OAKLAND (KPIX 5) – The lawyer of a woman who was involved in a crash with Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said the mayor has not sent her insurance information, more than three weeks after the fender-bender.

The accident on June 8th left driver Lakisha Lovely injured and Quan’s city-leased vehicle damaged.

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“In all my 20 years, I’ve never gotten such a runaround from someone who was involved in the accident and not been able to get their insurance,” Charles Kelly, Lovely’s attorney told KPIX 5.

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To add insult to injury, Kelly said his client can’t fix her car either. Kelly said the mayor never showed Lovely her insurance documents. Despite repeated requests by the attorney and the insurance company, the mayor still has not shown proof of insurance.

Kelly said, “Just quit playing games. Just do what every other law abiding citizen in California does when they’re in an accident. Give over your insurance information.”

Quan told KPIX 5’s Christin Ayers on Monday that the other driver never asked for her insurance documents when the accident happened.

KPIX 5: “Did you show your insurance in that accident that happened?”

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Quan: “You know, she never asked me. I always keep a copy in the glove compartment.”

KPIX 5: “But by law, aren’t you supposed to show insurance when you’re in an accident with someone?”

Quan: “You know, I told her that we’re self-insured and she should call and she didn’t have hers either. And I said, why don’t we just call tomorrow, so I’ve got to go.”

KPIX 5: “But her lawyer says you’ve been holding up the process.”

Quan: “I haven’t been holding it. She just got a letter from the City Attorney.”

The mayor claimed the city’s vehicle insurance information can be found on the City of Oakland’s website. We found a standard claim form with no information about Oakland’s insurance policy.

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When asked about submitting the documentation, Quan said, “We’ll let the City Attorney handle it.”