help or protection.

    When I was born we were 90% WASP and now we are 65% WASP and falling fast thanks to multiculturalism and massive third world immigration that we keep getting shoved down our throats.

    White people need to look after their own intersts. Go to numbersusa and laern how your weasels in washington have voted on immigration and reward them with your votes in 2012.
    Wake up people! You are being ethnically cleansed and replaced from the nation you founded.
    the only people that favor massive 3rd world immigration are those that benefit and pocket all the profits and pass all the economic,environmemtal and social costs onto the communities!
    Take back your country soon or deserve the curses of your grandchildren.

  133. Sergei says:

    I’m from the East Coast. It’s so sad to see what California has turned into. It’s becoming this big, overcrowded, Mexican dumping ground. What a shame. As latinos all seem to have like 10 kids each, the problem is only going to get worse and worse.

  134. Ty Coon says:

    Illegal aliens make up at least 15 %, of the illegal votes for Demonrats nationwide.

    Demonrats, need their votes to further their neofascist designs on what was once America !
    These hamper hunchers are part of that horrible design to ruin America, even further !

  135. Large Peenus says:

    Aloha and welcome to my world. Word on the street has it that this white boy was making disparaging remarks about messycans and other brown skin peeps prior to the beat down. Not sure if he was just joke or not but the two Latino gentleman obviously did not think so and took action. Let wait for this to be settled in the courts and not on some news sites blog….

  136. Lilith says:

    It is a total shame what is happening all across these United States. The truth of the matter – it’s going to get worse. Neither party wants to correct the situation. We, as a nation, are going to collapse from within. I feel so sorry for the children who will never know how great this country was at one time.

  137. fuki says:

    payback’s a m-f-er.

  138. Duude says:

    Its very likely the two Hispanic suspects beat a path back across the border.

  139. JPC says:

    I wonder if this will be labeled a “hate crime.” Oh, wait a minute —- it can’t be because the victim and the perps are the “wrong” colors.

  140. Lil smiley says:

    All this back and forth black and white and mexican remarks don’t mean nothing because what’s done is done, and there is a man in the hospital all messed up
    it could happen to anybody at anytime it doesn’t even have to be at a
    baseball game,
    this was just dumb and to funny part about it was the “DOGERS” didn’t even lose so what was it for ? it’s on the news now so in time they will get caught that’s just how the game goes, and they will be in “JAIL” serving they time who knows they might just get killed before they even go to jail “KARMA” and they families know what they did so for them to let them just hide out is just wrong. But you should all know that they are in mexico by now I think that’s wrong that mexican people could just come to “CALIFORNIA” and run back to mexico after they do something and I’m not being trying to talk about mexicans but it’s true I think something need to be done soon, Salvador Valencia, Frm Bay Area knows something about this I’m sure…. He Look Like One Of The Guy’s …..

  141. Smitty77 says:

    I read American Comments because they seem to reflect the true personallity of the typical American

  142. 1234 says:

    What the Hell does this have to do with illegal immigration??????

    THey have to find another place for people like you. I think you are part of the problem.

  143. caroline says:

    That’s LA! Violent, stupid and broke. Welcome illegals; you’ll feel right at home!

  144. Dee says:

    Now ya know there just doing the job WHITEY wont do!

  145. Frank Wunder says:

    I think the real issue here is that we take sports so seriously that a person would invite violence against themselves simply for rooting for an opposing team. I think this is sad statement for our culture that loyalty to sports teams overrides basic morality and citizenship.

  146. DerekinSC says:

    Good luck finding two Hispanic men wearing Dodgers gear in LA. It’s not surprising given their culture.

  147. Freedom Loveer says:

    This is what happens when responsible trained people are not allowed to carry firearms to protect themselves.

  148. Myanzebo says:

    Dodger Fans and the Dodger Organization should donate money to Bryan Stow’s famiily. He has young kids. He doesn’t deserved this or his family. And for those two thugs they will burn in hell for what they did. But please, when the Giants return home in the bay area don’t retaliate or revenge. We as SF Giant Fans are far more better than the Dodger Fans. Don’t stoop to there level of ignorance.

  149. Florence says:

    Wow how could over 100 people be present when someone is getting their head kicked in and not do anything. Where is common sense? Not one person tried to get him help with police? Where were their cell phones? Please, I don’t get this at all, but I do know now why no one has come forward to say anything. Who wants to look like a coward. Yes that what you are. I am a 60 year old woman and yes I would try to help or get help. God have mercy on you people. Please come forward and help the police find these angry men before someone else gets hurt.

  150. J.V. - Newport Beach says:

    The Dodgers, the mayor of LA, and LA’s city council have been handing out free Dodger tickets to organizations that “reach out” to LA gangs with the hope of giving them some “culture”. Well, the gang culture is now firmly in control of Dodger Stadium with the blessing of its ownership and the city government. . .it would be not be P.C. otherwise since this is L.A. – as Mr. Stow tragically found at the game.

  151. Hugh Jorgan says:

    Mexi-fornians at there finest. You deserve what you tolerate.

  152. elpochodelnorte says:

    I can’t belive CBS is not deleting all these racist comments. Who said these guys were Mexicans or illigals. Don’t group all latinos as Mexicans. That’s like saying all whities are british.

    1. Timothy MacAren says:

      Hey, hey, hey! Watch out Pocho! CBS is very very clear in their policies: you mention what they ain’t like and you’re clearly out! What ya think this “freedom of expression” thing is, uh? And “Freedom of Choice”, uh? CBS is very very clear they reserve the Right (Freedom) to Choose what to Express. You’ve got to think and then squeeeeeeze together, like we do with the Mexicans.

  153. Timothy MacAren says:

    Yeah! Those Mexicans don’t deserve those south states we got from them! They are animals! They are ungrateful to all those American companies giving them a job and giving them things for almost nothing down there in Mexico! They do not deserve industries! It is a favor we did when NAFTA downed their cheap factories. We got them guns after guns after guns and they cheat us on the dope weight and all. And those girls at Tijuana take our money and then try to escape. But what really really pi** me off is when they expect to get paid after the lousy work they do here!#$ We got to double rent because they break our apartments! Man, like the rest of Latin America, they don’t value us, they dont appreciate the politicians we buy them there to run their countries. The nerve to get mad! Throw all of them out! Those Israeli contractors should hurry that wall up man. Billions later and yet Mexicans coming for cervesa, tickets, parking and all. I dono, Muslims must be teaching them, something!

  154. Rachel Is Lame says:

    Anyone ever go to a soccer game in England? Bunches and bunches of lily white people beating the living tar out of each other in the stands. It isn’t race, dipwads, it’s alcohol. I’m talking to you “Rachel!”

  155. Hypocrites Are Funny says:

    I’d love to read the comments by all the neanderf*cks on here if it was a hispanic dude being beaten by whites. Oh, but that would NEVER happen, because white people are “civilized,” and brown people are “animals.”

    Except that it does happen.


    And the knuckle draggers on here swallow their tongues and eat more cheez whiz on wonder. Dimwits. Sad sad dimwits you all are.

    1. TargetZero says:

      Go back to Mexico!

    2. smashicus says:

      Your dad should have worn a condom. I guess they didn’;t make them small enough.

  156. Jon Epperson says:

    I am a die hard Dodger fan and have lived in LA my entire life. I have enjoyed occationally visiting the Bay area to see the Dodgers battle the Giants at Candlestick Park and AT&T Park. I was about Bryan’s age during my first visit. My most recent visit was last September with my girlfriend during the pennent race, and the Giant fans razzed me as I expected, as they should, and I would have been disapointed if they didn’t. Razzing, no violence!
    Until the thugs that beat Ryan Stow are caught and convicted, I will not be attending any more games at Dodger Stadium. And unless the Dodger organization gets completely behind Ryan and his family, the seach and conviction of the attackers, and make major moves to protect fans and stop criminal activity at Dodger Staduim, I will not attend any more games. I also hope other Dodger fans will take the same stand. I would like to say that this is an isolated insident, though I have noticed that it has been getting more and more dangerous to see a game at Dodger Stadium.
    Ryan, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now. I pray for a miraculously complete recovery.

    1. Kevin Hurley Moon says:

      And a voice of clarity rang out……
      A good position, Jon.

  157. Don't Question Me says:

    Go back to Germany!

  158. Nessa says:

    People are so ignorant! Yes, the people who did this are horrible, but they do not represent all Hispanics! Nazis were horrible people too, but do they represent all whites? For people to stereotype and make ignorant comments, it’s just a sign of ignorance!

  159. Do something to help says:

    People, this isn’t about Hispanics, Mexicans, Dodgers fans, or who should be across what border.

    This is about senseless violence, and a man whose life and brain will never be the same.

    Our time and energy is better spent doing something positive, like helping raise money for his family, then on cultural speculating over two thugs we only know from a sketch.

    1. Andrea says:

      Agreed x1,000

  160. smashicus says:

    These punks will mess with the wrong person someday and will get the third eyeball they so richly deserve.

  161. Mark D. says:

    People I think we need to take a minute and realize that this horrible incident isn’t about race or illegal immigrants. Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree that a lot of Hispanic illegals are wreaking havoc on Southern California in a number of ways. Although the issue here the overall morals of lack thereof of people in Los Angeles. I live in Orange County and I despise any time I have to drive to LA for anything. I think these ghetto, ignorant, wannabe thugs are a pathetic waste of human life. How much of a loser do you need to be to attack an innocent person for cheering on his favorite baseball team?!! An LA native thats what kind!! These people make me sick to damn stomach. They are F****in cowards! You take any of these degenerates to New York where real “Gangsters’ were born and bred they wouldn’t last a day!! Not to glorify gangsters or thugs just saying theres no honor, respect or morals here. God be with this man and his family.

  162. Phyllis says:

    A Philadelphia Phillies Fan was beaten to death after a Phillies game in 2009. The perpatrators were all white!!!!!!The man they killed was also white. Race plays no part in violence. Violence knows no color. Yes I am white!!

  163. non LA taxpayer says:

    this dedicated paramedic and his family will experience grief long after the comments here…yet, the LA tax payers are next. If and when these two gang-bangers are caught, LA taxpayers will pay for their public defender, court costs, paperwork, free room and board and medical in a hotel jail…

  164. rm says:

    Man a lot of stupid ignorant racists comments on here. What no one is asking is why out of thousands of people, no one “saw” these two dirt bags. Or what about the woman in the car with a kid? Someone knows these two. I’ll bet they are MS13 (neck tats). Those punks grew up in violence, its their way of life. They should get life in a Mexican prison without parole. I’m going to start carring my Glock.

    1. Grape Ape says:

      Up yours, ARA antifa idiot! You call people racist and then go on a racist rant.

  165. Dave Selvers says:

    I feel for this guy and his family. I don’t understand these punks today. As a Canadian I can tell my good neighbors to the south it’s not just your country that has these problems…try living in Toronto or Vancouver. Not to boast about my ability but I’ve had my life threatened on Sub-way trains, Sporting events, phone booths and just walking the streets and every time I had to fight to defend myself but what happens when this depraved humanity becomes overwhelming? This stuff is trash that understands one thing and that’s retaliation to the point of hurt. As a point of interest we’re getting flooded with illegal Mexicans here too…they sneak in from the Detroit Windsor borders. I’m sick of being made to feel guilty because of my civilized white colour and I’m sick of being attacked for it also. I hope this guy comes out of this mess.
    Dave…Canadian Capitalist

  166. nk says:

    the thugs who did this make me sick and when they find the monsters who did this i hope they lock them up forever!!!!

    my heart goes out to Bryan and his family. sorry this happened to you

  167. Ed Dudley says:

    Send them back to the country they came from regardless of their citizen status. And if they are born here then find their ancestors and send them there. Anywhere except here! These are blatant hatred of America and Americans and we don’t what them here. Very simple. It is a privilege to be a US citizen and not a right just because your mother snuck in one night and went to a local hospital to give birth. Just take. A drive through LA or El Paso and you’ll see how they live. I’m afraid Mexico is allowing all the riff rafts to come over and polite this country. The educated mexicans don’t need to sneak in because they have much to loose and also have some dignity.

  168. bdiddy says:

    Where is this guy’s buddy, who was supposedly with him at the game? WHy hasn’t he been on the news explaining where he was while his friend was being kicked in the head? Maybe there were too drunk, picked a fight and lost. Maybe the absent buddy is guilty for provoking this thing and doesn’t want to step up and take responsibility after what happened to his “friend”? Just speculating. There is more to this story than we are being told.

  169. take a good, long look at yourselves says:

    The saddest thing about this whole thing to me is that instead of people coming together during this difficult time is that SO MUCH HATE is being spewed everywhere. This is disgusting; I want to throw up. Shouldn’t we all learn to be a little more TOLERANT from this? If this is really a hate crime, as was said before, more hate and anger is will only make the problem worse, and HURT THE FAMILY THAT IS ALREADY SUFFERING. Shame on you.

  170. David Laney says:

    Just another reason why I value my concealed handgun license and live in a state (Texas) that has liberal laws on its use.

  171. Beware Of Dodger Stadium says:

    Having grown up in Illinois, I had the pleasure of experiencing Wrigley Field and all the amazing baseball fans that flocked to Wrigleyville to experience the Chicago Cubs. When I moved to Echo Park, a primarily hispanic neighborhood in east Los Angeles, I couldn’t wait to walk to Dodger Stadium to watch the Cubs play the Dodgers. I can honestly say that run down Dodger Stadium, the overpriced food and the presence of “gang bangers” was one of the worst sports experiences I have ever had in my life. My girlfriend and I were heckled, taunted and even threatened by several groups of hispanic, Mexican-American and Mexican fans. I was so scared to be there that I vowed to never return for fear of our lives. When I read the news of the San Diego fan being severely beaten, I was broken hearted but not surprised at all. This beating was not a unique experience to this area. Locals, tourists and fans leaving Dodger Stadium are routinely mistreated by local, gang banging thugs who think this is “their territory” and that they have the right to “defend” it. Beware of Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles and the even entire state of California. The citizens and politicians of this beautiful state are letting illegal immigrants, gang bangers and corrupt politicians destroy what was once a good place to live. When people defend illegal immigration, the need for cheap labor and our relations with Mexico, I will point them to this article and the dozens, if not hundreds of articles like this one that are printed every day in California newspapers. Hopefully it will remind them that not all immigrants are good, hard working Mexicans but thugs who need to be deported, like the two who beat Bryan Stow half to death outside Dodger Stadium.

  172. SoCal resident says:

    These thugs were, most likely, Los Angeles-area gangsters, pure simple. Many of the latino gangs have claimed Dodger Stadium as their own. Were they illegals? Probably not. But gangsters who have no remorse at killing someone? I’m thinking, bingo!

    1. Californian Born and Raised says:

      Bingo bingo bingo. It seems like everyone immediately pointing fingers and saying they’re illegal immigrants and “this is what’s wrong with America” really don’t know what it’s like over here. Thank you.

  173. Josiah says:

    There has not only been a long rivalry between the SF Giants and Dodgers fans but between Northern and Southern California residents mainly with Hispanic gang members from each region not liking ones area of residing for a since of pride. This started in the California prison systems in the 60’s between rival Hispanic gang members from Nor-Cal and So-Cal over drug trade, power and pride. It’s my belief these cowards were looking for trouble and a because of pride representing there L.A. colors and gang by beaten a helpless man who was simply enjoying the game for its pure sport and pride for his team as a SF Giants fan. So who’s to blame? Well, the California prison systems have allowed these rival gangs from Nor-Cal, Cen-Cal, and So-Cal to continue to operate in and out of prison by simply maintaining them but not destroying them as a whole, they should have a zero tolerance law that indites members and gives them life in a prison outside of California where they can kill one another as a free for all. We must get rid of this rival beyond sports between the regions of California residents and gangs and come together and stop this ignorance. Let your pride down and forgive and learn to get along, will it happen? Yes, it starts by letting go of ones pride.

  174. Fresno State Fan says:

    My prayers and thoughts go out to the Stow family. My only concern now is that when the SF Giants host the Dodgers Monday there is no retaliation. Now,remember I truly believe this attack was a done by gang affiliated members who were representing the dodgers for the wrong reasons, the same will happen at At&t park. There will be people attending this game wearing SF apparel looking for retaliation against there rival gang supporting L.A. dodgers. So just be aware and be safe. No drinking would help too, or keeping it controlled until things die down would be smart.

  175. Eric says:


  176. Steve says:

    i believe that they will find these guys eventually, and yes, I also believe that the government needs to do something about the illegal immigrants in this country. Its not being racist when the Mexican Mafia, MS 13 and other hispanic gangs are the most violent ones in this country. TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!

  177. Barbie says:

    My heart goes out to his family and friends. I pray for a miracle for him and that they find the men who did this terrible thing to him. They need to be puniished harshly.

  178. peoplearecrazy says:

    I can’t believe that as a military member I put my life on the line to protect the freedom of people who can’t even respect fellow americans all on the basis of race. It is ridiculous that this event has even turned into a race thing, a man and his family had their world turned upside and all people can talk about is how the men that did it were Hispanic. Yes, they deserve to go to jail and stay there for until they die and hey if their celly finds it necessary to end their life so be it, but just because these people have no respect for human life doesnt mean that the everyone of hispanic decent is the same way. The race thing is getting old and tired and it really is a COP OUT!!!!
    I hope Bryan Stow makes it through and God Bless him and his family.

  179. California Sucks says:

    I’m amazed nobody tried to stop the beating. You should all be so proud of the great people living among you. “NOT” Tells me what kind of people are out their. After reading a majority of these comments I’ll die before I go out to California. Of course with so many millions of people out west maybe you all put a lesser value on human life out west.

  180. Debbie says:

    Its very sad that no ine can go to sporting events with out having the fear of exactly what just happened… Its not the cost of the tickets its the fear that is why no one wants to go because of things like this…. It all starts at home.. We need to teach are children kindness and compasion!!!

  181. Shaun says:

    Its a good thing these little B**CHES didnt attack me. I kinda wish they would have. I would have stuck them like the little piggies they are. Or just shot them. Good riddance. Im a law abiding citizen, but im armed, for reasons such as this. Bring it you little f**k sticks.

  182. M says:

    I am saddened to hear all this race hate. My son was robbed and killed in the streets downtown just a few days after this and on one has made any mention of it. He (we) are Hispanic origin, here legally and productive members of society. He served in the Marines, his siblings all professionals. The suspects supposedly from another race (I wont mention to avoid the racial slurs that all these people above have expressed) have not been caught. The witnesses saw him being stabbed and didn’t call the ambulance/paramedics and he laid there for two hours before someone else found him…. already too late to be saved. He was 35, a father, a brother, an uncle and a friend and above all my son. I pity the culprits because they’ll have a price to pay for their act but I am more sickened by our society that has given this this other incident so much publicity and have assigned 20 detectives to solve it while others like my son die in anonymity and nothing is done to find the perpetrators… the systems just fails them.

  183. LISETH says:

    i want to let everybody know that by looking at others race,color,or country, it wont take u anywhere. First look at the sky and ask for forgiveness, because God is that only one that could jug, and he would take care of this people that did it. I would like to tell the stow family to don’t give up that theirs someone big and is Jesus. keep praying and he will hear the pray of everyone. DEUTERONOMY 31. 6 BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE, DO NOT FEAR NOR BE AFRAID OF THEM; FOR THE LORD YOUR GO, HE IS THE ONE WHO GOES WITH YO. HE WILL NOT LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU. TO THE STOW FAMILY. GOD BLESS U.