SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— With the Affordable Care Act kicking in at the end of the month, California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones tells us it he’s pleased with how smoothly enrollment in Covered California has gone thus far.

Covered California is the name for the state’s health benefits exchange; although Jones points out that the 1.1 million individual policies that were cancelled as a result of its rollout could have been avoided.

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“Much of the policies that are in the market currently are not sub-par,” Jones said about the allegation that many of the cancelled policies weren’t considered excellent plans. “California has very strong mandates in state law. Certainly there’s some poor insurance out there, but it’s simply not the case that all or even some of it was bad.”

Open enrollment runs until March 31st for the uninsured, while those that had insurance are cut off on December 31st this year. Anyone in this situation is recommended to visit the website, or to call the hotline 800-300-1506 and talk to an agent or a broker.

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