PALO ALTO (KPIX 5) — Two weeks after he began planting cash in locations across the Bay Area, the mystery man behind the @hiddencash Twitter account is finally showing his face. As he gives away thousands, others criticize the millionaire for how he made his money.

TV Show “Inside Edition” used a voice analyst to reveal @hiddencash is real estate mogul Jason Buzi. On Friday, the Palo Alto millionaire confirmed to The Bold Italic he is the man hiding money for people to find.

A woman displays @HiddenCash found in San Jose. (CBS)

A woman displays @HiddenCash found in San Jose. (CBS)

For the last few weeks, Buzi has been hiding hundreds of dollars at a time, from the Bay Area to Southern California. At times, the buzz became hysteria, as hundreds of thousands of his Twitter followers searched for the cash.

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Now, the man who invested this social media cash craze is being criticized for how he made the money he is now giving away.

A 2012 article on Palo Alto Online talks about Buzi’s business. It’s described as taking advantage of struggling homeowners during the Great Recession, buying their homes at below market value, and then quickly flipping them for a profit the homeowners would never see.

Buzi has denied any wrongdoing.

On Friday, @Hiddencash tweeted.

He also tweeted.

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