OAKLAND (CBS/AP) — A top legal adviser to Oakland’s mayor has resigned over the decision to raid the Occupy Oakland encampment Monday.

Civil rights attorney Dan Siegel is a longtime friend of Mayor Jean Quan who worked as an unpaid adviser. They both worked as student protest organizers at the University of California, Berkeley during the 1960s.

“I’m very sad about having to make this decision but I’m even sadder about the decision that Mayor Quan made to again send in the police to evict the camp at Frank Ogawa Plaza,” civil rights attorney Dan Siegel explained his decision to KCBS Monday morning.

KCBS’ Melissa Culross Reports:

Siegel has been a vocal critic of Oakland police and also had opposed the Oct. 25 Occupy raid, which turned violent.

“Prior to Oakland’s first eviction, it would have been possible for the city to work more closely with the camp to make sure their health and sanitation principals were followed and that normal enforcement and safety regulations were followed,” he reasoned in his interview with KCBS. “Once the camp was evicted I think it created such a degree of animosity and hostility that it made it very hard to put things back together again.”

Siegel said the city should have done more to work with the protesters before sending in police. He says the actions taken Monday morning could have led to more violence.

PHOTOS: Occupy Oakland Eviction

“I think (Mayor Quan) succumbed to the fact that people on the City Council were yelling to evict the camp, there were people of course in the business community, led by the Chamber of Commerce who were singing the same song. And her City Administrator put a lot of pressure on her.”

Quan confirmed Siegel’s resignation at a news conference, simply noting that the pair has been known to disagree on issues.

“I’ve known Dan since I was in college. We have our disagreements. He, um, was doing this whole project on a volunteer basis in my office. He’s moving on, I’m moving on,” she said.

“Everybody knows that it’s a very tough balancing act, people have their free speech rights in this city but also to keep the city safe, he and I will disagree and that’s it.”

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  1. DOH! says:

    Good riddance, moron. Go hug a tree.

  2. Michael Matheson says:

    We don’t America HATING SOCIALIST COMMUNIST INSURRECTIONIST CRIMINALS like him in gov’t. One less MORON. Like is said above GO HUG A TREE.

    1. Mike says:

      Do you even know what socialism is?

  3. BeechV35A says:

    You forgot the mayor in your comments. Morons begat morons.

  4. JCB says:

    I guess she got the value she paid for the advise. Free socialist advise is how the city has been run and it’s shows. Having a city government that prefers socialism and anarchy instead of law and order will get you destruction and loss of commerce every time. SF Mayor Ed Lee is about to do the same thing. Time for a couple impeachments I think.

  5. MRS M says:

    what are you other commenters paid by corp america to comment on these things, cuz the rest of us are like.”occupy everywhere” we are sick of quan and this guy here is THE COOLEST. HE IS A HERO IN MY BOOK. HE IS STANDING UP FOR OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. THE REST OF YOU ARE JUST IGNORANT. Do you not know what the first amendment is. it is so important it is the first one, the very first one. man, i swear, do you all have even a brain between you all?

    1. Reality Check says:

      If you really want to stand up for my Constitutional rights, then enlist in the military or do public service work. Until you are ready to write a blank check saying you will die to ensure this country prospers you are not standing up for anything.

      And as is so typical you launch into personal attacks saying we don’t have a brain between us. I can engage in a logical debate, can you? No, because if you could your posting would not be emotional and based on flawed ideas. Go back to your little life and believing you are elite and educated. /DISMISS

      1. Mike says:

        The military doesn’t protect our constitutional rights. If they did, they would be defending protestors who are utilizing their right to free speech instead of being ordered to fight endless wars that bankrupt the nation and line the pockets of a few rich people.

  6. dbarco says:

    GOOD RIDANCE TO BAD RUBISH!! When is the mayor leaving? She can then be the SARAH PALIN of the ultra-left and go cross country with her message!

  7. Wazz says:

    To bad the mayor did not resign. She is the one who needs to go now.

  8. bdown says:

    “America-hating”, hah. We don’t need nationalism here. This is a municipal government.

    In my city I would be glad to see that we have leaders who care about people more than parks.

  9. bdown says:

    (No matter whether they are right or not. I hold good intentions higher than absolute correctness.)