ROCKLIN, MAINE (CBS SF/KCBS) – The best way in the world to eat lobster is to go to Maine.  That’s where it all comes from and you’ll have a great time eating it! With a bunch of friends, I suggest you rent a house on the tiny south-central coastal town of Owl’s Head, located just outside of Rocklin, Maine.

In Owl’s Head, take a walk down by the pier, just down where you can see the big schooners and lo’ and behold, you can buy lobster! Just $4.00 a pound for the regular stuff and $5.00 if you want one of the ‘select’ variety.  Weighing at 2 pounds or more, the ‘selects’ are the one’s you would love to see a restaurant put on your plate. Although, whether or not you pay $4.00 to $5.00, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s caught, cooked and eaten fresh.  That makes all the difference.

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Of course you don’t have to cook it yourself. Almost every restaurant has lobster on their menu.  There are little shacks that sell Lobster Rolls. With a very unusual bun, lobster roll buns are soft, like a hot dog bun, but a little bit different. And then there is the equivalent amount of small lobster meat inside of the bun. Some restaurants use mayonnaise, some give you the option of butter and some don’t put any sauce in their rolls at all. You can also have the option of a softshell or hardshell lobster, but I definitely vote for the hard shell.  The flavor has developed, it’s matured, the texture is richer and the flavor is sweeter! Go for the hard shell whenever you can get it.

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